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  1. U23s v QPR

    My personal opinion is I'd be looking to try and give some of these youngsters a chance from the bench in certain games... but with the squad we have it's hard for CC to do this. Especially now with the shorter loan formats gone. An example would be Sean Clare... if he has a good loan spell at Gillingham to January then we should bring him back and he takes Butterfields place on the bench. Penney the same get him on the bench taking Fox (if he got on there) place. But with Hirst he would be taking Rhodes Joao Forestieri Fletcher or Hoopers place. These are top forwards who would be a loss to us and a gain to most in this league unlike the players mentioned above. It's a hard one. My thinking would be Rhodes does not suit how we play and won't score for us unless we change which under CC we won't. So maybe he should be allowed to leave which would strengthen whoever he goes too which would be a rival (as the case with Winnall) and then Hirst has a chance. But I can't see the club doing that
  2. Remember this against Sheffield United?

    Well it's not often you wake up to owlstalk and see a bizzare looking fans thread only to stop your wife on there
  3. Extended Highlights: Cardiff v Wednesday

    Stupid tackle and bad goalkeeping ! Fletch should have scored ! played well tho
  4. Adam Reach again

    Good post agree with this
  5. Cardiff ratings

    Bannan is an attacking midfielder he is out David Silva. He should play in a role off a front man. In our formation you can only play Bannan wide. Lee in CM is a must
  6. What? Shurely shome mishtake!

    With ticket prices as they are I think the s good
  7. Stick Or Twist

    See I am the opposite when Bannan is in the centre it infuriates me. Bannan is an attacking midfielder who is very effective. But when he's in CM he sits in front of the back 4 (even in it sometimes) and plays his Hollywood balls having not much effect on the game. This is what happened a lot last year and he was very poor. But as this year has shown get him up the pitch when he can do what he is best at create and interact with the forwards and the bombing on Lee and he is a quality player. Yes I agree he isn't a winger but in our formation that is where he is best. If it was me I'd be playing the Chelsea 343 and having him as one of the 2 behind a main striker.
  8. Our options out wide

    I think if Matias is given a run he could be a big player for us. He has been here 2 years and knows how we play. I think he has pace and quality and given game time will show this. So so with Bannan and Wallace we're ok out there... leave Reach where he is he's doing well.
  9. David Jones

    I'm happy now Bannan is being played properly again. When he lined up in cm yesterday I wasn't happy I'll tell you. A attacking Bannan is a good Bannan. Last year he wasn't and i wanted him dropped this year he is playing well and deserves the praise. Jones I just don't see it. He looks scared has little impact and slows the play. I honestly don't see all this clamber for what he does. Holmowls stats are good but I do think it's despite Jones playing not because of
  10. Clare

    Looks very promising
  11. Clare

    How long is he on loan for the season or January?
  12. Carlos - A question

    Because he nearly cost us 2 points !
  13. Player ratings

    Realistic he was hiding !
  14. David Jones

    This was awful timid and scared
  15. Great win :)

    Carlos got his tactics wrong ! First Bannan in Cm and Lee left ? Took half hour to correct that. Then keeping Fletcher on when he was clearly struggling. Stupod substitutions that were negative and invited pressure nearly cost us at the end. Matias Joao and Butterfield should have been on for Fletcher Wallace and Jones how Jones got to half time I'll never know was awful. That said they were very good