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  1. Hector is the only option over the season really. Since dross so player of the half season would pick hutch. But could easily go for Westwood fletcher Palmer.
  2. I think id go McGinn just ahead of Forestieri and then Reach because it was a volley that is literally the only advantage it has.
  3. Couldn't agree more. As for our current options, I believe the Midfield is the weakest part of our side. excluding Kieron Lee who has been out so long its fair to say we have no idea what type of player will come back if he even does, we only have Hutchinson who in his position in this league would get in most of the teams. He has been consistently good ever since Gray brought him to the club and even better since his return where he seems to have curbed his rashness and is playing higher up. If it wasn't for his injuries he would have played in the premiership I am sure. While we do need a backup to him (I'm not adverse to the Cattermole rumours to be honest) he would still be the first name on the team sheet in the midfield next year. And Captain !!! The others in there are weird ones. Bannan is a lovely footballer and is capable of brilliance but his best form for us was on the wing and he isn't a winger. We also IMO look better without him in the side, Onomah and Hutch worked well last Friday. Past that, Abdi Pelupessy Jones simply aren't good enough. Reach is a funny one hes good but doesn't create enough for me. Aarons looked like what we needed but injury has hampered that, Boyd puts a shift in but his legs aren't there and Matias I am a fan of but he needs to play regularly as he gets better and more effective with a run in the side. But over his time here hasn't done enough through injury. So overall there is only Hutchinson who I would not let go in the summer, the rest although id like to keep some of them I wouldn't be against them going at the right price as long as we can reinvest in people who will make more of an impact, ie wingers who create changes and a beast in midfield which we have needed for a while.
  4. Sp basically if instead of spaffing all the money and wages on those players after Hull (as I do believe after Gray the squad needed filling out even if we did sign most unnecessarily) If we had signed Conor Wickham and a back up for Hutch - Lopez ?? We would have had a good shot at Automatic the next year.
  5. He’s growing on me and looks great value.
  6. Solid 7 for everyone except Reach who was below par and Hector and Joao who were 8.
  7. Dawson Iorfa Lees Hector Lazaar Matias Ohomah Pelupessy Boyd Forestieri Hooper
  8. Best he has played for us last night, that said he is not good enough (or too anonymous) to take us forward.
  9. Agree he played well, look a much better side with him in there with Hutch. And if Lee was fit he'd be a better option than Onomah
  10. The celebration with Hutchinson says everything about what Bruce and team have done to this set of players. Brilliant to watch but the goal itself was a thing of beauty !!!!
  11. Exactly. If our finances allow us to bring in better then he should be released. He hasn't done enough in his 4 years to argue that. But in this last year he has done all of the above. You could say the same for Fletcher, these last 6 months he has been brilliant, but prior to that was there many fans that would have been bothered should he have left ? I Doubt it.
  12. He has pace, he tracks back and works, he has goals in his locker (scored 7 in a poor side this year) runs in behind and has a good touch. 12k a week who wont be guaranteed a start, cant see us getting many of them.
  13. Yeah id say about 12k. Which my point is, if were struggling with FFP are we going to be able to bring in another winger who probably wont be first choice if everyone is fit (which never happens) who has the attributes that he has ?
  14. Defending wise id say 8 yes. Forestieri was the best player on the pitch so yes easily a 9. May have been generous with Matias and Fletch but both worked so hard.
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