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  1. Exactly my point. Half-time isn't a problem, but Tango will stand up and parade around whilst the game is being played, right in front of wheelchair users and families who are sitting down, and stops them watching the match.
  2. Exactly, half time. I take a wheelchair user to away games and we have had Tango standing or walking around in front of us whilst play is going on; he's not watching the match and we can't watch the match because he's in the way and won't listen to be asked to move!
  3. Yes, he thinks he can go where he wants, and on occasions deliberately spoil it for other people. Why, what's your take on what he's thinking when he's in an area he shouldn't be and blocking the view of wheelchair users, looking at them with his back to the pitch and ignoring them telling him to move?
  4. At away games, he thinks he can go anywhere. The problem is when it's designated family sections or areas for disabled supporters, and he's standing or pacing up and down and not only blocking people's view of the match, but taunting them about not being able to see.
  5. Ha, joke reporting on the situation by a 'Victoria Wood', you couldn't make it up. Except she did. There was a lane on Penistone Road closed off, it wasn't 'pitch black' and when do you ever see traffic 'hurtling' along there after match days?
  6. The Fire Station has expanded to include an Ambulance Station so no more matchday parking there. Don't think the school was open last year for parking? It wasn't the previous season so last match I parked elsewhere, but didn't see the usual signs for the school parking being available. Street parking is the best option and people are pretty good at letting you out of the side roads.
  7. What matches were there 9 people or less at Hillsborough??
  8. A football club is not allowed to play games unless it's 'trading', ie, operational, and Bury is not allowed to 'trade' because they can't prove the financial situation. Doesn't matter that it's a cup tie and no points involved, the rules apply to any match.
  9. So Bullen went in the net at Millwall because he was playing poorly in defence and they wanted to move him around? Or was he doing what he did a lot that season, covering for injured players, like David Lucas? Defender, captain, the way he conducted himself and handled the the other players off the pitch; you'll only get a great from me for Bullen.
  10. He's a coach, part of the team that we have who work with different elements of the first team squad. Like we have Nicky Weaver as the goalkeeping coach. Have you never got to a match early enough to see Bullen out on the pitch working with the defence?
  11. And not the appalling officiating that let Huddersfield still finish with 11 men in each game and let the fouls go unpunished? Forestieri and Fletcher early in the 1st leg? The body slam by Hefele on Rhodes on the 2nd?
  12. Says a lot about Carlos that he went back to Portugal to look after his father, who was seriously ill. He turned job offers to stay with his family.
  13. Why would you scrap membership? People use it for priority points and it gives them a chance to attend away games.
  14. It wouldn't need massive security if we didn't have idiots who think it's clever not only to set off smoke bombs but a thunderflash in the crowd (bad in any circumstances, but when there's youngsters around?).
  15. Posted above - adult ticket available if you don't think you'll pass for u21 - no offence :)
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