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  1. Dutch McLovin

    Big Hec

    Think Iorfa is more of a RB so that's why he wasn't used as a sub at half time. Had Lees made the bench I think things would have been different.
  2. Exactly this. In CC first year Hunt and particularly Pudil played like wingers which meant Wallace and Bannan could come inside and in Pudils case we cad quality out there still (Hunt for all his running and effort lacked in quality). Since this tho we struggle to get a full back to cross the half way line so it doesn't work. Bruce mentioned something like this as to why he played Bannan out wide v Milwall the other day, and he was right in what he wanted he just didn't have the players around him or tactics to suit.
  3. Dutch McLovin


    Nearly agree, just Iorfa at RB and Thorniley at CB
  4. Dutch McLovin

    Steve Bruce

    I think he may already have done it with Iorfa and Lazaar. They haven't played yet and rightly so we were keeping clean sheets but after the weekend I expect them to get a start. From what I hear there both attack minded and Lazaar has some quality about him.
  5. Dutch McLovin

    Man of the match - Rotherham (A)

    Probably not. Probably looks better as the defenders are tired and not as tight or the game is stretched - I'm not too sure.
  6. Dutch McLovin

    Jordan Lonchar left

    Sorry to be a pain as I haven't seen the previously mentioned threads but who are the ones that the club does have hopes for ?? I'm assuming Hamoud and Hagan are 2 ?
  7. Dutch McLovin

    Jordan Lonchar left

    Ive heard Preston has been offered a contract at Rangers so he will be applying his trade there next year. IMO good move for him, he's not gonna get the chance here, even tho in my opinion he was impressive when he played in the first team.
  8. Dutch McLovin

    Not good enough

    Lets look at when we were good so in CC first year, and look at the players now. We haven't replaced Hunt We haven't replaced Loovens (Although in Thorniley we have a good prospect) We haven't replaced Pudil We haven't replaced Wallace We haven't replaced Lee We haven't replaced Bannan out wide We haven't replaced Hooper That is the shambles the last 3 years have been, yes I'm including the playoff at Huddersfield year coz we were poor but somehow won games.
  9. Dutch McLovin

    Not good enough

    I cant agree with this. Yes he has had injury issues and he hasn't had his day for a while but look at what he is playing with. There is no one around him to play with. He single handedly caused Rotherham problems on Saturday despite our 4 other attacking players (Joao, Boyd, Reach & Bannan) being anonymous and poor and our full backs offering no attacking threat. During his best period at the club we played attacking football and he would have Hooper/Joao Wallace, Lee, Bannan, Hunt & Pudil all buzzing around him or making runs beyond him. So defenders would drop off him giving him space to turn and play or he could use his skills to find the runners. Now he gets the ball without another man in blue and white within 25 yards of him and a defender up his backside and were expecting him to be "on his day". Not going to happen. Yes the injuries and attitude haven't helped him but if we get the right people and play the right way he can be as effective as he was.
  10. Dutch McLovin

    Not good enough

    The dead ball situation is worrying, Bannan takes every one and its floated in. We have next to no chance of threatening a goal from these !
  11. Dutch McLovin

    Not good enough

    Not that there on there own but abject and gutless pretty much describes the weekly performances of Bannan and Reach at the moment. And there meant to be 2 of our key players !!!!!
  12. Dutch McLovin

    Team for Swansea

    Will probably be this. But I would go: Westwood Iorfa Hector Thorniley Lazaar Aarons Hutchinson Bannan Matias Fletcher Joao Bannan is on his last chance due to lack of alternative, and Joao needs to improve aswell.
  13. Dutch McLovin

    Man of the match - Rotherham (A)

    Whilst I agree with you he really isn't helped by our midfield, fullbacks. They send up stupid balls to him at waist height when he hes a man up his backside. Granted sometimes he doesn't help himself when he gets one on the floor to hold an messes it up but just have a think. He's not Nuhiu or Fletcher, play the ball in the channel when the defender is that tight on him and let him turn and have a go running. Its basics that were not doing. Joao does need to work on consistency and presence he needs to start bossing defenders.
  14. Dutch McLovin

    Man of the match - Rotherham (A)

    Westwood 6 Palmer 5 Hector 3 Thorniley 5 Fox 4 Hutchinson 7 MOM Bannan 4 Boyd 4 Reach 4 Forestieri 7 Joao 5 Fletcher 5 Aarons 7 Iorfa 9 Gave Iorfa a 9 simply for the chaos it caused. Hutchinson and Forestieri only ones who showed anything like a performance very poor. Hutchinson best player for me. Very worrying times that our key men in Reach and Bannan seem to be anonymous at the moment. Joao was poor but again he isn't getting helped from midfield. Boyd offers nothing. Time for Aarons to come in and we need a new CM from somewhere to push Bannan.
  15. Dutch McLovin

    Streams for tomorrow

    Forget a stream get a ticket in the home end