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  1. Very true. Which is what worries me now we have a lot of hard work but we’re lacking in quality.
  2. Dawson 8 Iorfa 7 Lees 7 van Aken 7 Harris 7 Luongo 8 Bannan 7 Penney 7 Brown 7 Windass 7 Rhodes 7 Went Dawson for his second half save but him or Luongo could have got it. Brown was class first half but quieter second
  3. A team of hard workers and little talent won’t go far. A team of talented individuals who don’t work hard won’t go far. A mixture of both and you’ve nailed it.
  4. In hindsight yes we should have, but we were going for the league that second season (yes it didnt work like that) why would we sell the best player in the league when we were aiming for the top.
  5. Realistically should he ?? When you look at the stats its hard to see what the Monkettes see isnt it ?
  6. This is my issue. Why do it when were third !? He was brilliant last year and injury free!
  7. That doesnt matter he did it ?? And when we were turning down 12 million for him no one wanted him to go.
  8. This is spot on !!! Absolutely nailed it. Westwood is the best keeper we have had since Pressman. Hutchinson was a premier league player that was playing at us because of his injuries and gave his all every game. Forestieri was the first player since Di Canio & Carbone that could get bums off seats. Whether you believe they were bad apples or you believe they were miss managed by incompetence in the management department is irrelevant. They played there part and were successful and part of a side that oh so nearly made it to the prem. Now there not here they should be remembered as such.
  9. Andy Booth was so slow !!!! No one will be faster than Helan... once got told that Helan would be Bolt in a track race, but Bolt is a better footballer than Helan. I believe that is the truth.
  10. Id love one of these but with the CM numbers we have i just dont see us getting one. Especially with us playing 3 at the back as its not as essential as it is with a back 4
  11. Depends on the finances. If we have the money we need more quality in EVERY position. But i think if were being realistic we dont have the money to buy big so we have to be canny and get either players with injury history that if fit we wouldnt be able to get. Young un proven players who could progress. Players who have lost there way but have the talent to get it back. Gambles from abroad. So for example 3 million of Murphy would be good money... but we have RWB's which is where he will play, and we probably dont have three million. And his wages. If we do it would be better spent elsewhere. I think we need a left wing back to challenge Penney, i would go for Lazaar at Newcastle. We need two strikers. I would go back for Wickham. Another option in that mould would be Gyokeres at Brighton. I would also then go for pace. I dont know there situations but Suarez or Success at Watford would be good additions.
  12. But thats the state of every club, most people are behind the team regardless of there feelings towards Chairman or Managers. But there will always be some fans that just arent. That is football. I myself cant stand Monk and would sack him now. But im behind the team and the players and am desperate for us to win and get these points back so its a level playing field. Monkettes or MonkHaters have all got to be behind the 11 on a Saturday, and i believe in the main part they are. And he is right in our situation we need it more than most.
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