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  1. Not heard the injury latest so could be subject to change but my team would be: Dawson Palmer Iorfa Lees Fox Reach Luongo Bannan Harris Forestieri Fletcher Usually id pick Borner but Lees had a good game on Wednesday. Hope Fessi is fit.
  2. That's exactly my point, and it worked. Its flexible in games and can be changed on the way its going. I know were not going to agree on Forestieri's position but you have to admit having Bannan further up the pitch helps us creativity wise ?
  3. Think its the fact we should have 9. We should have beaten Cardiff, Blackburn, Swansea etc. Were playing well and picking up points but my god were throwing them away. As you say its not bad at all.
  4. Nuhiu making the bench is not the issue, last night he was way off the pace but there are times when he comes of the bench and makes a positive impact on the game. The issue is lack of other options. Were crying out for some pace from the bench. Someone like Joao. No I am not saying we shouldn't have sold him but he would have made a difference this year. That's what we need to look for in jan. Our attacking subs are just not good enough in Murphy Rhodes/Nuhiu/Winnall.
  5. It all depends on what were allowed to do by the EFL. Lets just say until they decide how to proceed going forward all is normal and we have no restrictions: Contracts..... certain contracts have to be renewed.... Dawson, Wildsmith, Hutchinson, Penney Forestieri (yes I know this is going to cause argument, but we cannot allow a sellable asset to leave for free. He's 29, not done it for a while but hasn't had the chance this season. He needs that but If he gets it and takes it then we start negotiating with him he can a, screw us over and leave for nothing or b, demand more money. tie him down for another year now then take it from there). This just makes business sense. The others can still earn them Fletcher is doing as great job at this. Selling. Literally everyone at the club is for sale at the right price. We cant be picky if there is any interest in any of our players we have to consider it. It has to be good business for the club which we have a poor record of under DC. Buying. We need 4 new players at least IMO. 2 full backs one right and one left. Another winger. and most importantly a center forward. Myself I think we need two but there is no way unless we get players out that we can get 5 players in January. Who is up for debate but myself I would want a pacey striker AND Conor Wickham.
  6. Will argue this all day long, Bannan is an attacking midfielder. In the mould of David Silva. Playing Bannan centrally means he only affects the game from deep if at all. When he was played on the left he played much further forward and affected us in more attacking areas, and also brought the best out of Forestieri as it gave him someone to play with. Its a no Brainer for me. Front 6 of: Harris Hutchinson Luongo Bannan Fletcher Forestieri Now we'll get the normal moans of Bannan on the left no, Forestieri cant play up front, we get overrun in midfield but look playing this way we are adaptable it could be made into a front three of Harris Fletcher Forestieri in Part of games it can be a 442 in part of games and Forestieri and Bannan are good enough and flexible enough to swap and make it a 4411.
  7. I just don't get these fans who don't rate Hutchinson. Going to be a BIG miss next two games. Key player for us.
  8. Dawson 7 Odubajo 5 Iorfa 6 Lees 7 Fox 6 Reach 6 Hutch 8 MOM Bannan 6 Harris 7 Rhodes 5 Fletcher 8 Murphy 5 Nuhiu 5 Luongo 6
  9. I just hope Forestieri is fit for forest !!
  10. Oh I agree with you and I wouldn't switch either, and as you point out there is no place for Harris in that formation so another reason not too. Just saying we have three good CB (4 actually as I really rate Thorniley) and two players who are actual wing backs in Odubajo and Reach.
  11. Imagine if we hadn't gone all crazy town and thrown all them points away in the last few mins of games, we'd be up there with the top 2 !
  12. Totally agree with this it is probably our strongest line up but Harris is not a wing back so you'd have to play Reach there. However were on a decent little run and entering a busy period and our most creative player (Fernando) is injured. So for the moment Id not look to try this but in the new year depending on where we are/points deductions/teams were playing/new signings this should defo be tried.
  13. Bannan is injured is he not ? Tom Lees looked very uncertain and a lot of his passes were risky to say the least. Borner and Iorfa look a much better more solid partnership.
  14. Agree with most of that but id like Odubajo kept in the team and given a run think he will get better.
  15. Cant see a thread already so ill start one, what would you play on Wednesday night ?? Dawson Odubajo Iorfa Borner Fox Murphy Hutchinson Luongo Harris Rhodes Fletcher
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