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  1. Shoehorn FC

    We all know that it’s gonna be 442 so we need to get the best out of Bannan up the pitch... in a 442 that’s difficult as it’s really wide or second striker. Which with our abundance of strikers is hard although it’s what we should do playing 3 at the back ! Forestieri Bannan Hooper what a front three that would be
  2. Why so bitterly anti-Carlos NOW?

    We have been playing like this for 17 months but we were winning somehow. We also had the special FF playing who basically played his own way regardless of CC telling him to track back. Yes 5 unbeaten is decent but there is only one game we have played well and the others we should really have lost. He has to go regardless but he won’t
  3. Right...Team for Saturday

    Quality post !!!! Penney should be in the side never mind Squad !
  4. Team for Saturday

    What he will do is that play a similar or same team ! what he should do is get Abdi Joao and Matias starting ! well probably be looking for a 0-0
  5. The apparent "booing".

    This !!! Deflection at its best... like forestieri, Abdi and Hutchinson stories that have appeared before just as Carlos is under scrutiny!!!
  6. Grow up and accept that you need to change
  7. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against..

    You can’t go on about the pen when Bristol had 3 clear chances.
  8. COMPLAINT : Bad Language in family stand

    I feel for the kids.... having to resort to swearing at there age from watching the drivel Carlos serves up !!!!
  9. Best post I’ve seen on here in ages ! Unfortunatly were are the opposite of all points on it ! And yes we may have a multi million pound squad but watching them you wouldn’t think so
  10. Team for Ipswich

    Can but dream !
  11. Team for Ipswich

    Matias Abdi and Joao to start please
  12. Barry Bannan too deep

    Barry Bannan is not a Central midfielder he is a attacking midfielder and should be employed there to get the best out of him. As it is he can’t get the ball playing too deep in CM never mind where he should due to the dire drivel Carlos serves up that he passes off as tactics ! I called for him to be dropped last year for this exact thing which wasn’t all his fault but he did lack form. This year he is in form but still having to do this quarterback role just to get the ball. So in all its carlos tactics !
  13. João - How best to use him

    Have to agree with this.... he has to have a run of 5 or 6 games starting !! Rhodes does what he does but let’s be honest we don’t play him type of football on a consistent basis. Hooper is class but again his chances have dried up due to our slow laboured style of play and CC isn’t changing the 442 so play Joao
  14. Wallace who has quality but his legs have gone.... yet numerous wingers have been gone and are still here in Matias case and don’t get a chance. Fletcher who is a good footballer but contributes little yet Rhodes and Joao sit on the bench. Bannan and Reach have played well this season but last we’re awful yet always got a shirt.
  15. January Transfer Window

    Agree with you totally ! Joke isn’t it ! Or we are ! I am pretty ashamed to be a Sheffield Wednesday fan sometimes... ripped off at every opportunity no interest in playing youngsters and too stubborn to listen to fans. oh and baring the odd bit of quality were vastly under achieving