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  1. that would be the same Stuart gray who hasn’t worked in football for five years and hasn’t managed anyone since us people seem to forget how bad the football was under him stick ten men behind the ball and hope Antonio will run the length of the pitch to score
  2. He’s always been a wing back / winger hence why his defensive play isn’t on par with an actual defender I thought when Bruce brought him in we would have switched to the formation we have now at the start of the season if he’d still been in charge the only place you could play him currently is instead of Murphy but barring injury Murphys not losing his place
  3. chucked in last minute in a position he’s never played and equipped himself really well until the penalty 2nd goal the winger is allowed an absolute age to cross the ball to an on rushing midfielder which nobody had tracked where we really expecting the second coming of Nigel Pearson when the team-sheet came out yet people will defend reach because he wasn’t played In his normal position
  4. Hate to say I called it but it looks like odubajo at centre half tonight
  5. I think the fact Palmer started in front of him the last two games really doesn’t look good for him going forward unless he is carrying a knock I wouldn’t be averse to seeing urgohide given a go at right cb as he is actually a cb I think if borner is out it will be lees on the right but more through lack of options then competency in the system
  6. that’s my point with iorfa the centre of the 3 either has to be a great reader of the game or like lightning neither of which are lees qualities the central one doesn’t have more headers to win but because he’s free he has a 2-3 metre run up to come and win the ball if he chooses to allowing him to clear the ball much further and have a much higher chance to win the ball in the first place again from sunday I can remember at least twice where borner actually moved out of the way quite drastically for him to come and clear because of the run he had onto the ball just to be clear I don’t dislike lees I just think him playing centrally in a three would highlight most of his inabilities and you then fall into moving the team round not for the benefit of the team but just to get him on the pitch
  7. I think iorfa will stay central obviously lees will have to play somewhere at some point due to the numbers in my view everyone fit he doesn’t get on the pitch if we’re going to stick with the formation sadly I think it’s a position that would’ve suited Hutchinson maybe van aken next year as it’s less of a physical one on one role which is where he struggled it’ll show what monk thinks of lees if he goes with something like Palmer iorfa and odubajo which I wouldn’t put past him playing lees in the centre sadly takes away most of the bonuses from having the extra defender when in possession
  8. ideally all 3 need to be confident on the ball hence why Lees is sat on the bench if you watched iorfa last weekend 3/4 time’s he stepped into the gap Between the two forwards drawing a player and having an easy pass to any one of the three midfielders who where then stood in an acre of space created by the midfielder being drawn to close him down The main task defensively of the centre of the three is to read the game and fill in the gaps or be quick enough to get there if they arise quickly and then be able to set something up moving forward that’s why players like beckenbaur sammer and gullit played there based on your logic they should’ve played right centre back completely nullifying the point in then being there more recently Steve Bruce when at hull played huddlestone there on and off the year they where promoted and we even tried it with 0 success with David Jones lees has become a square peg in a round hole if you want to play this system ok as a stopper but if you want anything more which is needed for this system to work it’s just not his skill set
  9. the whole point in the central player in a back three is to be the ball playing one of the three he should always be the spare man coming over the other two to win the ball when needed and stepping into the midfield with the ball to distribute taking both the two strikers out of the game and drawing a midfielder to him to free players up further up the pitch so you need a player the exact opposite of Tom lees if he plays anywhere it would be on the right of a 3 and it shows the lack of faith in him that Palmer who’s never played at centre half to my knowledge was picked ahead of him
  10. A player that looks to move the ball forward at every opportunity and makes forward runs no wonder he doesn’t get a start
  11. So the pictures up without the unveil http://shop.sheffieldwednesday.co.uk/retail-product.aspx?deptId=336&prodId=4004
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