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  1. Think he should start next 6 in a row give him a chance
  2. I don’t see anything from Moore to suggest we’ll get that many points. Player wise I fully think that’s achievable
  3. I’d get rid now think it’s obvious he’s not gonna get us where we need to be. I think Chansiri will give him until December
  4. Peacock-Farrell Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Johnson Sow Adenrian Dele Bannan Gregory Corbeanau
  5. I’d play 442 and Barry Bannan would never play centeral in a 2. Wide left for me. But your bang on with Windass plays up top with Gregory unless we actually give Corbeanau a run
  6. Left back is a priority in January. Or just give Galvin a run when his loan is up
  7. Needs to play in a front two but with someone with some physicality. This this would help Gregory too. Or play Corbeanau up front with freedom and then either of the above could have someone attack minded to play with. Either way we’re not playing him right. But who are we ?!
  8. Firstly there is no chance of 442. Wrong IMO. Secondly I don’t think we have much choice to play Dunkley until Brennan is back from his loan. Worrying IMO. Three very winnable games if we have a attacking mindset. We won’t as DM said he will pick the best team to negate the opposition. Wrong IMO. We won’t keep the same side for 3 games. Wrong IMO. Anyway what I would do: Peacock-Farrell Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Brown Johnson Adenrian Wing Bannan Gregory Corbeanau In an ideal world Hutchinson would be CH with Iorfa and Luongo CM with Adenrian but that’s what we have.
  9. Spot on. Let’s hope we don’t bother with Palmer and Paterson also !
  10. But where do you play him ??? LM in a 442 for me is only place he fits where you can get best out of him, without sacrificing part of the team.
  11. Your right in what your saying we should go that way as in all out attack let them worry about us but we need a solid diamond at the back as we had in 2015. So for example if we had Peacock-Farrell Iorfa Hutchinson Luongo Every week then we could go with that tactic !
  12. 442 !! Attacking possession based football ala Carlos season 1. Peacock-Farrell Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Brown Johnson Adenrian Luongo Bannan Gregory Corbeanau
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