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  1. A lot of lower league teams scrapped their academies around 5 years ago due to the rule change that was introduced this basically allowed premier league teams to come in and sign their good youngsters for peanuts I believe the figure was something like 150k max for any academy players brentford made the decision at the time that it made financial sense to just sign players a little older and work from there which they’ve done very successfully many others have failed miserably. theres currently around 35 academies operating which means over half the teams in the football league are operating the “Brentford” model I can’t remember any other success stories in regards this approach we seem to have moved more to the bit of both worlds approach bringing in released players from premier league teams. which I feel is the right way to go however with youth players I think it’s 90% luck if any of them go onto make it. if you look back over the England u17 teams over the last 20 years 75% of them you’ve never even heard of but at that time where considered the most promising In the country there’s no surefire route to success with youth but we seem to be moving in the right direction
  2. No Waldock looked decent for half an hour then faded badly the two at the back where overly tentative and constantly out of position leaving massive holes throughout the game and the sole blame for this seems to be being put on borner because he’s older not saying there might not be something there but right here right now their not taking anybody’s place in the first team and need to be loaned out however due to the lack of squad depth they can’t be deli on the other hand looks to be a great signing strong athletic and bursts forward with the ball at his feet not really something we’ve had since Carlton Palmer he’s the type of player that two good seasons at this level he’s a £15m player
  3. If you watch his positioning when screening the defence he stops the ball coming into dangerous areas simply by occupying the correct space I’ve never seen a stat that says times forced opposition attack backwards by being in the right space
  4. Luongo is a very good player criminally underrated by some he does a lot of work that isn’t picked up by the stats or score worldies so doesn’t stand out he’s often the player sat blocking a pass and taking up a position that causes the opposition to have to pass the ball back twenty yards we as a fan base seem to prefer someone who runs round diving into challenges when in reality the only reason you need to leave your feet is if your in the wrong position To begin with and are trying to make up for it Paulo Maldini “if i have to make a tackle I’ve already made a mistake”
  5. I’m not arguing the fact he’s a decent championship left midfielder. my point is he’s terrible in any other position and the current suggestions around reach seem to be to just find him a spot whether he can play it or not. what the stats don’t show is the number of poor passes and weak tackles he’s put in whilst playing cm that allowed an opposition to break creating chances or that at left wing back he’s not defensively aware enough or quick enough to make up when he makes a mistake. if we go into the new season playing the wingback system he becomes obselete in that system he can’t play any of the positions required and we have much better options based on purely using your stats we should play him centre half because he’ll create assists doesn’t matter that he can’t play there and makes basic mistakes that a player who actually plays there doesn’t
  6. it’s quite easy to make certain players look good if you use their career stats they make Giles de bilde look like a world beater. most of his out of position games came early on in his career Whilst on loan in lower divisions hes utterly woeful here unless played on the left in a four man midfield. he falls into the same category as forestieri because of the one really good season we seem to forget he’s been terrible for the other 3 seasons and everyone wants to live in hope that he can get that form back for some reason we seem to want to shoe horn players into positions They can’t play rather then get rid and get someone who can actually play that position and build a team. weve tried him left wing back and left back awful central midfield even worse left midfield decent it looks like we aren’t going to play with a left midfielder so the obvious answer is get rid.
