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  1. Look even closer and you can see a tram at the tram stop (even though trams aren't running).
  2. When driving past the Sty, I usually ask anyone in the car if they've just farted whilst wafting my hand about, grimacing. My wife usually calls me an immature so-and-so.
  3. Just tried with a paid VPN and getting "Your access from this location is restricted". I've used this before so not sure why it isn't working. Any ideas?
  4. To be fair, I was also going mental too!
  5. 90+11' Second yellow card to Fernando Forestieri (Sheffield Wednesday) for excessive celebration.
  6. Just get a VPN (eg:PureVPN) and change your location then purchase on iFollow for 6 euros. Got laptop linked up to TV with a HDMI cable and it's fine. Some games only have 1 camera (like today) whereas some have multiple cameras and replays. Bonus is you don't have to listen to Giddings too.
  7. Thanks S36. In my defence, I've had a drink or two...
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