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  1. Apparently it was just a decision he had to make.
  2. Does it only sell the type of books that you read with one hand?
  3. https://audioboom.com/posts/1710823-mick-sings-connor-on-my-mind
  4. I think it uses your browsing history to suggest relevant sites.
  5. I don't recall reading the term "shițwasp" used in ages. Think it's appropriate in this instance.
  6. Check the back of your TV to see if you've got a HDMI slot free (others may be connected to set top boxes, etc). Check to see if your laptop/PC has a HDMI connector. Connect both using a HDMI cable (use the set top box cable if you don't have a spare). Switch your TV onto the corresponding HDMI output (as you might have more than one slot). Your TV should now display your laptop - if it doesn't then you may have to select the display mode on your laptop (eg: laptop only, TV only, both)
  7. I've just blamed the wife as it cut off when she walked into the room...
  8. It's a shame I'm off to South of France tomorrow. Gonna miss the first one of the season. Might see if I can get the game on my laptop though.
  9. No doubt Mr C is happy that Wednesday are through to the next round
  10. Their pre-season looks shambolic. Here they all are playing "Spot the ball"
  11. Do I get commission every time you post?
  12. If Bullen could sign him then it might be "Wu Lei, Bully!"
  13. I'll just be glad that all of this uncertainty was over for the fans and especially for the team.
  14. Shame it isn't Carlos who's been poached. That graph would have gone off my screen and be on my ceiling!
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