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  1. 5 hours ago, chrisf said:

    Best bits of yesterday on the North:

    A chap's flat cap was caught by the wind and flew about 10 rows up the stand. It was passed back down to him, but not until a couple of people tried it on for size.

    Punches "thrown" towards the end because some people didn't like some other people expressing their dissatisfaction with the goings-on at our club.


    Oh, and Murphy played well.


    Did it fit any of them?


    Sorry, just trying to generate some interest in the action lol

  2. 19 minutes ago, Royal_D said:

    Exactly, all these people gobbing off saying Chansiri needs to go ASAP and not one of them is prepared to do owt about it 


    I've stopped going. Haven't been to match for about 18months


    That's what I'm 'doing about it'. Paying £39 to stand and shout about it ain't gonna help

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  3. 10 hours ago, Mr Farrell said:

    It's a big question that needs asking.


    Why has Monk not been allowed to bring his coaches in ?


    Why is Bully,  part of numerous failed regimes, still a key part of a failed coaching set up ?


    There's so many big questions. 


    Nothing seems to make sense at this club any more.


    It's almost like we have a clueless moron running the place...

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  4. Sick of this manager merry-go-round. 


    Stick with monk. Let him bring his own people in and give him a pre-season. 



    That said, if Chansiri does pull the trigger, given what we've got, if we are serious about promotion we need to put a serious amount of history behind us and do everything we can to get Warnock in. 



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  5. You'll get negged cos you mentioned Wilder but you're right. He would have this squad easily in the top 6. 


    That squad he got promoted to the premier League was pretty much the same squad that most on here said would get relegated back to league one. 


    Even now, when those 'league one' players are sat 5th in the premier League dreaming about champions League qualification, you'll still see many of our fans living in pure denial. 


    Keeping wilder is absolutely vital for them. Because losing him would be catastrophic and would see them plummet. 


    We havent got an amazing squad of players but we certainly have one that should be at least in the mix for a playoff spot. 

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  6. 7 hours ago, nilsson said:

    Look at the eleven on the pitch tonight and what they cost;


    Dawson - Academy

    Palmer - Academy

    Lees - Free

    Iorfa - 200k

    Borner - Free

    Forestieri - £3m

    Bannan - Free/undisclosed?

    Lee - Free

    Da Cruz - Loan

    Windass - Loan

    Wickham - Loan

    Take FF out and that entire team cost about 200k to put together.

    They were really poor tonight but when it’s a team put together with loans, frees and academy players how much are you expecting from them?


    A bit of fight?

  7. 2 hours ago, RevOwl said:

    If it's true that Monks only contracted until the summer then surely we need to be looking at a suitable replacement assuming Monk won't be offered an extension. It's clear for everyone to see we are drifting towards an uncertain future aimlessly with no direction. Under Bruce we had a direction a style of play that the players adapted too and was mostly successful under his short tenure where as under Monks guidance we've go no identity and the players to be honest don't even look bothered. Over at S2 they've got direction and strong leadership that the players recruited match up to. They're a team that look desperate to win and are prepared to run through walls for the shirt. We look just the opposite to that and don't show any fight or togetherness at all. We're a squad of bad to average players at best which obviously isn't going to bring any success at all. We've not got a single player apart from maybe Bazza that looks good enough to play in the premier league and that's a worry. Therefore our only hope is to get a manager in that knows how to grind out results involving being able to change our play when needed. A manager that the players know is a born winner and won't stand for nothing less than 100% commitment. A manager that can offload the dead wood and is capable of putting together a squad of players that we know care and are desperate to succeed. 



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  8. 19 hours ago, lanzaroteowl said:

    What can the bloke do?

    He's thrown more money at it than every other chairman put together.

    Bad advice and too much loyalty to his poor management choices have been a yolk around his neck. 

    But if it wasn't for FFP,  (First time Wednesday get a chairman willing to spend millions but now not allowed too)

    We would be in the Prem.

    Do you really think there is a queue of such people out there?

    A lot of our fan base really need to give their head a shake.


    How on earth this utter nonsense has so many agreements I'll never know. 


    It's cos hes been badly advised? This nonsense again. He got rid of most of them or they left. 


    If it wasn't for FFP  we would be in the Premier League???? What on earth are you smoking? 


    Is that why we lost the playoff final? Cos of FFP? 


    I think it's you who needs to give the head a shake pal. 

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  9. 17 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:

    The Barnsley keeper made a similar mistake but he got away with it.


    Dawson has been unlucky that its happened twice, in such a short time. The chances are he will not suffer the same fate for quite awhile.


    It happens to all goalies at some point of their career.


    If goalkeepers didn't make mistakes it would be a very boring game.


    Jeff: what's happening Chris?


    Chris: awful game Jeff, it's 3-0 but theres been no goal keeper mistakes. Boring

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  10. He's not been allowed to bring any of his own staff with him. Tells you everything you need to know about Chansiri's mindframe when appointing him. 


    That aside. I'm still backing him as I don't think the revolving door policy works. 


    But that's easy for me to say when I'm not one of the lunatics wasting my hard earned cash watching us play. 

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