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  1. 16 hours ago, torres said:

    Walker was the only one who was confident enough in his football knowledge to argue a point with the usual morons than phoned in. 

    Giddings, Staton or that new bloke spoke to them like they were talking to an elderly neighbour that have lost their marbles 


    “well I can see your point John, playing Westwood on the wing and Bannan in net might work”


    That caller was a guy called Jos. Not John.

  2. All week we've talking about dawson and signing him up long term. 


    He was rubbish yesterday. 


    So in that case let's get rid. He's not up this level. Needs to go to league 2. Waste of a pair of gloves blah blah blah. 


    Utter nonsense post. But as expected I suppose 

  3. 3 hours ago, 2roland2 said:

    Pretty much every post on here the past two,games are about lee being the most intelligent player we have and what a difference he makes, 

    Then you single him out in this game saying he’s done lol 


    you just love attention 


  4. Fox is one of those where you could use the old argument of "we need better if we are serious of challenging for top 2"


    On the flip side you ask who then? Who could we get who's available within our budget and is better than Fox. I can't think of any 


    New deal should be offered for me whilst also looking for some good competition for him to keep him on his toes. 


    Real question is would he want to stay?

  5. 3 hours ago, Binky Griptite said:

    Some of the people on here...


    The club are offering a range of season ticket deals for a range of budgets... You don't go on a estate agent website and criticise them for having million pound houses listed. If you can't afford the million pound house don't look at it, it's not for you.


    There's a one year deal, the same as previous years.


    "But the early bird deadline is two months earlier..." True, so instead of 12 months to save £455 you've had ten months, so at £37.92 per month (regular saving amount to pay for your season ticket) you might be £76 short... Or alternatively you've been blindsided by the fact that you need to pay for a new season ticket (breaking news: you'll have to pay for your new season ticket). If you've saved up monthly you could probably find £76, if you've not you're criticising the club for your inability to forward plan.


    I think the ten year plan is a good idea, not many will take it up in which case the liability on the club to finance it moving forward won't be too onerous. If it proves more successful than expected then the club have the get out of jail free card of it being a limited offer ("Sorry, you missed out").


    It's like anything - risk and reward. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose... Same principal that should apply to every purchase you ever make, be it buying a banana or a million pound house.


    I know it's not the point youre making but when you buy a million pound house you can pretty much guarantee it will be worth more than that in 10 years time allowing you to make a profit on your investment.


    Buy a 10 year season ticket for Sheffield Wednesday and all you have in 10 years is the option to buy another to watch another 10 years of championship football lol

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