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  1. Westwood Palmer Borner Iorfa Fox Reach Lee Bannan Harris Wickham Rhodes (would like to see him alongside Wickham cos he was decent alongside fletch)
  2. He'll make us millions in the future.... Yeah, cos we've always been great at that stuff
  3. You'll get negged cos you mentioned Wilder but you're right. He would have this squad easily in the top 6. That squad he got promoted to the premier League was pretty much the same squad that most on here said would get relegated back to league one. Even now, when those 'league one' players are sat 5th in the premier League dreaming about champions League qualification, you'll still see many of our fans living in pure denial. Keeping wilder is absolutely vital for them. Because losing him would be catastrophic and would see them plummet. We havent got an amazing squad of players but we certainly have one that should be at least in the mix for a playoff spot.
  4. The club is run by a complete clown. By my experience everything else will reflect that until it changes.
  5. Wednesday night. Awful weather Away at a team sat bottom of the league. We all know what happens
  6. There's been additional relegations since then aswell
  7. How on earth this utter nonsense has so many agreements I'll never know. It's cos hes been badly advised? This nonsense again. He got rid of most of them or they left. If it wasn't for FFP we would be in the Premier League???? What on earth are you smoking? Is that why we lost the playoff final? Cos of FFP? I think it's you who needs to give the head a shake pal.
  8. Chansiri happened. It's been coming for a long time but too many have been blind to it cos "he's spent loads of his own money"
  9. I'm not fussed. Next game he'll make a couple of good saves and the fans will be demanding an extra 2 years to his current 4 year deal.
  10. Jeff: what's happening Chris? Chris: awful game Jeff, it's 3-0 but theres been no goal keeper mistakes. Boring
  11. He's not been allowed to bring any of his own staff with him. Tells you everything you need to know about Chansiri's mindframe when appointing him. That aside. I'm still backing him as I don't think the revolving door policy works. But that's easy for me to say when I'm not one of the lunatics wasting my hard earned cash watching us play.
  12. Think it's D-taxis fan here mate.
  13. Will everyone who renews their season ticket be opening a thread? If so can we have a section for it rather than match day? Maybe call it 'proper real fans' or something like that
  14. I miss Fernando. He was quality for 1 season
  15. Won't sell out at those prices when you factor in BBC and midweek
  16. Seems like he's deserved it. When a defender or goal keeper gets player of the month it's unfortunately usually a sign that results arent great. If the team is winning and banging in goals I bet you'll find POTM usually goes to an attacker. Not jumping on the negativity bandwagon, just trying to make sense of some of the critism
  17. Best player is probably Iorfa. Agree with the view that he's arguably the only one who'd be Premier League quality. This team has turned from playoff candidates to midtable mediocrity the second Fletcher got injured. Just shows how important he is to everything we do. Bannan has shown inconsistent form this season but he's our engine in the middle. Missing Fletcher badly. Worst players: Joey isn't up to this standard but has shown a bit of promise when he's shown his face lately. I genuinely don't have anything against Nuhiu. I just think he's completely ineffective for 90% of the game and that's why he's best used as an impact sub. You could argue thought that his influence coming from the bench does make him an asset and far from a worst players list. Van Aken is on loan. Think it's for the best.
  18. Seems he's not the only one who 'has a way of thinking'
  19. Only x10000. I'm liking this new found positivity James
  20. Luckily for us we have a team who always brush the poorer teams below us aside...
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