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  1. Dutch McLovin

    Hutchinson for surprise recall

    BB has to follow him around to cover his mistakes, but by doing so doesn't do his job causing mistakes. Its a vicious circle. Joey will be better off trying his luck back in Holland simply not up to this league.
  2. Dutch McLovin

    Slightly disturbing

    This is the big issue we are not fooked with the players we have at our disposal. We could under a decent manager with simple smart recruitment be in with a shout of a play off push. Look at the signings since this mess was revealed: Hector - Decent but no more than that Pelupessy - Not good enough. Onomah - Not had a chance but not pulled up trees when he has played. Instead of those three if there was a CB RB and CM pulled on loan which were decent and a manager that knows the league could pull there is no reason why we couldn't be up there. We may be a mess off the field but if we get rid of Jos and get someone who knows what there doing were not as good as were were but were by no means in a mess on it.
  3. Dutch McLovin

    Hutchinson for surprise recall

    To be honest Westwood for Joey would be improvement !!!!!
  4. Dutch McLovin

    Hutchinson for surprise recall

    Start and Made Captain Saturday along side Abdi in midfield. Nothing less will be accepted.
  5. Dutch McLovin

    György László Balint

    Wont be leaving them to come to this mess then ! save my money on that one
  6. Dutch McLovin

    No news

    Agree !!! But its the lack of change that I'm mad at. He's new at this and will make mistakes I get that but he doesn't learn from them makes new and the same ones over and over and does not take advice from people in the know.
  7. Dutch McLovin

    György László Balint

    Where is Dan Petrescu ? He is my bet if we eventually get Jos out.
  8. Dutch McLovin

    No news

    He cannot be doing nothing something has to be happening. I have no inside info and don't profess to know but my theory is Jos will be sacked soon but he wont sack him until replacement has been found. Don't think he liked the caretaker manager role last time and remember this is all new to DC he has never sacked a manager before and the guy doesn't like being wrong so he's slow at everything.
  9. Dutch McLovin

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    Rhodes going on loan was the only option for us. If we sold him we had to pay what we owe boro in full, were currently paying 2 million a season.
  10. Dutch McLovin

    New manager new right back

    Whilst I agree he could be more use there than Palmer and Baker we really need to be looking to get a new one in ASAP
  11. Dutch McLovin

    What XI does everyone want to see ?

    Westwood Hector Lees Thornley Reach Hutch Bannan Penney Matias Joao Forestieri
  12. Dutch McLovin


    Yes ideally a front three of Matias Joao and Nando.
  13. Dutch McLovin

    Bannan at full time

    The latest booking was done on purpose.
  14. Dutch McLovin


    Forestieri need to be played in an attacking team in a free role up top, as he did much of Carlos first season. This worked then as if he was to drop wide or deep, we had Lee and Wallace busting a gut to get up with the striker so we weren't isolated up top. Played with runners and footballers like Hutch and Bannan round him and he exceled in that role. Yes when we were chasing games he would be out out wide last 20 to get another striker on but he didn't have to worry about defending it was all about going the other way. What happened since then is we've turned into a defensive team with Forestieri asked to play as a traditional winger who tracks back, which hinders his game.
  15. Dutch McLovin

    Cameron Dawson

    Agreed, if he had come in to the defence we had two years ago people would be praising him to the hill tops !!! Westwood in this calamitous team wouldn't look good.