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  1. He's a better overall player than JJ (not hard) but hes still pretty useless.
  2. Not saying he is the best player but Peter Crouch absolutely destroyed us
  3. I've seen us 1nil down and watched half the stadium leave with 10mins left on the clock
  4. I was so confident we would see the game through I spanked a tenner on City to win on 65th minute. Ah well, i'll buy something nice
  5. But they must win every game. fact. City dont live in the same world as wednesday where the chairman is happy to see the club simply stable, making a gradual upturn in fortunes on the pitch (im not saying that wrong by the way). City live in a world where the owners spend millions to WIN EVERYTHING and thats what is expected when you spend that sort of money. If MM spent £50 in the summer, do you honestly think our fans would be expecting mid-table next year? No, we'd be expecting to win the league and would be expecting to beat any team in the Championship. I know this isnt the case (look at forest, fulham etc) but just becuase the expection isnt met doesnt make it any less of an expectation. Manchesetr City demand success and this demand filters down to the stands.
  6. Unfortantely that's the only thing we do have in common with those 3 clubs
  7. So why are we slating the etihad for having 'plastic' fans and no atmosphere then?
  8. These threads make me laugh. I'm proud of our classic ground but if you want atmosphere Hillsborough is not the place to find it. Our ground is like a morgue
  9. I was been sarcastic in response to the many posts Ive seen recently suggesting this
  10. Haha, the old Huddersfield "if you ignore those few games we lost, we've been undefeated for 9 years!"
  11. We need a 'proper' manager first though, don't we? One who knows about tactics and player management.
  12. Last time I was sat in the Chairman's Suite and watched the game sat beside Chris Waddle. #justsaying :)
  13. We'll sell westwood for around 700K (which is about 3.3M below what he's worth). Gray will be given 300k to bring in Scotlands next big thing and MM will pocket the rest.
  14. He said he didn't just want to sit on our bench while we bring players like GTF in on loan so in an effort to help himself move forward he took a loan move to coventry. Footballers these day aya, why can't they just be happy with the weekly pay cheque?
  15. Sent out on loan, last year of his contract, more than likely we won't offer him a new one. Yeah, garys got such a bad attitude by saying saying that he'd like to sign for coventry where he gets to play and progress with his career. Why would he want to do that! He should be happy to sit on our bench while we bring in players like GTF shouldn't he? Wheres the loyalty? #sarcasm Good luck gary, I hope cov give u a deal and hope your a huge success there
  16. Has anyone been on our awful official website? They lead with the headline "batth is back back back" Seriously, I thought we had resigned him! What a joke
  17. To the tune of sex on fire. woah-a-oh, Lav-e-ry on fire!
  18. At laugh at anyone who suggests that the atmsophere at Hillsborough is good. I went to the Wigan game and it was awful despite us winning. I went to the reading game and it was awful depite us winning.
  19. I still think we'll be relegated by Christmas
  20. We've got Stevie May He is really fit I love his long hair and his little beard With Stevie May I love every bit. When I watch him play he makes me feel warm Hes like a thousand radiators in my old boys school dorm. Oh Stevie, we love you You look lovely in blue and white Playing for the wednesday I'll be thinking of you tonight. Repeat x12
  21. I love it when someone posts something which is so obviously a tongue in cheek comment and others just simply dont get it.
  22. I wouldn't have let you in. I'm pretty stuck up when it comes to fashion
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