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  1. Bullen replied to a tweet saying he was back for treatment.
  2. What sort of company makes sportswear/clothing and energy drinks. Two very different sectors to be in. Also with no visible web presence. Is this some new made up company that DC has founded?
  3. It's not been done by a professional design agency, so that makes me think it's a fan design. If it's the real deal (design wise) then who ever made it could have been told of the design verbally and gone ahead making this mock up of what they were told.
  4. Nice kit, and I'd like that to be the design - however there is so much wrong in that image I'm not convinced it's anything more than a fans design. Badge on the shirt looks strange Mis-matched badges on shirt and shorts, would be stupid to have one coloured as the shirt, and shorts with the normal design. Chansiri logo is the wrong font Overall it does not look like a professional job (perspective wrong, image not sharp etc)
  5. There is no rule that says an 'away kit' has to be worn when away from home. I'm not sure if manufacturers stipulate anything. However clubs will use away kits even when no clash for maximising exposure to the kit. If a team only wore the away kit two times all season, no one would want to buy it.
  6. Maybe this is why David left the club - to avoid the impending conflict of interest
  7. It will be a commercial decision. Who would buy away or 3rd strips if we barely used them?
  8. Lachman scored tonight in Willem II 3-2 win over Sparta Rotterdam.
  9. His tweet was location tagged as in Czech Republic so presumably early flight back to the UK.
  10. The badge tweaks today suggest they might not even be off the production line. Depends when the badge changes were done. Could be they only released changes today but were finalised a while ago.
  11. Interestingly they switched the playoff finals around so Championship final is back to being last again. May 20th Sky Bet League One Play-Off Final 28th Sky Bet League Two Play-Off Final 29th Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final
  12. We don't sell out when it's £10 so price is not the main factor. People want entertaining and a chance of glory. If we have those people will forget the price very quickly
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