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  1. Bannan was worse but Pelupessy made one good block in the first half and that was his contribution
  2. Wildsmith Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Murphy Luongo Shaw Bannan Wickham Nuhiu
  3. There is point get him gone now !! Show some leadership
  4. Wildsmith 5 Palmer 4 Iorfa 5 Borner 5 Harris 5 Bannan 5 Joey 5 Luongo 6 Murphy 7 Nuhiu 6 Da Cruz 4
  5. Should have gone months ago but if he’s here at weekend then It’s just unforgivable
  6. It’s not all his fault but not even you can say it’s not time for him to go ?
  7. i got genuinely excited - not about Megson god he's be better than Monk but not by much maybe Jos level but Forestieri's bike is alive i knew Monk was lying about him not being fit
  8. Our fans have been positive in there droves before (yes not unanimously but whos are) and we get the same from the club. Since DC took over there has been grumblings pretty much from the start around one thing or another (some right some wrong) but in general we have turned up and got behind the team, manager and chairman. We have got to the point we have now where there really isnt a lot to get positive about. Performances have been better since lock down, yeah but they havent been good they have just not been to the got battered game gone by half time bad which they never should have got too. End of the day changes are required for positive to happen. No one will buy us so were not gonna be rid of DC. But the direction management and players can change. If this happens things will become positive but as long as nothing changes were not gonna be positive. We all love the club and want the best.
  9. Still the only argument i have seen for keeping Monk is "we cant keep sacking managers" which is a correct statement but it also means we have to appoint a decent one. Monk is not decent his record is below average, and the alarming decline has shown that he is not the man. We need rid now. If we lose tonight he HAS to go before the weekend.
  10. Your spot on here. You cant live in the past live in the now. We need players we have no money (or are not allowed to spend it) and are in a massive mess. Signing someone with potential to improve us and himself is a no brainer.
  11. I read it and i honestly cant fathom how you feel Monk is blameless. IF these players were told contracts were not forthcoming by Monk, then why ?? We were 3rd. Hutchinson had been key and played 19 or 23 games i believe. To then tell him your not getting a new contract is simply bad management. Then to basically banish him is beyond a joke. I am not being funny but yes the players should be professional and not down tools like they did but they shouldnt be put in a position to do so. Look at last year, Marco Matias was one of our better players after Bruce came in either starting or from the bench, he was probably challanged by Bruce to earn a new contract. He didnt and was released but until that point still worked hard to get one. Monk is a bad manager. He is not totally to blame as the players are wrong uns as put (and there are still plenty of them here) and there has been a lack of leadership from DC but Monk is as much to blame as the others. Ideally we need a cleanout from top to bottom but were not getting a new chairman, the player clean out has started but Monk needed to go months ago and the sooner he is the better this club will be for it.
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