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  1. I know it not the point of the thread. But with everything going on and the impact all this is having on my (and everyone else's) life, football is one of the last things on my mind tbh. Appreciate it's a massive part of some people's lives but I don't really care if there's no football for a bit longer
  2. Chansiri TV. 39.99 a month
  3. Has to be one of the most bizarre signing of all time. And not just for Sheffield Wednesday
  4. Rob Jones Got so stuck in i think he broke his nose on pretty much every game
  5. We were founded by Ashley (aka 'Ash') Wednesday who was a bit up his own rectum and decided to name the club after himself. He did crazy things like using his own name as the shirt sponsor, plastering his name all around the stadium and spending his weekends baking enormous cakes in the shape of footballs. Thankfully those times are long gone
  6. I'd tend to agree with him tbh. I'm sure quite a few of our players feel they could be better off playing elsewhere
  7. I'd prefer it if they supported that lot. Both a set of scrubbers who deserve each other
  8. Which is exactly why I'm surprised we didn't get him tbh
  9. Easy mate. This is a family place. We'll have none of that
  10. Never understood the hate towards Jeremy Helen. When he came here he was excellent and gave us so much needed pace. Was brilliant during his loan spell and fans were very happy when he signed a permanent deal. Went on to have about 100 appearances for the club in his time. Started to lose it at the end of his time with us but he could have come in useful as a sub the following season when we had no pace at all. Nowhere near an 'awful' player.
  11. Keith Tracey. Thought he was great for us. But had forgotten about him.
  12. Who was it that came to our place and had to wear our away shirt cos they forgot their own?
  13. You've misunderstood. I never said supporters money had anything to do with it. If fans stopped going to football and stopped watching it, the TV money, advertising money etc would stop because the companies that pump millions into football wouldn't bother because there isnt enough interest to justify it. It's the sky, BT TV funding, the sponsorship deals etc that makes the difference.That is where the money is that allows clubs to pay a player 200k a week. Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury aren't multi-millionaires cos people buy tickets to watch them fighter. It's because Sky TV and advertisers pay millions to have the rights to show their fights on their TV channel knowing theyll make the money back 10times over through box office sales. Once nobody wants to pay £25 to watch Joshua, sky won't pay for the rights, the fight is shown on sky sports 2 and Joshua gets a few grand rather than 100million.
  14. People need to realise that only one set of people can change player wages. Fans. When fans stop going, the money into football will dry up. TV companies and advertisers don't spend millions on something that isn't getting massive crowds and mass interest from the public. Once people lose interest and refuse to pay ludicrous prices to watch the players would never be able to demand such stupid money and clubs won't be able to afford it anyway. Will that happen? No chance.
  15. Agree. When will that ever start happening is the question
  16. Spending all this time at home and not been allowed out has got me working through the book shelf of all those books that I bought to read one day. Over the course of the past week I have read 'My Story by Mark Bright' and finally got round to reading 'No Smoke No Fire by Dave Jones'. Brightys book was a good read but Dave Jones book was very very good. Have to say that I hated him as our manager despite finishing off the promotion job back to the championship. What he and his family went through with the child abuse court case was horrendous and I'm so pleased justice was found in chucking the case out. Nobody like him deserves such awful treatment. But I have to say the book did nothing to change my view that he is an arrogant shyte as to me that's how he came across when he was here and throughout the book. He consistently managed to change the world everywhere he goes and turns a football club around only for others to be blamed for anything that goes wrong or against him. Like when he was here, it was never his fault. One thing that I thought was interesting is when he spoke about footballers going on fan forums and chat rooms (as it was) and how it could affect them. Does go to show that some of our players might come on here now and again. Shame the book ends before his next job which was managing us which I'd have been interested to read about. As I said, don't like the bloke but it was a very good read. Anyone else read these books or got other suggestions?
  17. Love it when an unfavorable quote is used but then defended by 'it was a turn of phrase'. How convenient. Relatively speaking 37% isn't much of the whole is it? Well that depends what it relative to. If someone said to you that they were going to reduce your salary by 37% i can't see you saying it was ok cos it's not that much of the whole
  18. Totally agree. I dont even bother to put sky sports news on anymore as everything just seems totally irrelevant. Not that there is much news to report mind.
  19. I'd play him in our current starting 11 at the age of 59 if he made himself available
  20. Met Chris Waddle and he was fantastic. My footballing hero. Other than that meeting football players has never ever been of interest to me at all.
  21. He answers his questions as defensively as he set up his team
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