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  1. The Toyota Avensis that I had in 2001
  2. Anyone know where I can download a printer?
  3. It's a great idea. About time we had some entertainment during the matches
  4. 1.8m more than 95% of the rest of the squad
  5. Whatever happens we are in firm hands. Chansiri has put loads of money into the club. He wears a Wednesday scarf in photos and there's even pictures of his son in our 2017/18 away kit. All hail the Messiah who saved us by buying a debt free club from a man who stabilised us from the point of certain liquidation.
  6. Following his interview yesterday I wouldn't be surprised. He seemed completely lost with what's happening. He's burnt bridges and now he's suffering wading through the lake of shyte
  7. I'm firmly in the Chansiri out camp and have been for a couple of years tbh but i can't totally agree with that. Bruce wasn't a yes man so I do think Chansiri is happy to be more hands off but due to the complete mess his ownership has caused were in a position where nobody in their right mind would want to take the managers role unless they are desperate. And that usually comes with people willing to say yes to anything
  8. On the rare occasion that I kiss the missus I always ensure its followed by a thorough hand wash
  9. Italy has one of the largest elderly populations in the world. That's one of the explanations I read
  10. Hilarious stuff as always. Rewind back about a week or two and the same player was been praised on here for being our only (or at least one of a few) shining lights. Struggled against Man city and now he's throw. I don't know
  11. Hard to say cos Chris Brunts fat arm is in front of his face *Joke
  12. A large crowd for the game after the appalling displays in the weeks prior would be embarrassing. Happy to see people protesting in the correct way. With the refusal to hand over their hard earned cash
  13. Apologies, to be fair I did misinterpret it. I thought you were suggesting that he was not playing through his own decision rather than monks
  14. Talking with potential buyers with any luck
  15. Please explain in what part of this makes you think that Westwood has made the decision to not be playing? I think "I'm very experienced to know that these things happen in football and it's never anything personal" would suggest the manager has said he's not going to feature any more. He ends this part of the statement with "the manager has made a decision which I fully accept and respect..." Is this not am explanation as to why he isn't playing?
  16. Think you're on to something but I'd go further. Sack Monk Hutch/Westwood manager combo Both love the club and have been here years. Brand them The Owley Brothers Watch the points roll in
  17. I'm finding it hard to stick up for him but... I'm sure we will all agree football is a team game and that the key to success lies with a strong team and not one individual (Ronaldo, Messi, maradona for example are rare exceptions). So why has monk not been allowed to bring in him own coaching team? He's been handed the job of managing this group of players and coaches, most of which have been here longer than the faint remains of the Presto branding on the leppings lane stand. He's a young manager with a lot to learn surrounded by tired, defeated players and coaches who have never been able to live up to the expectations set upon them. He needs help. And he needs to be given the freedom to source it. Fans are losing (or have already lost) faith in him and it doesn't help when the man who employed him never seemed to have any in the first place by denying him this vital right.
  18. Rhodes is sidelined because he's not as good as the other prolific strike options we have
  19. Monk is in the same hole that Jos put himself in. Frozen out and discarded the players who would save his job. I'm not suggesting that having Hutch and Westwood back would turn us into a top six team or anything but I'd bet strongly that we wouldn't be 0-3 down at half time
  20. Why would he when his manager has told him he's not in his plans. Seemed very final to me
  21. Agree with this. Which is why I am also one of the people who thinks he's not good enough
  22. The real question is why were they even there in the first place
  23. Thank god it's only march then
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