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  1. I think we’ll stick with 3 at the back but I do agree I think he will have Gibson and Dean back. Then he’ll just need another 1 with Brennan and Palmer as back up. We need that player like Corbeanau was who can do something special that but of magic. Not always gonna come off but can Win us games on his own that’s what we really lack.
  2. Ok so if the leaving loan players Dean and Gibson I’d try and get back and I honestly think John-Jules will be back next year. Im not overly impressed with anyone we have been linked with yet. Would anyone take Corbeanau back ? I would if played more advanced.
  3. Loved that man ! Gutted he’s gone and IMO mistake but he’s been brilliant for us over the years.
  4. Like being mentioned on here Rudoni and Longstaff would be better. Think a fit Adenrian is very similar type of player we need something different
  5. This. Everything is too expensive (not just at our ground) and not of the quality of the surrounding establishments. Until this is rectified then realistically the healthier options won’t make a difference.
  6. I’d only keep Hutch Luongo and Hunt anyway rest can go
  7. 1 - All English leagues under run by one association all way from premier league to grass route. Not any of the current governing bodies. 2 - Scrap VAR. 4 referees all working together and miked up. 3 - Make tackling allowed again. 4 - Timekeeping is done on the big screen. Clock is stopped for injuries and substitutions. 5 - Each club has an agent representative who deals with all transfers of players in and out of that club. Independent agents banned. They are employed by the club. 6 - Money is distributed through the leagues fairly. No parachute payments and no premier league preference. 7 - Less TV slots are allowed. 2 on a Sunday 1 on a Monday night. 2 on a Tuesday and Wednesday and one Saturday lunch. The rest are 3pm kick offs on Saturdays. 8 - Price cap of £20 on all away tickets in every professional league. 9 - Head injuries require a ten min recovery time where the team either makes a sub or plays with 10 men. 10 - Offside requires clear daylight between defender and attacker.
  8. With regards to this stop the clock for injuries and substitutions
  9. Team Cambridge United h, 6-0 Milton Keynes Dons a, 3-2 Portsmouth h, 4-1 Player, Bannan v most (could pick a few he was excellent) Corbeanu v Sunderland at home (in a few games he played for us he was the best player by a mile). Gregory v Fleetwood (a couple of others towards the end of the season was a class apart).
  10. Don’t want him. Terrible attitude and we need to be looking to build a bottom half championship team, he really ain’t all that.
  11. I wanted him gone as I don’t think he’ll get us promotion but at least that’s been made clear by the chairman so we should get behind him now. He’s been backed and he’s done a good job off the field since he arrived so let’s get behind him again and have a good pre season and then hopefully he will have learned from his mistakes on it next year and we can get automatic. Lets hope we act quickly this time tho, retained list signings in early in the main and have a full pre season so we won’t take until January to look fit.
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