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  1. Veggie pies whatever next !!! Faster staff cheaper prices half time highlights on a proper scoreboard and wifi. Oh and the gentlemans enclosure is a great idea!
  2. I think we need 2 wingers, wouldn't mind Burke but would prefer Trecey and Eagles
  3. People aren't happy with mediocrity but we just can't afford Wickham end of like others have mentioned he is gonna lead Sunderlands attack will be offered a new contract and it would take a 10 million plus bid to tempt them plus he won't want to drop now he has scored a few in the prem. We won't be spending loads but we will be able to compete in this league so I think more realistic targets would be Maynard Baldock Jones and Billy Sharp. People of that Ilk we should be able to afford now. Jamie Vardy is commited to Leicester and I believe Palace are in for him. However if Gayle from Palace is available he could be a season long loan we could get.
  4. This is brilliant Rhodes Wickham Vardy McCormack Not a chance with any of them.
  5. Can't believe Helan at LB Mattock is far better. And mate Buxton is a class above Palmer he's a decent back up rb tho. Let's be honest we won't spend much at all. Us still go for Michael Keane Sam Hutchinson Keith Trecey Chris Eagles Thomas Eisfield Then two strikers, these are the tough ones. I think Sam Baldock, Nicky Maynard, Kenwyne Jones Ruben Rochina, Nick Powell. Any two of the above. Or maybe one and a foreigner
  6. I thought he was good should have played more but didn't have the Dave jones attribute pace and no brain !!!
  7. Few years ago yes would have been good but at 32 and being a direct type like we have id pass Trecey and Eagles for me. We should be pushing for these 2 big time.
  8. Need to aim higher! Trecey Eagles Hutch are MUSTS
  9. Just a level too high for him. Sell him if we can but I don't think well be able too so loan him out to league one until Jan see how he does. Chris Maguire is not a center forward. He scored ten goals from midfield and created a few too, leave him where he is. I would however like to bring in 2 wingers in Eagles and Trecey to add to him and Antonio who I would use as an impact sub at best. Then I think we would be able to say we have a decent midfield.
  10. I see people's point about Maguire and Maghoma but I think this player has to be the stand out player in the team and grab it by the scruff of the neck when needed too. IMO Maguire is good on the wing leave him there, Maghoma I don't rate at all to be honest. Someone like Lopez mentioned would be good or I would prefer Eisfield from Arsenal. He would be what we want. In addition to this we do need a cf but this would be another option.
  11. Ok we all know we need a new cf especially with 2 of the 3 strikers being a target man. My question for you is how would you feel us spending our budget (assuming we have a little money ie the Helan money from last year) on a number 10 type player ?? I personally think we need 2 strikers but I would try getting one proper cf and also a number ten type role. These are key players and can link up the play. Thoughts ?
  12. Will be a class signing. Need to get this done early. As is the case with the 4 we've offered contracts too then we know who we need to add. Players are going already we need to be making moves, I know it's still early in pre season and people are on holiday but we made this mistake last year.
  13. Kind of player we should be looking to take a chance on
  14. It will happen the plans and planning permission are all in place. The question is just when, I can't see it under Milan unless we do get to prem, which also I can't see unless we improve our squad, which I can't see
  15. He simply isn't good enough. Would be a decent signing for our piggy rivals were a step above. Show some ambition please
  16. Not a chance in hell he's coming. Macheda all day for me
  17. No no no! We have failed with this type of winger for years. Someone who can cross please Trecey and Eagles !!
  18. Buxton no brainer! Palmer just ain't that good he is a decent back up right back.
  19. 20 goal a season strikers in the championship cost money and we don't have that. So we try get a decent freebie ie Macheda who's done it in spells or go abroad and take a chance. Or as we will do neither and start season with 2 and hope for a loan
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