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  1. When I say a version it will be flexible. Like away at Norwich last year, started a straight 442 wasn't working moved Forestieri out left and had Boyd as a midfield runner in the middle then later in the game went more 442 again. There wont be anything straight about it but I do think this is how we will set up.
  2. I think we will go with a version of 442, and I think our right hand side will be Iorfa and Odubajo
  3. Like the first game of the season being away even tho we never win !!!! Like boxing day away too great day out (Xmas Day is for family and boxing day for footie) and like the last game of the season at home so I'm happy !!!
  4. But the loan process is not ideal for a young player. He firstly was with a Villa side expected to go up with prem players. He played a lot of games but wasn't a regular. With us he had a clown in charge then had injury problems. He is highly thought of at international level and was at Tottenham. But they have gone onto another level. A perm move would give him a home and if he can stay injury free a CM of him and Hutch could have real promise. I trust Bruce to get the best of him. He COULD turn into a premiership player either if we go up or if someone buys him (young and English would bring a pretty penny). A lot of if's in there I know but if the price is right this is a no brainer for me.
  5. Were not striker wise !!! Winnall Rhodes Fletcher Nuhiu id not be sad to see any of them go, infact I encourage it
  6. I have a feeling our right hand side will be Iorfa at RB with Odubajo In front of him at RM next year
  7. I am all for the younger player, the pacier player the ones with sell on value. This is the type of signing we should be looking at. BUT........... lets look at the facts here. We need a few new players upwards of 6 IMO but Bruce has mentioned that figure. For people to fit into the above structure were looking at expensive players, which we cant afford. And if we can they have to be better than what we already have. So Cattermole. Yes he may not be the ideal signing. But, he is a defensive midfielder. We already have one of the best defensive midfielders in the division in Sam Hutchinson. The reason we have Hutchinson is because he has injury problems which means he is never going to play you 46 games a year. To improve on him your looking at (realistically) signing maybe a Ben Pearson from Preston. How much would we be quoted if we enquired for him? I bet you it would be 8 million at least. This to me is a decent signing, as long as we get what we need in other areas.
  8. Depends on the recruitment. If we can bring Hector back id look to play him and Thorniley as first choice CB's. Think Thorniley has a big future ahead of him. That said if we don't Lees would be in there.
  9. So far I think we have: Westwood Iorfa (Hopefully Odubejo) New (Hopefully Hector) Thorniley Penney (I hope Lazaar Signs) Reach (I would like more pace so New) Hutchinson New (Lee if he proves fitness) Bannan Forestieri Joao
  10. My Opinion: GK Westwood Dawson Wildsmith (make available for year long loan) Defenders RB - Palmer RB - Baker (make available for loan/transfer) RB - Iorfa CB - Lees CB - Thorniley CB - Van Aken (make available for transfer) LB - Fox (make available for transfer) LB - Penney Midfield MC - Bannan MC - Lee MC - Pelupessy (make available for transfer) MC - Hutchinson ML - Reach Attack SC - Fletcher SC - Forestieri SC - Joao SC - Nuhiu SC - Winnall (make available for transfer) SC - Rhodes (make available for transfer) If we were listening to offers I would be for all the strikers bar Forestieri and Reach. I would love to be able to bring in a new CF but with the amount we have and the budget we will no doubt be restricted too we may have to go with our lot.
  11. Stuart Downing This is exactly the type of player we should be looking at. As with Lazaar, such a better option than Bidwell who is just ok, we may be skint but we should be aiming for better than ok/average/old.
  12. That is far too much sense there for Owlstalk !! It was a collective effort to shore us up at the back, if Dawson had been in goal from January it may not have been as good but it would still have been good !!! Dawson is a good young keeper with potential to play at a high level if managed properly, using Westwood for us and him !!!
  13. Did you not see his shot for Aberdeen the other week ?!
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