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Community Answers

  1. Can you provide the overview of Fvvcking idiots
  2. Will sign a deal with another club and play 40 games next season. Guaranteed
  3. I have been openly critical of DC for a long time. I won't be taking any of it back cos he's deserved it and at the end of the day we're in this awful league position because of his incompetence. But over the last season or so he's finally shown signs of improvement. He's taken a decision on Darren Moore and he's backed him. I don't think anyone could suggest our recruitment has been the work of advisors or external parties, they have certainly been Darren Moore signings. DM was getting alot of heat and another chairman would have caved to the hostile crowd but he's remained calm and stuck with his man and personally I believe it has been the right decision.
  4. Mungo Bridge and Joel Mumbongo. It's a shame we can't merge them together and have a player called Mungo Mumbongo. Would be a yes from me
  5. I was born in Grimsby and have family members and friends who are Mariners. Watched the game. Brilliant game of football. End to end stuff and I was really impressed with some of the quality. We should be looking at players from these lower divisions. There's some gems
  6. I grew up with my uncle Carlos in Braga. He insisted on dragging me to Hillsborough despite the ridiculous commute. Something about it being his boyhood club or something. I don't know. But that's how I ended up here.
  7. Rob Jones. He wasn't a great footballer but he provided backbone and leadership at a time when we desperately needed it. We could do with something similar next season.
  8. Just been released which I think means he's on nowt as it stands
  9. It's because people have this obsession with what a player potentially could do over what they actually do do in reality. (I know, I said 'do do')
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