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  1. Like I say, I personally dont think he would come and would agree that we need to be much more savvy in our spending.
  2. Personally I dont think that Allardyce would come. However if he did, I would prepare to bet both of you that the results would improve. His track record as a manager suggests that. Lets not forget, just a few years ago, he was good enough to be named England manager and if he wasnt such a greedy / indiscreet chap then he probably would still have been in charge of the national side. If we could get Allardyce to S6 it would be a tremendous coup.
  3. He hasnt even managed to roll the turd in glitter. By my reckoning the turd Monk inherited has just turned into a bigger stinkier turd. Both Monk & the turd need flushing away.
  4. I count precisely 4 of them: And one of them is a pig in disguise.
  5. Wonder how many Leeds fans would swap Monk for Bielsa? Of course I was being daft with my hopes for what Monk can do with us. However you only have to look across the city to see what can be achieved when you have the right manager in charge. Third tier to potential European football in 4 seasons? Yoonited havnt chucked money around. They just have bloke who knows what he is doing We are going nowhere under Monk.
  6. Only time will tell. Sure we will find out as soon as the season ends. I really worry for the future if DC decides that his best course of action is to back a manager thats such a serial failure. I really hope that I'm proved wrong and that Monk leads us to glorious promotion next year with a record points total, conquering the Prem in 21-22 and then onto European glory the following season.
  7. For what its worth, I wouldnt have touched Clueloss with a bargepole with that CV. CC's success was mainly down to the financial clout that Chansiri provided him with in his first two seasons. As soon as the money ran out, Carlos got found out big style.
  8. I think Chansiri may be waiting for the first somebody else to become available. I think the big give-away is the lack of his own back room team.
  9. You sir are spouting utter tripe. His track record is there on Wikipedia for anybody to see / check. 5 teams managed since 2014. No promotions to his name, never lasted more than 2 years at any of his clubs. Now second worst record in Champ since Xmas at S6. Forgive me, but the sooner we bin off Monk, the better off the club will be.
  10. In order to back a manager, you need to see evidence that they are capable of building a competitive side. Monk has no track record of doing that in his previous jobs, given us the 2nd worst performing side in the Championship (since Xmas), chops and changes his formations, picks strange starting line ups, makes baffling substitutions. Sorry, I just wouldnt trust him to move us forward next season.
  11. If you are happy with the mediocrity that Monk has served up then you are very easily pleased. In over 40 years of watching Wednesday, I have come to realize that the most important person at any football club is the Manager. They lead by example, build the team and motivate the players, formulate a strategy for winning and generally have been a success at other clubs they have managed, think Charlton, Atkinson, Wilkinson, Sturrock, Megson. I see none of that in Garry Monk and do not trust him one iota to build a new Sheffield Wednesday team going forward. I hope for all our sakes that I am totally wrong but I see very tough times for us up ahead if we stick with the Organ Grinders Monkey.
  12. Relegation form since Xmas. Monk has no track record of sustained success at any of the other clubs he has managed. Mark my words, if we stick with Monk we are in serious trouble. He is an absolute journeyman of a manager. Chansiri needs to bin him off as soon as the season is finished.
  13. Regardless of which division we end up in next year Monk has got to be binned off as soon as the season finishes.
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