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  1. Thought this was going to be the announcement of E-Taxis
  2. Thought that said something different for a moment. Was going to say "now there's no need for that!"
  3. Well in that case we should be playing in premier League already then. Were you not at Wembley? Our support was off the scale that day but we still lost.
  4. I did yes. Going to be honest and say you've completely lost me. I'm not sure what your point is unless you're one of those who interprets criticism as pure hatred...
  5. Why would I not count it because he's Reach? I just don't rate him mate. That's all. I don't have a dart board at home with his face on it. I'm hardly stood in the stands booing him or giving him hell. Like I said, who's the better option? There isn't one.
  6. Agree with some of the points. However football is a results business and nobody gets points for playing lovely football. In horrible fashion or not we have got the points that has us third. Thats all there is to it really
  7. I think he's a waste of a shirt but that's just my opinion. He works hard, runs around a lot but produces nothing. He's no threat at all. As soon as he gets the ball you know nothing will happen. But to be fair to him he's getting picked because there's no better available options. Neg away lads
  8. Well played Cam Dawson. You certainly provided that tonight. And that save....world class. Brilliant stuff
  9. But might aswell have gone for a cup of tea for the freekick that made it 1 all
  10. Of course I'll cheer them. Never in doubt. But I thought Dawson was a liability on Friday night and was all over the place. Made a superb save late on but generally you can tell the confidence suffers when Westwood isn't between the post's. Hoping for a more assured performance from him tomorrow.
  11. At the time I hardly even noticed the idiot jumping up and down waving his arms around 3 yards offside... I was too busy looking at the truly awful positioning by Dawson and seeing the ball gently land in that corner of the goal about 30seconds before it actually happened
  12. Can't bring myself to even think about them right now, let alone write a rubbish song. We have just thrown away 2 points against an awful Cardiff side. Tonight, that lot are playing a league game against Arsenal and will give them a good game at that. Think we're best keeping our mouths shut to be honest
  13. People need to take the blue and white tinted specs offs. Yes, the ref was questionable at times but Warnock got his side out in the second half to do one over us and we took the bait. We played straight into their hands and let them turn the game into the style that suited them. They scored a goal that should have been offside but Dawson was all over the place (for most of the game quite honestly) so no surprise it went in. They didn't get a penalty that was stone wall. Get over it.
  14. I'd rather have a player who puts in 50% effort every game but produces something effective during that 50% than a player who puts in 100% and produces nothing.
  15. Disagree. They hadn't threatened all game despite the height advantage from set pieces. The subs he made only invited more pressure
  16. Offers nothing. But he fools many because he's one of those who 'runs around alot'
  17. Could say the same about Adam Reach
  18. Or does it show just how truly awful Scotland are
  19. If we could promise 100 extra voters I bet we could convince Jeremy Corbyn to make the purchase
  20. If only they could sort the website out. The images of the kits on there are dreadful. But agree that things have improved in other areas
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