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  1. Exactly he gives you effort which is severely lacking from most but quality He lacks in abundance. He’s not a cf, not a midfielder and can’t defend.
  2. Wildsmith Palmer Lees Hutchinson Penney Reach Hunt Shaw Bannan Rhodes Windass
  3. GK RB Iorfa/Uroghide Hutchinson Penney RW CM CM LM CF CF Dunkley Dele Hunt and Possibly Windass as back up
  4. At CB I think Hutchinson would be fine. Captain aswell and someone who could lead and also bring the best out of Uroghide or if he was to stay Iorfa. Windass could be a decent striker at that level although I get the impression he thinks he should be higher. Patterson tries hard but he isn’t a good footballer. Need a fresh start so that for me is a no no. But like you say no chance this will happens unless the chairman changes or leaves and he won’t do either.
  5. Massive revamp. Get as many out as possible. If you look realistically then Starting in net. Westwood won’t be here, I’d get rid of Wildsmith and Dawson and bring in a new keeper. The back line Iorfa Lees will go, Boerner I’ll go back to Germany. Sign up Urhoghide and Hutchinson there our CH pairing. Sign up Penney at LB. Try to get rid of Palmer as even tho it’s actually his level he has been part of the downward trajectory for too long so we need a RB. Then apart from the youngsters we pretty much need a new team in front of them. At least 4 strikers. 7 mi
  6. Wildsmith (Westwood if fit) Palmer Lees Uroghide Penney Harris Waldock Bannan Reach Rhodes Marriott
  7. He can only play if either: A, Bannan doesn’t play or B, Bannan plays out wide.
  8. How many times has this happened!! Abdi was one of Watford’s better players playing 35 times that season most of which in the league. Agree with @Ronnie Starling pace out wide, CDM and both full backs (I actually thought the move of Hutchinson to CB was the correct one to replace Loovens) was what was required but we didn’t do any of that. Years later we ended up replacing the full backs with there understudies bringing back hutch to play cm and still not replacing Wallace
  9. Thompson will take us until the end of the season but I hope to god we don’t wait that long to get a manager sorted. We need him in and working the day the season finishes. If we don’t start preparing then with the amount of work there is to be done we won’t only not mount a league one promotion push we could slip straight through.
  10. Wildsmith - 5 Urhoghide - 6 Palmer - 4 Lees - 6 Penney - 6 Reach - 2 Harris - 4 Bannan - 5 Hutch - 6 Kachunga - 3 Rhodes - 5
  11. Change ?? We don’t attack full stop. When we have over the last few games it’s come from the wings Reach Penney Harris putting crosses in. When we played possession based attacking football yes we didn’t need to buy Rhodes or change for him or try changing him to us. Right now we are terrible. We aren’t changing anything we’re using the one and only striker we have.
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