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  1. All these suggestions of changing to 4231 or 433 NO THANK YOU. one up front won’t work for us it never has. 352 or 442 but in a 442 Bannan has to play wide so I’d say stick to what we’ve recruited for. Let’s just get a couple of CHs in !!!
  2. Looked a class apart in the 7 games tho. And with what we’ve got on show at the back James Dean would be an improvement
  3. Dean is needed as the centre of a 3. Ihekwe can play to the right then we have the left that is the problem. Personally I’ll like us to go back for Gibson
  4. He’s been playing left CB of a back 3 in the under 23s since his return in January. Think it’s time to give him a go. Plus I think his inclusion helps out Johnson defensively
  5. Im the other way I hate card if I can I’ll only take out cash.
  6. Dawson Ihikewe Henegan Galvin Hunt Byers Bannan FDB Johnson Smith Windass I am however really hoping we have a couple in by then tho
  7. Spot on. Im not convinced by Heneghan but I think Ihekwe will be fine as a RCB. Really need to push and try and get Dean back to play central and to be honest could do with trying to get Gibson back aswell. If not time to give Galvin a go, will offer better protection to Johnson
  8. This is what worries me. Hes brought these players in to stop us conceding goals from crosses at the expense of being able to play football from the back. But when the ball is out wide they looked like a car crash. No where near as good as the players that Have left.
  9. Stockdale: 5 Iorfa: 4 Heneghan: 5 Ihiekwe: 5 Hunt: 6 Johnson: 7 Byers: 8 Dele-Bashiru: 9 Bannan: 7 Windass: 7 Gregory: 5 Everything was going through Byers and he won a lot of the ball. Dele looked a real beast. Windass started well but faded. The back line is going to be a massive problem. Heneghan looks good when the balls coming onto him but when he’s going backwards is very uncomfortable. Ihekwe is all right foot, should be on the right of a 3 but I think he’ll be ok but Iorfa should not play CB again !! And Stockdale didn’t cover himself in glory either. I know it’s early days but we look a good side going forward but a bad side defensively. Mistakes have been made I think. Let’s hope we can get a few players in
  10. Yeah I’d go with Iorfa there if hunt gets injured. Pato and Palmer I’d keep away from our side at all costs.
  11. Stockdale Ihekwe Heneghan Galvin Hunt Byers Vaulks Johnson Bannan Gregory Windass
  12. Said same last year !!! Look at what happened. Unfortunately I see this squad as weaker than last in the most part and I see Moore making the same mistakes as he has too many players to choose from so the inevitable rotation comes in. I hope I’m wrong but I can see same as last year but without the push at the end. 7th
  13. Long and short of it Hillsborough needs a lot of work to get it up to scratch !!!
  14. Unfortunately I agree with this. Some games will suit smith and if we play him in the correct games he will be an asset. Unfortunately I don’t think moore will do this. We need another Striker and another attacking player asap. If we spend too much time relying on what we have I think people will be disappointed.
  15. He’s a center forward who drops deep. Should be played as such. I’m hoping we sign another one this week and then we’ll him Windass Gregory New Cf Smith who we can rotate as and when.
  16. Very keen. But I think we could get better replacement in in the form of transfers and the under 23s
  17. I don’t know I think come September there might be a few thinking like that. Hope I’m wrong.
  18. I agree he has potential but we have god knows how many CM players here. He isn’t going to play enough. So yeah he needs to leave, I would prefer if he signed a new deal and went out on a years loan where he will start 40 plus games and realise his potential. He just isn’t going to get that here and under moore. However if he won’t sign a new deal we should cash in. Either way he has to leave here this season IMO.
  19. I’d only loan him if he signs a new contract if he won’t then sell. Either way he has to move out as he won’t play enough here. Needs to be starting week in week out now to realise his potential
  20. I’d see more than 2 go happily. Palmer Paterson Brown Iorfa can go for me. Dawson for himself he needs to be playing regular. Dele Bashiru out on a season long loan.
  21. Iorfa should deffo NOT start !! Poor defender Dean coming in would help.
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