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  1. BPF Hunt Iorfa Huchinson Johnson Shodipo Adenaran Byers Bannan Gregory Berahino
  2. Palmer was atrocious second half today !! We had Johnson on the bench and in a game where the opposition offered very little in attacking threat not bringing him on was not a good move. In fact none of his subs were good moves. Gotta have a go. He didn’t
  3. BPF 6 Hunt 6 Iorfa 6 Dunkley 5 Palmer 5 Aderinan 6 Hutchinson 7 Berahino 7 Bannan 6 Shodipo 7 Gregory 6 Corbeanu 5 Kamberi 5 Wing 5 Darren Moore - 2
  4. Play 442, in the style of how we played it in 2015. Peacock-Farrell Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Johnson Corbeanu Adenrian Byers Bannan Gregory Berahino
  5. Is this not an old piece ?? I know this got approved a few years ago when Jaguar bought the land but I thought with covid this had been scrapped and the land was back up for lease ?,
  6. Anyone got a spare ID for Wigan? Im eligible now but wanna take the young un so anyone with a spare let me know ?
  7. Thats whats been up with us ever since !!! Get out on the town on a friday night and we might win a few
  8. Unfortunately I agree about Luongo. To be honest if he was fit he'd be first name on the teamsheet in midfield for me. Adeneran for me looks good but as ive put in another post his physical attributes and workrate are second to none. However his footballing attributes like touch passing and finishing need to be worked on IMO.
  9. This is pretty much my view on him.... physical attributes are top draw, work ethic is awesome. Footballing attributes like touch passing and shooting - not sold at all. Improve these and he'll be a good player for us. I do think hes more of a DM player than an attacking one though.
  10. Its still far too early to tell. Peacock-Farrell has looked good but had a mare yesterday, see how he reacts. Adeneran is full of energy and power which is something we have missed for a long time, im not sold on his footballing skills yet tho. Hunt is Hunt. What i expected. Brown looks to work hard but is a left back not a winger, however can he defend ? Like the look of Byers looks to pass forward and doesnt give the ball away, but is lightweight. Wing to me hasnt shown much of anything yet. Kamberi has impressed me so far. Seems willing to work has a decent touch and hold up play. Gregory will score but needs chances. Sow, Corbeanu and Shodipo haven't had enough time on the pitch. Johnson looks a good left back for this level. Not a good enough winger tho. No Comment on Berahino yet.
  11. Im concerned by both ! Midfield is full of lovely footballers but only in the game where Luongo has played has it been disciplined and on top. This is a cause for concern. However your right the front three is different every week and that cant help. We lack goals. The midfield dont look like contributing to that which is another issue but were very much a 451 rather than a 433 side. Tactically or Players i dont know what the issue is but that again is a cause for concern.
  12. Thought he spoke really well to be honest. After that i would have expected one of the senior pros out but he was honest and genuine. Cant ask for more.
  13. Peacock-Farrell Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Johnson Sow Adenrian Byers Bannan Gregory Corbeanau
  14. What I would do. Then I’d have Johnson at LB so we’d still have the width going forward
  15. Weve got a great squad, but as of yet weve not been brilliant. Shape isn't right for me. But with this squad if Moore cant figure it out then he's not got the nouse a lot think he has. You have to look at the strengths and the weaknesses of players, Bannan as good as he is doesnt score enough. People dont like it but his best season with us was LM. Played high up and had high goal involvment without the need to do the work/tracking of a CM. Maybe this is what we should do again ???
  16. This. Wing wants to do the job on Bannan. One or the other for me
  17. I think this is the first time since the playoff seasons where we have the squad to play 442 if we play the attacking style we did in 2015, which i think Moore wants us to play. As others have said Bannan in CM in a 442 doesnt work.. totally agree. But i still think Bannan LM drifting inside (as he did in that side) is capable of getting the best out of him. Especially if he has a attacking fullback behind him as Johnson seems to be. Im a fan of a front 2 and also 442.... whilst not against the 433/451 we play id prefer a 2 up top. Plenty of options as you can see below: Peacock-Farrell Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Hutch Johnson Palmer Dunkley Gibson Brown Corbeanu Wing Lunogo Bannan Adeneran Dele Byers Shodipo Gregory Sow Kamberi Berahino
  18. If Monk was sacked the season before last or at least at the end of it we would have been in a much better position.
  19. Garry Monk is the worst thing to happen to this club in a long long time. Worst manager I have seen and there have been some bad ones. Absolutely not a likeable bloke either. Darren Moore is doing a grand job at recovering from the poo show that Monk created.
  20. Agree apart from the good pricing, as stated in the posts above with the Cat games available this isnt really a good deal. Should have been 150 for non members
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