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  1. Don't often post on forums or get involved in social media. But, would like to say a big THANK YOU to a couple of lads who gave me some help getting through the crush outside the turnstiles last night. I got separated from my mates and soon found myself pushed up against the wall alongside the turnstiles. For a few seconds I simply couldn't move and the wall wasn't going anywhere. I'm 62 yrs old and at that moment probably looked a lot older, young guy just behind and to side of me asked 'you ok pal' I said I couldn't move and was starting to have difficulty getting a breath. Together with ano
  2. At the ground yesterday buying all sorts of crap for the 'big day', asked at the ticket sales section and was confirmed that you CAN use foundation membership even if you've already used your ID to purchase other tickets. I've since purchased another by using the same ID number.
  3. It's the wife's family in Ballyhaunis, McKermitt's, used to own the Silver Dollar a few years ago. Wife's a school teacher so we're over here most half term breaks.
  4. Visiting relatives in Ballyhaunis this week, watched the Arsenal match in Curleys, didn't realise there was a Wednesday interest in the area.
  5. Following the return of Simons body to the family his funeral has been arranged. It will take place at 11.30am this Friday 7th February at St Josephs RC Church, St Josephs Road, Handsworth. This was to be the church for Simon and Carleens wedding on the 8th August this year. This will be followed by a 12.30pm service at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium. Thank you all again for the numerous acts of kindness we've received during the past few weeks.
  6. I have one mate, on my way to station at moment, on 8.41 train to Manc.
  7. Also have a spare ticket, adult £20, Willbutts Lane Stand Lower.
  8. Yes we found the ring, thank you to those who helped. Today the club have offered free tickets to any of the family who wish to attend another match in the near future and will make arrangements if we would like my Grandson to be a mascot.
  9. Apologies this is a little late, THANK YOU for Saturday.
  10. Hope you all saw or heard todays press appeal. Really proud of Carleen and Christine for their bravery in speaking to the media. Can't describe the anxiety they were going through before going into that room to face the TV crews and flashing camera lights. 7 of the family going to the match tomorrow, couldn't get them to face the wetherspoon breakfast but we'll be raising a glass of Guinness or 3 to one very very special person. Take care, keep your loved ones close.
  11. Thank you to all of you for the very kind comments. Simon was my daughters partner, my future Son-in Law with their wedding all planned and set for August next year. This is always an important family time of the year for us as Simons son, my grandsons birthday is on Christmas Eve, my wife's birthday is 27th December, next week is going to be difficult to get through. Had a difficult day today as we've had to go to the Medico Legal Center where my daughter, Carleen, and Simon's mum Christine formally identified the body which allowed the police to carry on with this evenings press releases.
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