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  1. Does it only sell the type of books that you read with one hand?
  2. https://audioboom.com/posts/1710823-mick-sings-connor-on-my-mind
  3. I think it uses your browsing history to suggest relevant sites.
  4. I don't recall reading the term "shițwasp" used in ages. Think it's appropriate in this instance.
  5. Check the back of your TV to see if you've got a HDMI slot free (others may be connected to set top boxes, etc). Check to see if your laptop/PC has a HDMI connector. Connect both using a HDMI cable (use the set top box cable if you don't have a spare). Switch your TV onto the corresponding HDMI output (as you might have more than one slot). Your TV should now display your laptop - if it doesn't then you may have to select the display mode on your laptop (eg: laptop only, TV only, both)
  6. I've just blamed the wife as it cut off when she walked into the room...
  7. It's a shame I'm off to South of France tomorrow. Gonna miss the first one of the season. Might see if I can get the game on my laptop though.
  8. No doubt Mr C is happy that Wednesday are through to the next round
  9. Their pre-season looks shambolic. Here they all are playing "Spot the ball"
  10. Do I get commission every time you post?
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