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  1. Im a huge fan of Westwood but he doesn't deserve the shirt at the moment. Dawson has been very good. His stats speak for themselves. There's no ill feeling at the moment. He's got the shirt because of his performances which have been better than Westwoods. The way it should be. Under jos he was getting the shirt because of jos ridiculous freezing out policy. Really got the fans backs up. Monks a much better man-manager. (Well, he's a better everything manager than Jos tbf)
  2. Weren't elev8 supposed to be based in Australia or something? Thought they were and it was talked about a fair bit when we had the big delay with the shirts a couple of years back?
  3. Think you'll find the main cause of that is still running the club
  4. I know a forest fan called Matt. Hey Matt, shove it
  5. Wouldn't normally say that the MOM has to go to the bloke who scored the goals but to not give it to the bloke who scored a hat trick is silly. Has to be JR. but acknowledgement that every one of them were outstanding
  6. Genuinely mean this. Id completely forgotten we even had him to sell to them
  7. I for one can't wait to hear the argument that suggests he's lost it still
  8. Did well. Good movement off the ball and opens things up for fletcher.
  9. He can be a bit clumsy but that was never a pen
  10. That's before the 21pt penalty from the EFL though
  11. Chansiri probably thought they wouldnt notice
  12. What? Did you even read my comment? "To say it was down to Rhodes is a tad exaggerated?" 2 hours ago, poite said: I wasnt at the game so can't judge but we scored both of our goals in the second half. Not saying Rhodes was instrumental in that but I'm just saying
  13. Been saying this myself for a long time. It's the in one minute out the next that doesn't suit him. Genuinely believe if you did what you suggest and say he's in the starting 11 for the next 5 games you'll see a different player. He's not the player who comes on at 85mins whilst your 2-0 down who changes the game.
  14. I wasnt at the game so can't judge but we scored both of our goals in the second half. Not saying Rhodes was instrumental in that but I'm just saying
  15. All the fans: 15m?!?! Sell him sell him sell him now! Chansiri:
  16. I'm sure old DC will have a bullet proof method of getting out of this mess. It's worked brilliantly with everything else he's done so far.
  17. Could we take advantage and hold our own Black Friday deals?
  18. You know who would've taken more though...
  19. Played ok when he was on and definitely put the work in. Went off injured which was unfortunate but we didn't miss him at all.
  20. Could you do us a search on FIFA 20?
  21. The day he was mistaken for keiren Lee
  22. He's been very inconsistent. It's tough because one minute he's making world class superhuman saves and the next minute he's letting in goals you'd only expect to see on a Sunday league pitch. Ultimately I think dropping him is the right decision.
  23. Hed have a good chance of getting in the side atm
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