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  1. It needs to be the norm and more than 2 if we’re gonna go up
  2. Just been followed by our head of recruitment. 18 year old CM from Man U, son of Robbie but more technical. Made his debut for them in Europe this season. Would be an interesting signing as if reports and his fitness and running (he never stops apparently) are true could see him being useful next to Luongo in CM.
  3. That would be about right but Moore is a dingbat he won’t disregard Berahino and Paterson and he won’t give any of them a run.
  4. Kamberi will be soon. Paterson and Berahino aren’t footballers I agree. Still leaves us with Sow Gregory Windass Kamberi and John-Jules. 5 for 2
  5. Mk Dons now have the strike force I would have got for us had I had my way !!!
  6. He’s a CF. We now have Gregory Sow Windass Kamberi Berahino Paterson and John-Jules all fighting for 2 spots. While I’m not knocking him as he has the credentials from what I read but he would need a run of games in a front 2 I would think, he’s not gonna get it. I liked the look of Gregory Sow the other day, and was hoping Sow got a run. Again it’s not gonna happen now is it. We’re overloading. Unless Windass is off and we can move on Berahino and Paterson in this window I can’t really see why we’re signing him. A move for a number 10, somewhat of a attacking midfielder (how IMO Corbeanau should have been used) I could see the logic but this kid is a number 9.
  7. I can’t see any justification for changing the 11. Windass off the bench. Storey on the bench. Sow needs a run in the side.
  8. I agree with this. Need to get players out this window and add wing to the three above and it’s a decent window on the outs front. Coming in we need a left sided CB. Roberts looks to be the best of the linked bunch but after the way Moore treated Corbeanau I can’t see him arriving. If he can get fit I’m not against keeping Gibson. We need a attacking left back but I suppose if we get the CB in that allows Johnson to be used there. I still think we need that big of something special in a forward area but those players are hard to find. Think we had it in Corbeanau but didn’t use him enough or right. Would like to see that brought to the club. But realistically if we get a CB and get as many out as we can that would be a decent window after the awful start
  9. It is. And to be honest we haven’t put together a run of performances that suggest we can get anything like the amount of points required from those to make a promotion push…… yet.
  10. Think it’s all about the spine! If Hutchinson Luongo Windass (even if Windass comes on) then that makes the difference for us.
  11. This is Darren Moore ! Best performance of the season but can’t see him keeping same side - says it all !
  12. Peacock-Farrell 6 Palmer 6 Johnson 7 Hutchinson 9 Luongo 9 Hunt 7 Bannan 7 Dele-Bashiro 6 Gregory 7 Sow 8 Mendez-Laing 8
  13. This is the best post I’ve seen. He’s waited too long with every manager with the exception of Pulis but I think his hand was forced there. I just don’t get why he doesn’t get a new committee in. It worked when he did that when he first arrived. He’s only picked Bruce since he arrived who had any idea manager wise, Carlos did well first season but he had 11 players at his disposal who just clicked. When he tried Do things differently it was an epic fail. We need Moore gone but I have no faith the replacement will be any good.
  14. He’s been injured a lot so not really been a fair spell for him. Also he’s more of a winger so it’s about performance and confidence rather than goals output for him. To be fair I think the amount of apathy the fan base now has it would probably be a decent time to put in youngsters - give us something to get behind. We know we’re not going up under this management team so the experience for them will only help them put themselves in with a chance of being part of a promotion push next season under (fingers crossed) a new management team.
  15. Think this sums it up. We’d probably still be in the championship and if we’d have come through the shower we endured brought on by the owner.
  16. With **** head Darren in charge we’ll have nothing like any of these picked but for me 442 back to basics and attack. Peacock Hunt Brennan Hutch Johnson Sow Luongo Adenrian Bannan Kamberi Gregory
  17. Jordan Thornily who we sold thinking was not good enough would now be head and shoulders above any CH we can get in this window.
  18. No it’s not but if there is vocal pressure on him it’s more likely to get noticed by people who have influence too ?
  19. Were they unrealistic?? I don’t think they were. Just think we have a bad manager. A decent one and these were realistic with the players we have.
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