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  1. Dutch McLovin

    #SWFC to lose a top coach

    Whilst I agree with you I don’t think dumping it is the right decision. Yes it’s frustrating and biased towards the top clubs but we’re starting to see some fruits of it and although we’re taking some losses too coaches and players I still think it can be beneficial to us. We seem to be tying the players down now and giving them chances and hopefully they succeed
  2. Dutch McLovin

    England formation : Wednesday formation?

    I don’t think we do. We will play for of a 343 ala Chelsea title winning with a main striker and two playing freely off him. Not saying loftus-cheek type player would be detrimental but I feel we’re more likely to go with Forestieri Matias Joao off Nuhiu
  3. He’s the difference between us being ok and good. do not sell him !!!
  4. Dutch McLovin

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    Me personally I think this is exactly what we need. The perfect fit for hutch role and can pass and shoot
  5. This. if we don’t play a 3 man midfield which I don’t think we will (I think 343 will be our preferred formation) then it’s one of the other. Over a long hard season I’m pretty sure that they will both get plenty of game time.
  6. Dutch McLovin

    Our fire sale

    All the Fire Sale rubbish is because of Villa. Basically 20 teams in the league are having a fire sale !!! Unlike villa who are losing shed loads per day we are not in that bad of a state. Yes we have gone for it in the past 3 years and yes we have made some bad moves transfer wise (basically all transfers since Wembley with the exception of 1 or 2) but we are by no means over FFP we are close. We need to move players out and we won’t be making signings of the Reach Abdi van Aken Rhodes or Fletcher (wages) degree this summer. But as stated unless a big offer comes in for Fessi Bannan Etc, the players we’ll be looking to move are high earners who won’t be first 11 (Westwood, Fletcher, Rhodes) or the general not good enough brigade (Fox, Palmer, Jones).
  7. Dutch McLovin

    Reece Burke and Jordan Hugil

    This. Snodgrass is a wee pipe but would improve us other two not fussed.
  8. Dutch McLovin

    Who is your prediction

    Man U Middlesborough Burton Oldham
  9. Dutch McLovin

    Owls to host Dutch opponents

    Think this will be the first of two home friendlies
  10. Dutch McLovin

    Realistic transfer targets for next season

    I’d make Hutch Captain and Bannan vice
  11. Dutch McLovin

    Realistic transfer targets for next season

    CDM options... Axel Tuanzebe and Josh Onomah on season loans. I know Tuanzebe is more of a CB but can play CM ala Hutch.
  12. Dutch McLovin

    Realistic transfer targets for next season

    Whilst I agree with some of your opinions I don’t on others. James Collins is the type of player we should avoid. Old past his best and not suited to a back 3. We’ve made so many of these signings over the years. Young talent should be prioritised. My preference would be Kalas or Omueru from Chelsea, still young 23/24 but experienced in this league and internationaly. However your point about Marshall is actually spot on. Can play both wing back positions or as part of a front 3 if needed. Although he isn’t young he’s one I would look at. Never been a fan of lorfa when I’ve seen him strong and quick but not a good footballer from what I’ve seen. Wilson would be a good signing tho. I think the priority position is CDM. This is a hard one as there aren’t many about. I liked Lansbury but he’s 28 and not played much football.
  13. Dutch McLovin

    Joao’s contract

    Sorry id tie Hunt down now too... whilst I think we can improve there I do like him and he will have some value. Another rwb could make him up his game
  14. Dutch McLovin

    Joao’s contract

    Pretty much this. Bannan and Joao bed sorting now. Matias Hooper and Lee see how this season goes. Westwood to be sold. Rest not fussed.