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  1. We'll sell westwood for around 700K (which is about 3.3M below what he's worth). Gray will be given 300k to bring in Scotlands next big thing and MM will pocket the rest.
  2. He said he didn't just want to sit on our bench while we bring players like GTF in on loan so in an effort to help himself move forward he took a loan move to coventry. Footballers these day aya, why can't they just be happy with the weekly pay cheque?
  3. Sent out on loan, last year of his contract, more than likely we won't offer him a new one. Yeah, garys got such a bad attitude by saying saying that he'd like to sign for coventry where he gets to play and progress with his career. Why would he want to do that! He should be happy to sit on our bench while we bring in players like GTF shouldn't he? Wheres the loyalty? #sarcasm Good luck gary, I hope cov give u a deal and hope your a huge success there
  4. Has anyone been on our awful official website? They lead with the headline "batth is back back back" Seriously, I thought we had resigned him! What a joke
  5. To the tune of sex on fire. woah-a-oh, Lav-e-ry on fire!
  6. At laugh at anyone who suggests that the atmsophere at Hillsborough is good. I went to the Wigan game and it was awful despite us winning. I went to the reading game and it was awful depite us winning.
  7. I still think we'll be relegated by Christmas
  8. We've got Stevie May He is really fit I love his long hair and his little beard With Stevie May I love every bit. When I watch him play he makes me feel warm Hes like a thousand radiators in my old boys school dorm. Oh Stevie, we love you You look lovely in blue and white Playing for the wednesday I'll be thinking of you tonight. Repeat x12
  9. I love it when someone posts something which is so obviously a tongue in cheek comment and others just simply dont get it.
  10. I wouldn't have let you in. I'm pretty stuck up when it comes to fashion
  11. Get rid. Always liked gary but it's time to move on now. Wish him well if he goes. Hope to see him banging them in in lge1
  12. Just look at the wigan player who tried to stop it at the line. He looks at the linesman, sees it's given and just starts throwing abuse at his players. He knew it went in which is why he didn't run over and start a protest
  13. I'd say it did. The wigan defender nearest the line simply spun round and started throwing abuse at this teammates so he knew it went over the line. That's good enough for me
  14. This is a man who destroyed another man's career by purposely going out on to the field to cripple him. How can fellow professionals respect someone who does that? Imagine working all your life to reach the top and having it taken away from u cos of an idiot like roy Keane. Whole heartedly, if I heard roy Keane had been hit by a bus I'd wish the driver well and offer to by him a pint
  15. If that man came in I'd probably never go again until he resigns. Utterly detest the bloke.
  16. I'd go more but I live in Leicester and I don't have the cash for travel and over priced tickets. I'm going this sat which will only be my second game this season. I'm sure il leave with the same satisfied feeling as I always have that my money is better spent on other things. Very sad
  17. If gray gets sacked it will be after the Jan window when MM knows he won't have to out money into players for a new manager. The new manager will have the objective of keeping us up with promise of funds in the summer. This won't be delivered and the merry go round starts all over again.
  18. We'll be 3 years closer to signing a striker whos past his best right now
  19. Our shooting practice doesnt surpise me. I watch the cross bar challenge every week on Soccer AM. Now, dont get me wrong, I dont think that every player should be able to hit the cross bar from the half way line in one shot but seriously, most of them cant even get the ball anywhere near the goal at all! Last week I think it was Spurs players and half of them couldnt even kick it the distance. Footballers are a joke. Its like asking a pro-golfer to hit a ball at the pin and watching him just swinging wildly track to make a connection. Pathetic
  20. The reading game was also £10 a ticket and just becuase the stadium is full(er) than usual doesnt automatically mean the atmoshere is good
  21. It shocks me when people say the atmosphere at the Reading game was brilliant. That game was the first time I took my missus with me to a game and despite us winning, I apologised to her for how rubbish the atmosphere was. Seems our standards have dropped to a new level of low
  22. I lived in Australia for a year so the commute was a bit of an issue for me. What I used to do was sit up until around 3am listening to every game at weekends and I used to get up at 6am to listen to the midweek ones. Can I be classed as a 'real' fan still?
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