  7. Why is it everyone wants young players that hopefully have massive resale value but when it sounds like we’re after someone like that they’re not good enough. da Cruz wasn’t amazing last year no worse then anyone else tbf ,however he’s at the age all it takes is one good season and with the attributes he has he’s worth 15m+ the other suggestion seems to be get someone from the lower divisions who’s scored a few. the fact these players are now 3m plus rules us out by the looks of it the days of robbing lower league teams hot prospects for 20p and a bag of quavers are long gone. Ivan Toney who’s failed miserably outside of l1 on the back of one good season is worth 10m Ollie Watkins who’s goal scoring record wasn’t anything special went for 2m purely on potential and that was 2/3 seasons ago we’re going to end up with a few strikers that nobodies ever heard of from the Italian or Spanish 2nd divisions as the evidence seems to suggest that’s the market we’re shopping in with the hope they come good. However a youngster who can’t get a game for a poor team in Scotland doesn’t fill me with confidence
  8. an accusation based purely on where he’s from Your not from round here you must be sneaky with 0 evidence to support this otherwise there’re be no need to mention the country of his birth
  9. And it appears their response to this is we didn’t look at it properly because were off on our jollies or have I misunderstood that ? if you used that defence in any court in the land you’d be laughed out
  10. my sentences are like our goalkeepers sloppy , unpredictable and all over the place 😂
  11. Westwood appears to have become the new heffernan bringing him back won’t solve all if any of the problems we seem to think if he comes back he’ll automatically be the player he was 3 seasons ago however if he’s not going to play we desperately need to bring in an experienced first choice keeper goalkeepers are very different to outfield players only the truly exceptional ones ever hit there stride before their late 20s both Dawson and wildsmith have enough good qualities to justify keeping them around to try and work on the gaps In their games but at this level those gaps cost goals that Westwood just wouldn’t have conceded Bringing someone like Darlow or vorm would be excellent business Weirdly people are dismissing vorm because of his age but he’s a year older then Westwood and with goalkeepers they normally play 5-8 years longer then outfield players at a high level it’s easy to speculate as to why Westwood hasn’t been picked but it’s clear he’s not fancied so time to bring someone else in and wish him al the best
  12. Fletcher will always be massively underrated by many on here mainly because he wasn’t all fancy flicks and tricks I’ve actually seen some criticism on here blaming him for our goalkeepers choosing to aim goal kicks at him with him being one of the best headers of the ball in the league strange tactic that rather then letting Tom lees try and play out from the back 😕 he’s been one of the few that hasn’t gone missing over the last few seasons there’s been a lot of talk about the mentality of the squad been weak but people will slate the guy who’d quite happily get his face kicked off if there was half a chance it’d end up in a goal he picked up a lot of niggling injuries mainly due to this and spent a lot of the time on the floor because he’d gone for a ball he had zero right to win got there and often ended up winning a free kick after being cleaned out by the defender who didn’t expect him to be there fletcher should be the blueprint for any younger player we’re looking to try and sign to try get us out of the mess we’re currently in he played like he was a winner and never shirked anything think back to his debut can you imagine forestieri kicking off about needing to be substituted because he had blood weeing out of his face then played a week or so later with a gaping hole in his head if that was semedo or hutchinson the fans would be wanting a statue erecting
  13. Played 25 won 4 drawn 8 lost 13 you’d think it was monks record but it’s paul cooks up to the turn of the year a record like that here wouldnt allow him to become the current flavour of the week He’d have been long hounded out his stock has risen because they’ve managed to pull a few results out under difficult circumstances at a time when half the league aren’t playing for much and a good number of players are more concerned about not getting injured but let’s go all out to get the current hard done to media darling because that worked so well last time when we brought in some guy who’s teams played like Brazil or so the media liked to say
  14. I’ve never seen a more one footed player then Bannan in the last two games he’s cost us two goals by refusing to play a simple right footed pass and trying to play an unnecessary glory ball he often slows all the attacks down because he needs to shift the ball onto his good foot and by the time he has the opening has gone same when he tackles goes with the wrong foot making it easy to go round him this was ok when we had better quality players around him to allow him more time and space but now his flaws are becoming more and more exposed every game He does the same bit of “skill” 5/10 times a game purely to get the ball on his good foot often putting us under pressure because it’s so obvious he’s going to do it the number of times he gives the ball away in front of the back four doing this is ridiculous the worrying thing is I used to really rate him but he’s another who’s time is up in my view
  15. I’m just going of the figure that was bandied around on here when we brought him In
  16. https://www.efl.com/news/2016/january/fifty-five-years-to-the-day-20-maximum-wage-cap-abolished-by-football-league-clubs/
