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  1. I think people miss the point with Jos. It wasn't that the results were bad and that the football was absolutely terrible,I could almost tolerate that. It was the complete toxic rot running through the squad that I couldn't handle. The way he just froze out experienced players and (reportedly) never spoke to them. People often say that 'the managers lost the dressing room" which is often a questionable accusation but with Jos is was so clear that so many of those players couldn't stand the bloke.
  2. Change the first 'd' to an 'a'... (Too much?)
  3. I've put no because I've said (along with otherd) for 2 years he would run us into the depths of oblivion. We all knew that he had very limited knowledge of football but this was supposed to be acceptable due to him being a very experienced and knowledgeable businessman. Unfortunately im struggling to decide which of the two he is worse at. Our current situation would indicate that he's actually worse at business given that our position off the field is far worse than the one on it
  4. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bristol-city-nottingham-forest-set-3793839?utm_source
  5. Sit tight, pay up and enjoy the ride is what you mean
  6. Sorry that was me. With the price of the ticket I assumed the TV was included
  7. We took 3000 to QPR. United are so jealous of us.
  8. If you watch very closely you can see him slip a £20 note in the back of her thong.
  9. Mike is the radio Sheffield guy who replaced Rob staton
  10. But don't you get a chance to buy your seat for the cup games before it gets offered to anyone else?
  11. Do you mean kidnap in the disguise of a rescue?
  12. That caller was a guy called Jos. Not John.
  13. I'd never take anything away from our fantastic away support. They re incredible But for atmosphere these days Hillsborough is as bad as any you're likely to see
  14. Some lyrics about having a raging borner? Not sure what tune tho.
  15. It's the PL3 I'm interested in
  16. I wouldn't worry about it. A good win on Friday and for the following week we will get thread after thread talking about how we can still make the top 2 and these players still have it in them etc etc.
  17. You know who would have took more...
  18. Monk is intelligent enough to know that the average football fan is a moron.
  19. All week we've talking about dawson and signing him up long term. He was rubbish yesterday. So in that case let's get rid. He's not up this level. Needs to go to league 2. Waste of a pair of gloves blah blah blah. Utter nonsense post. But as expected I suppose
  20. If you cannot cannot something does that mean that you can?
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