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  1. Magic Magid

    Members tickets - midnight tonight?

    They always go on sale at 9am
  2. Magic Magid

    Derby tickets on sale?

    Or Norwich, or Blackburn
  3. Magic Magid

    1 Brentford Ticket available

    there is a train ticket available with it as well. Just trying to find out the price of that. 7.29 train
  4. 1 seat ticket available £28. Would prefer collection in Sheffield City centre this evening
  5. Magic Magid


    i'm glad lodberg got sorted coming all that way
  6. Magic Magid

    Official Wembley Ticket News

    Exactly my point. I could just pass them on to my pals who haven't been for years.
  7. Magic Magid

    Official Wembley Ticket News

    I save all my ticket stubs. I've tons of them. I also got 10 points for each one I bought.
  8. Magic Magid

    Cardiff City tickets

    I've heard chansiri is going to extend the season tickets if we reach playoffs and all season ticket holders will get in free.
  9. Exactly. I'm hoping to get down Sunday afternoon but probably won't be till late on as we're staying over in Shrewsbury.
  10. What happens at 5pm then when there are still people there waiting to be served? I presume they don't just chuck em out?
  11. Magic Magid

    SWFC321 - Roll call

    Can we still purchase season ticket on Monday?
  12. Renewal was £550 not £505
  13. Magic Magid

    2 Tangos

    too right holmes. both top blokes.