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  1. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    I don’t ses why this is an issue.... as long as he comes back fit and our talisman fo next year I don’t care where he rehabs
  2. I’m more positive about him signing now
  3. On a serious note would you take him back now ?? I would
  4. Team for Villa

    Nuhiu and Joao up front with Clare in behind. Behind that please play Pudil as sweeper then we should be better than Tuesday.
  5. Young George

    To be fair someone at work said something similar... I dismissed it as tosh but hope it’s the case.
  6. Millwall's gone. ..what about Villa?

    This but Lees in for Fox
  7. Few things we learnt tonight

    I’m just confused ! Don’t even think I could try to understand his thinking. For me we play our best side as often as we can... at the moment that is Venancio Pudil Thornley Hunt Pelupessy Reach Boyd Clare Nuhiu Joao.
  8. Next season, Jos’s squad

    Agree with a lot of this... I would sell Bannan myself and Fletcher would be a defo get rid at all costs but bar that have to agree
  9. Katiren Meire

    I haven’t forgot how good he is. However I’m not one of these who think he can play in the premiership. For this league he is a top defender. But.... is has value so is a sellable asset.. no other defenders really have this. He IS better when Loovens is along side him and with Loovens loss of pace he will be playing and possibly here less. We have kept 6 clean sheets in 9 without him in the team. We have young lads coming through in his position. So no I’m not forgetting how good he is or saying Thornley is ready to replace him now. What I am saying is for monetary value for the club selling Lees is an option.
  10. Katiren Meire

    Oh I get that. Im thinking more on his 35k a week.
  11. Katiren Meire

    Lees could be replaced as we have a few young cbs coming through so would be a possibility but selling FF is a no no... you don’t sell players of his quality if you wanna go up. Maybe Rhodes won’t help FFP but the money could go on players we actually need aka wing backs and wages would be a save !
  12. Katiren Meire

    We will make losses on some but can pull in money... Westwood Bannan and Rhodes. Sell them and don’t need to replace... Bannan and Westwood we will make on and Rhodes take a loss but don’t think it will be as bad as people think we could still pull decent money for him. Its the Fletcher type we’ll struggle to move.... old Big wages long contracts. Fox is another I can’t see for the life of me who would give us anything for him and we paid over a million !!
  13. So......

    Just do things with care !!! Sell people we can get money for that we don’t need to replace.... Westwood, Bannan, Rhodes and even Lees at a push ! (Less so in the Lees department). Two keepers from youth, Thornley, Clare and we have god knows how many strikers. No need to replace good chuck of coin in. Holds off FFP and could get us a wing back !
  14. Team for Millwall

    Wildsmith Venancio Pudil Thornley Hunt Pelupessy Reach Boyd Clare Joao Nuhiu