  17. people seem to ignore the fact that pretty much every player for every team has a relegation clause of between a 15-25% decrease the only time it’s ever nearly been a problem was when Chelsea where struggling near the bottom a few seasons ago as they where a very rare exception where they didn’t put these clauses in any of their contracts https://www.90min.com/posts/2837118-chelsea-players-don-t-have-relegation-clauses-in-their-contracts the issue is the wages have spiralled that much that even with these deductions every bang average premier league player relegated instantly becomes the highest paid player in the league if you use Connor wickhams reported 60k a week even with the highest deduction still leaves him on 45k and he’s not exactly a high earner in comparison to most the salary cap is a complete non starter unless it’s ridiculously well managed people look back to how it used to be and how it workerd so well it didn’t it was fiddled left right and centre at the time there was a salary cap in football the owners basically just paid the players a ridiculous wage for one shift somewhere like D-Taxis
  18. That would be correct if we weren’t in effect Renting it from ourselves so can write up any contract he chooses including anything he wants to be included in the price you only normally see it the other way round as it’s normally one party negotiating with another In the West Ham instance for example West Ham don’t take anything for food and drink sales it all goes to the company they lease from
  19. I’m not trying to defend anything we’ve done as it’s been gash my point is there’ll be 4 teams this season charged regarding finance Excluding villa who would’ve been and Wigan as thats just a weird situation you’ll have the same every season now depending on where teams are on their 3 year cycle is my point for every Leeds or Brentford who shift players for large sums there’s a cardiff qpr Forest and ourselves that haven’t
  20. couldn’t agree with you more I’m not in favour of any of it I can just see the next few sets of accounts won’t be as bad as expected as large costs will have disappeared due to them being shifted onto the company that owns the stadium the way our finances have been run is an absolute shower however it seems to be common the way teams are being run every club is taking the gamble Leeds announced a loss of over 20 million for last season assuning that increases this year they’ve broken ffp comfortably unfortunately we gambled and it didn’t pay off I’m expecting 5/6 teams a season in future being brought up on charges looking at some of the past accounts Bristol city forest and Brentford are all going to be well over after this set of accounts Middlesbrough qpr cardiff and Fulham are screwed the year after it seems to be the way the ffp rules have altered the game that you have 3 years of giving it a go get rid of as much of the squad as you can struggle for 3 years then have another go
  21. If it’s covered in the lease back then the club would have every cost covered for the match day it becomes classed as an entertainment venue that we “hire” from Chansiri to provide all relevant staff resources maintenance etc in effect the company sheffield Wednesday could lease back hillsborough and all its facilities staff etc for 10p from sheffield 9 or whichever one of if the several companies he set up now owns the ground in effect it’s the reverse of what ken bates used to do by agreeing to pay himself an extortionate amount for Leeds to rent the ground back from him using sheffield arena as an example the individual band playing that night don’t pick up any of the cost incurred to host the event this now becomes the same thing dodgy as but completely legitimate as the owners of the ground are providing a service That we pay for how much we pay is for Chansiri to agree with Chansiri
  22. So what would you suggest the operating costs of hillsborough is including all staff , maintenance and all associates bills is ? 20m might be overestimated but it’s a large bill I the operating cost of West Ham’s stadium is just shy of 5m not including any additional maintenance a quarter and that’s brand new stadium that isn’t falling to bits https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.claretandhugh.info/true-cost-of-running-the-london-stadium-revealed/amp/
  23. I think this years accounts will be very interesting due to the stadium sale as much as I disagree with it the point seems to be being missed that the club are no longer financially responsible for the operating costs of the stadium just as an example policing cost average out at around £150,000 a game x23 is just shy of 3.5m a season again the wages of everyone on the stadium side of things will now be being picked up elsewhere I seem to recall from memory our operating costs for the stadium where somewhere between 15-20m a season depending on how the lease is structured this may be a very large bill we are no longer liable for if it’s been set up properly the stadium sale is in effect a license for the club to print money as there’s no cost to any game being held
  24. Do you think it was coincidence that Murphy kept getting The ball in acres of space all the first half with the room to run and cross ? Or that iorfa keeps moving out of the defence with the ball into the opposition midfield to create a spare man and then the bell gets quickly knocked out wide
  25. Since we’ve come back after the break it’s the first time in a couple of years we actually do seem to have a game plan and a style that’s very visible we’ve played sides all looking to be there and there abouts at the end of the season And we’ve generally been the better side in all of these games for large periods and it’s individual mistakes they have cost us. we could have gone in at halftime 3-0 quite easily today not sure how it’s monks fault that da Cruz can’t head a ball or that Murphy can balloon a tap in over the bar from 5 yards The beginning of the season we where playing a lot worse then we are currently but where picking up points giving us a very false position we now actually look as if we’re set up to control the game rather then just hope to nick something with a bit of luck monk is left with a very bare squad at present but if there gaps are filled properly so we’re not having to Chuck the likes of odubajo in at centre half because we don’t have anyone else and the individual mistakes are cut out then we’re not to far away from being a very good side the issue is will it all click into place quickly enough to not end up in a scrap this season.
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