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  1. Think this is the issue. We can't offer a 2 year deal on far more money than most of the rest of the squad for someone who's been 'a decent signing'. Doesn't exactly sit well with all the other decent signings we have and it would impact team morale etc. You need to be a significant cut above the rest to warrant having such a bigger salary
  2. Which is why with Fletcher fit Rhodes should be back in the side alongside him. They had a good partnership for a few games and we were starting to see more of the Jordan Rhodes weve all wanted. It was no coincidence that Rhodes struggled to keep form when fletcher got injured. The whole team clearly felt it and I'd have confidence in saying it's a strong reason for our slump lately. What Wickham has done to get a place in the starting 11 I'll never know. When Rhodes scored his hat trick at forest Monk had nothing but positive words about Rhodes. Banged on about how hard he works in training, his attitude etc. What's happened? Has that stopped? I know his form was off before losing his place but I can't think of anyone else who's exactly stepped up and done any better.
  3. I'm confused. The Leeds fans said we only celebrate like that when we beat them?
  4. Many of us don't wonder why we are in a financial fizz. Many of us have been fully aware of how awful this owner actually is for a long time.
  5. I'd love to see Lees weekly wage in comparison to Fernando in that case
  6. Hilarious stuff. Comes and plays one decent game and now it's a case of hoping he continues for the next couple of months to give him a new deal... And then people wonder why we are in the position we now. One of our highest earners who offers absolutely nothing 85% of the time. Should be one of the first out of the door
  7. He married Simona and had a child with her. Then they split so he married and had a child with Simona's younger sister called Barbara. Got dosh, and a playa I like him!
  8. Depends what you mean. What's wrong with the team? Slow, old, many of them know they don't have a future here. What's wrong with the club?
  9. Not sure if you're serious or not but I'm sure there are actually people out there who think that not having parachute payments is a genuine reason for outrageous ticket prices.
  10. I'm as happy as anyone to see Morgan Fox go from being an atrocitious player to a good championship player. His determination to pass through the wave of abuse is applauded. But my god people go over the top. I read someone on here the other day saying that we should get rid of every player in the squad apart from him. Christ alive, he's just improved alot. He hasn't turned into Cafu overnight. He hasn't even turned into Daniel Pudil.
  11. 2-0 wednesday win Hutch and Rhodes to score Clean sheet for Westwood
  12. On a slightly different note. Can we stop saying Chansiri doesn't know anything about football. He's ineptitude spans far wider. What does he actually know about? People say he's a business man but I'd say he doesn't understand that either. You don't need to be an expert in football to balance your books and understand FFP.
  13. Given how shyte the past 20 years have been I think our wednesday is the one we have right now. Not the odd season where it was decent unfortunately
  14. I will never under any circumstances ever understand the mentality around relegation been a good thing. If relegation meant that all your current players lose their contract and have to be offered a new one then maybe but it doesn't work like that.
  15. Genuinely, no I have never seen him play. But that's why I just said I'd heard positive things. Mainly on here
  16. Brought in 3 players that are garbage? Yeah, cos nobody wanted Wickham did they. Heard nothing but positive things about De cruz Windass scored on his debut.
  17. Amazing how things change day by day. Why didn't monk just say this? Why the dodge tactics when he was asked about the situation at weekend? All this [email protected] about knowing what a successful dressing room looks like. If Westwood is out of the plans and Westwood himself knows that why didn't he just say so? What's left to lose? Don't get it. All this has done now is make Monk look foolish and play into the arms of anyone who wants to prove he's lost the respect of the dressing room if he ever actually had it in the first place. Just don't understand why a manager would say to a player "sorry mate, you're not in my plans and I'm not going to be playing you. But don't tell anyone aye, let's just keep this to ourselves. I'm sure nobody will notice so I don't expect there to be any questions"
  18. Did it fit any of them? Sorry, just trying to generate some interest in the action
  19. With the EFL you never know. They'd probably give us a deduction this season that relegates us. Then decide they made a mistake and give us another one next season as a punishment for their own mistake
  20. I've stopped going. Haven't been to match for about 18months That's what I'm 'doing about it'. Paying £39 to stand and shout about it ain't gonna help
  21. I've been asking where the ownership is since 2017
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