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  1. I must see something different to you.
  2. Dawson - 8 Palmer - 5 Iorfa - 7 Borner - 8 Fox - 8 Luongo - 8 MOM Hutchinson - 7 Bannan - 6 Reach - 5 Fletcher - 6 Harris - 6 Lee - 6 Forestieri - 7 Nuihu - 6
  3. Getting a free kick for shirt pulling off a ref is about as likely as Liam Palmer scoring a hat trick. It was a pen
  4. He may have but there was no need for him to make the challenge ball was going away from goal. Stupid and pen all day long. If it was other way around we would be seething
  5. It was a stone Waller. Stupid from Bannan. I’m sure him and Hutchinson we’re having a competition tonight as to who could give away the most stupid foul in a dangerous position. We were very lucky.
  6. Oh I agree, and I think it was that little step to the left that did him. I'm just thinking of why he did it.
  7. Your looking at it from a historic view tho. I see your point but we have played 11 games in the league and 10 of them Reach hasn't played well, yes he scored and assisted v boro and played well then he may have got an assist v Wigan but he was poor otherwise. Surely anyone else bar Bannan would be dropped with his form ?
  8. Very true but again if flint isn't there then it doesn't happen. Regardless of where the ball went flint should have been flagged offside. I was critical of him standing too far over against Norwich last season so can see the point but this one cannot be blamed on Dawson, it was bad officiating.
  9. 100% this !!! And that goal should not have counted !! You can go on about his position but he was clearly being ignored by the officials when he was rightly being obstructed so he took the decision to step to the left and cover HIS side of the goal. Yes in an ideal world he takes the step to the right and saves it but if he did that and it went in his side he would be slaughtered even more. If Flint isn't there he sees it earlier and saves it simple as. The save later is brilliant and wins us a point. He does need to command his area more which I'm sure there working on but playing very little competitive football wont help. If Westwood is out for a longer period this could help Dawson progress.
  10. Can you really pick Reach again ?? He has been so poor this season (apart from the Boro game).
  11. Agreed hes a box to box midfielder. Out of the midfield three from Friday its Bannan who needs to be further forward.
  12. Dawson Odubajo Iorfa Borner Fox Hutchinson Luongo Bannan Forestieri Harris Fletcher Subs: Jones, Thorniley, Palmer, Lee, Reach, Preston, Nuhiu
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