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  1. Dutch McLovin

    The Jos Luhukay IN/OUT manager thread

    I’d rather have him in charge than Jos
  2. Dutch McLovin


    Dawson is the least of our worries. Westwood should be let go for financial reasons. End of thread. There is much much much more worrying things to go on about Dawson has probably been our best player so far.
  3. Dutch McLovin

    Team V Millwall

    Dawson Hutch (c) Lees Thornley Baker Kirby Bannan Penney Matias Joao Forestieri
  4. Dutch McLovin

    Player Ratings

    Dawson 8 Baker 4 Hutchinson 4 Lees 3 Pudil 4 Thorniley 4 Pelupessy 4 Bannan 6 Matias 5 Forestieri 5 Nuhiu 4
  5. Dutch McLovin

    #SWFC v Millwall

    Season tickets only for the majority of games this year ! Joke of a price.
  6. Dutch McLovin

    Team for tomorrow

    Dawson Hutch Lees Thornley Baker Kirby Bannan Reach Matias Joao (Nuhiu if not fit) Forestieri
  7. Dutch McLovin

    Energy for Sunday

    I’d go with Lees Bannan Matias and Reach Sunday from the start. The only one I’d worry about fitness with those would be Matias but my tactic would be back 3 solid 4 and three up top with pace to do something so shouldn’t be much to worry about and depending on the game can bring on Nuhiu it Penney and push reach more advanced. Not a problem
  8. Dutch McLovin

    Transfer stratergy post embargo

    I don’t think we’ll bring anyone in. I think he’ll tie down Joao and Bannan, and continue to play our youngsters. If he does bring anyone in I would imagine it would be a center half to replace Venancio on loan probably from the premiership as they will need to know the English game. My pick would be Tomas Kalas at Chelsea but I think Jos will be looking younger.
  9. Dutch McLovin

    Three home games in a row...

    Will be 15 quid won’t it this is DC
  10. This would be ace if we got Wickham back. Can’t see it tho unless we sell Hooper Fletcher and Winnall !
  11. Dutch McLovin

    Westwood, Bannan and a quality loanee

    Nothing really has changed with Westwood still need to get him out. Bannan and Joao have now got to be signed up. However i I am hoping Jos looks to the Chelsea squad, Kalas on loan would be quality. Providing we can ship some out first to cover his wages.
  12. Dutch McLovin

    Money for signings - free agents

    We won’t be looking at any of these players. To be honest, I am not even sure we’ll bring anyone in, think the philosophy is give our youth a go. Plus we still have to hit financial fair play at the end of the year so we’ll still need to cut costs.
  13. Dutch McLovin

    Wildsmith or Dawson

    Dawson for me. Always impressed me.
  14. Dutch McLovin

    Player Ratings

    Nope it was very poor. Fletcher worked hard but had little to feed off and was caught offside far too often. Looked leggy and wasn’t as good as Saturday which is understandable as he’s beeen out a while. Reach was shocking had two decent runs in the last 14 mins but bar that anonymous. Good header tho. Palmer did ok for Palmer but he’s just not up to it. Watch him when tracking back he’s lazy and I can’t forgove that (33rd min is clear example). Nielson doesn’t look great to me. Slow on the ball and positionally not great: good size tho. van Aken was all over. Good block just before half time the only good moment. Boyd pathetic. overall we were poor. Negative and second best for most parts. Very underwhelming. Gonna be a long hard season
  15. Dutch McLovin

    3 at the back, what’s the point?

    We don’t have the personnel to play 4 at the back never mind 3. Were ok with 3 as long as we play our best team which isn’t always easy. Reach is a wing back it’s where he’s best. Play him there. Baker it’s still early days but looks like he has the energy for wing back. Play him there. As much as I want Hutchinson in midfield we need him RCB to play out and command. Keep Lees in the middle as he can defend and won’t meed to pass there. Play Thornley LCB as he is a prospect. Pudil as back up. Problem is midfield. With Hutch at the back means we have a CM of Pelupessy Bannan. That is it. And if we’re plyinh 3 at the back we need to play 3 up top