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  1. 4 4 fing 2 !!!! team should pick itself but this is Monk (unless prayers are answered and sacked before wed) and owt could happen. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Murphy Lee Bannan Harris Forestieri Wickham
  2. Enjoy him while he’s here and playing because it’s gonna be a long time before we get a player like him again. We had to wait nearly 20 years for him and with the current decline the club is on it could be the same again.
  3. Been best player last few games even at left wing back. Proper position today full of energy effort and confidence. Still our best player hope he plays scores and stays next year.
  4. Was on twitter earlier was a cracker. Also had a brilliant game I’m informed.
  5. Monk Out !!! The longer he’s here the more chance we’ll go down.
  6. Thought Forestieri was a constant menace to them and everything good attacking wise went through him. Man of match for me. Bannan and Lee looked better and Murphy had a good game. Tom Lees was very poor and Borner not much better if Iorfa wasn’t injured then bad call from Monk. If he was then he had no choice. All in all a bad result all round. Monk fans it doesn’t suit as we threw away yet more points from a winning position and although improvement it wasn’t great. Non monk fans he won’t get sack for that and a draw while it’s a point we need more to avoid relegation should the deduction come.
  7. This is spot on. We’re weak everywhere but if we play Hutchinson and Bannan and make them play further up (which monk won’t do) were more competitive. In an ideal world we’d have a beast and hutch in Cm and Bannan out wide. Tactics are bad. But the options aren’t good.
  8. Windass isn’t a Cm player he’s a number 10.
  9. Windass is more a wide attacking midfield or a number ten. Can’t really play Cm. If that’s the case you’d be including Forestieri as a Cm
  10. Maybe hutch has reverted back to type but Bannan is deeper in most games and starts that way. That is defo tactical.
  11. Stats can be manipulated If you watch games regardless of the results we get overrun in midfield
  12. Agree it was working and it worked last year when Hutchinson and Bannan were playing in it under Bruce but they (especially Hutch) we’re playing much higher up the park. I think Monk is the the problem he’s too negative
  13. Thought I’d make a change from the managerial situation and have a discussion on the biggest issue in our team... central midfield. For a long time now this has been our problem area. Doesn’t matter if we play two or three doesn’t matter who plays we always get overrun. I personally think Bannan is the problem as he is not a central midfielder but we have tried to accommodate him there which is why we have not signed the midfield ‘beast’ we have needed since Wembley. For as good of a player Bannan is (not at the moment he’s bloody useless) he shouldn’t be played there should be out left or behind a striker. So if you look at our options there not good: Hutchinson - the best one we have imo is exiled. Bannan - as above not a Cm player. Luongo - injured. Lee - not the player he was. Pelupessy - terrible. Are any of the young lads able to step up??? Hunt Waldock Shaw ??
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