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  1. And not the appalling officiating that let Huddersfield still finish with 11 men in each game and let the fouls go unpunished? Forestieri and Fletcher early in the 1st leg? The body slam by Hefele on Rhodes on the 2nd?
  2. Says a lot about Carlos that he went back to Portugal to look after his father, who was seriously ill. He turned job offers to stay with his family.
  3. Why would you scrap membership? People use it for priority points and it gives them a chance to attend away games.
  4. It wouldn't need massive security if we didn't have idiots who think it's clever not only to set off smoke bombs but a thunderflash in the crowd (bad in any circumstances, but when there's youngsters around?).
  5. Posted above - adult ticket available if you don't think you'll pass for u21 - no offence :)
  6. Face value. Colect at the ground.
  7. I'm interested, if it's still available. Can collect from Sheffield.
  8. Just contact the ticket office. Up to and including this season, they did allow you to return a small number of tickets for a refund, but they manage this carefully as they didn't want people getting away season tickets just for the big local derbies.
  9. When you apply for or renew away season tickets, you can choose whether to have a higher or lower price ticket where applicable, eg when there's upper and lower tiers. Also gives you priority on away cup ties - and playoff semifinals.
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