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  1. Got 3 tickets for next week but due to personal circumstances probably not going to be able to make it..... Anyone in need of them ?? Save me taking them back to the shop and waiting a week for the money to go back on my card.
  2. Same team as last week, Bannan and Iorfa take the place of Pelupessy and Fox on the bench.
  3. Joey Pelupessy drops out for Bannan. He sits on the bench this week for me.
  4. They have until the 23rd to get this game on by providing the EFL of financial proofs. If they don't so this we get a bye into the next round. If they do then the game will have to be played. As there is a game next week then this will be played the week of the 26th when the second round ties are being played. This has happened on occasion before when the initial round game had to be called off. Which would mean should we win we will play at Rotherham on the next available midweek slot after the week commencing the 26th. That's how I understand it.
  5. This. He will still be key as he always is. Just have to bide his time to get a game then take the chance when it comes. We now have options and quality ones at that. Imagine looking at the game Saturday thinking were picking a side without Forestieri & Bannan, neither of which are injured. We have our young upcoming Keeper in the team of the week. Our ten million pound striker itching to get on the pitch and prove he can still do it. Over the long season all these players will play and will be important, just at the moment its unfortunate that they cant get in the side. And yes I am advocating putting Bannan on the bench Saturday and keeping it the same..
  6. Fletcher until he misses then it moves on. Lee can also take a pen. And for the life of me don’t get why Bannan isn’t on them. He can put it on a 50p from 60 yards I’m sure he can pass it in a corner from 12
  7. Dawson - 7 Odubajo - 7 Borner - 8 Lees - 7 Palmer - 7 Reach - 7 Hutchinson - 8 Lee - 9 Harris - 8 Fletcher - 8 Murphy - 8
  8. Keep the same side. I would play Westwood in net again but Dawson was outstanding today. Bannan in bench for pelupessy next week.
  9. I don't think these were Bruce's shopping list I think they were Bullens. He said weeks ago he needed a CB a CM and a Winger which is exactly what he got. And from what he has said about the players he knows what there about and what they give to us. The fact he said Bates has a lot to learn, means he's looked at the potential and not at him coming into be improve us straight away.
  10. I agree. Ill be honest I was hoping JR left yesterday. I have never been his biggest fan, I didn't want to sign him and although we really haven't helped as we have never played to his strengths he has been very poor since he came here. However, there looks to have been a change in approach this year. Were playing with one up top and playing proper wingers which we haven't done since we got promoted out of League One. There is no doubt that he will score goals if he gets chances and plays. He's had chances since he came here but he has never played regularly or looked fit or been confident. Hopefully that will all change Lets get behind him and not get on his back when he doesn't do much in the game coz lets be honest he has never done much in games.
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