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  1. Will have to spend his Saturday's in Meadowhall now. At least Jacamo will be secured for a couple more years Edit: I've just seen the error in my joke there that we are talking about a man who doesn't wear (many) items of clothing
  2. Keiren Lee is my favourite wednesday player since Waddle. I'd be happy if the club came out and said we're keeping him at this club until he's 70 with the aim of playing, coaching and simple teaching all the youngsters we have about attitude.i know that's unrealistic.
  3. I think Gary should stay in the dugout to be honest
  4. Feel sorry for Lees. Got made captain and has been an essential cog in the wheel for a long time. Unfortunately gets injured and his replacement(s) have surpassed all expectation. I struggle to decide who I'm more impressed with out of Iorfa and Borner. They are both brilliant.
  5. Whilst continuing to pay Middlesbrough the remaining installments we owe them?
  6. Sky said it was dangerous and that he was very lucky. Exact words were "if the ref see's that it's a red card". But because we all know sky are biased what I heard was that pelupessy was a disgrace for face-butting the poor lads elbow and he was lucky that the player didn't suffer a dislocation
  7. I thought they opted for smashing all the car windows instead of issuing tickets?
  8. Well I'm pleased I managed to raise a smile at least.
  9. Could say the same about Rhodes and Winnall. I agree with you
  10. I've been critical of him but was superb today. Very influential
  11. Fair enough. So I misread your comment. My bad
  12. Do you have a child who posts on your behalf?
  13. Explain how this is a 'panic thread'...
  14. From the comments from Leeds fans on twitter I'd say we've matched the best side in European football today
  15. If I had to pick I'd go for Iorfa but it literally could have been anyone. Without the save from Westwood and the block from fox we'd have lost.
  16. What were you watching mate? Bannan absolutely ran that midfield today. Best I've seen reach play for some time. Joey pelupessy did a fantastic job coming in last minute into a very difficult game. Had a very solid game
  17. Very good performance. Been critical of Adam Reach lately but thought he was very good today. All the back four were superb. If it wasn't for Fox we'd have lost that. Nuhiu was excellent. Every player deserved their shirt including the subs.
  18. If we do anything to the tune of Baby fudging Shark I'm off to support a different club
  19. Think it's more to do with the strength of the opposition
  20. Thought this was going to be the announcement of E-Taxis
  21. Thought that said something different for a moment. Was going to say "now there's no need for that!"
  22. Well in that case we should be playing in premier League already then. Were you not at Wembley? Our support was off the scale that day but we still lost.
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