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  1. Hagan is more of a wide man though, thought they'd look to be using Bonnington as the central striker.
  2. Joe Crann has just confirmed he expects everyone in that lineup to be a SWFC player next season. Thompson has just signed another year. On a separate note, who is the striker in the lineup ??
  3. Option 1. Just with someone who knows what hes doing not Chansiri
  4. Westwood Palmer Urhoghide Hutchinson Penney Green Luongo Bannan Reach Rhodes Windass
  5. If we played these two up top the whole season we would have amassed more points than we currently have
  6. Play him left midfield week in week out with a team that has some sort of plan and he’ll be a good player for you.
  7. Imagine that over here with SAG ?!
  8. This. Our squad is a joke and we deserve to get relegated but it true Wednesday fashion we can’t even do that right we’re somehow through no doing of our own clinging on. I actually think we’ll win tomorrow and our fate will be sealed next week when derby end there 9 game losing streak by beating us to stay up it’s the Wednesday way.
  9. Watford was when we were good it’s now Wigan and Cardiff
  10. Windass has been better recently. Wasnt a big fan but he has changed my opinion. However, lets say we dont produce a miracle and we go down. Still think we need two even three new strikers in league one if he stays and he wont be first choice, so if we can make a profit on him with one year left on his contract we should sell.
  11. If Wednesday can get relegated in a worse possible way than losing Saturday they will. Fully expect us to lose against derby to blow it
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