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  1. Are we in for Gestede as well as Rhodes!? The Mail certainly seem to think so: "Blackburn are struggling for strikers with injuries to Rudy Gestede and Jordan Rhodes while both are also subject to interest from Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday and Norwich." They're also linking with us Fouad Chafik, who plays in the French Second Divison. I've never heard of him personally. Seems a bit odd we'd been in for another defender to me. "Sheffield Wednesday have made enquiries about Stade Laval defender Fouad Chafik. The 28-year-old right-back has also been linked with Montpellier, Nantes and Lorient"
  2. we are traditionally in the top ten clubs in the country but many kids nowadays would probably think the likes of Swansea are a bigger club based on recent history. Same goes for Forest and Leeds really. There has been a lack of investment but we are particularly notorious for rejecting people for being too small. i'd dread to imagine what we'd have done with messi.
  3. i don't think chelsea can go round fining people, what's to stop you refusing to pay? they could refuse to loan you players in the future, but then they'd do that anyway if you didn't play them
  4. yeah just wondered if anyone knew anything about them, roles, backgrounds and so on
  5. are his three the extra coaches who came with him? anyone know who they are?
  6. "A Portuguese international on over 60 occasions, Tiago represented the nation in two World Cups and Euro 2004." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiago_Mendes
  7. i don't think chansiri is clueless in the slightest but you'd have to be a true football obsessive to have heard of some of our signings of late. particularly Melo and Sasso, so it would make sense that someone is advising. Not sure on this Dutch connection - who else is there except for Lachman? And as for the Semedo thing, he was already playing in England so you can kind of discount that one
  8. With the appointment of Carvahal and the all Portuguese coaching team, to go with the signing of Sasso from Braga, and Melo also from Portugal at Xmas, there is clearly some kind of Portuguese connection behind the scenes. I think there is someone pulling the strings, or at least advising DC, with strong links to Portugal. I know Bus and Lachman don't fit this pattern, and yes, there is clearly an increased European scouting operation on our part, but I would put money on someone from Portugal having Dejphon's ear - Jorge Mendes perhaps? Now lets wait for William Carvalho and CR7 to show up, eh
  9. how can he have scored in both Conference South and Conference North with the same club, given they are regional leagues?
  10. https://twitter.com/TransferCentreL/status/605439166579650560 knockaert been released - could be a decent signing?
  11. I reckon this would be a perfect signing - was one of the best players in championship at leicester, hasn't done amazingly in PL so would probably be available at a good price, and has quality. thoughts? or perhaps given his struggles in the PL, a season-long loan
  12. i remember wallace being burnley's best player by a mile when they played us in their promotion season. we did have Floro at LB on the other hand...
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