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  1. At Birmingham game 2 young lads at refreshmeant bar before match obviously never done it before. Took 25 minutes to get cup of coffee & then told no milk. Didn’t apologise just said next please. Utter shambles.
  2. I have never heard such rubbish in my life. Kieran Lee has more of a football brain than any other player at the club. The only player anywhere near him is Gary Hooper. To suggest he has no change of pace must mean a Specsaves visit. His positional lay, use of the ball, goal assists etc are second to none. I would say he is one of the top 3 players in the championship. I only hope that his hip problem can be sorted & he will return 100% next season. If not then serious questions have to be asked about his too early return to the team. Does this not itself tell these idiots that do not appreciate him how valuable his contribution to the team is.
  3. We should have details about Lees,Lee, Forestieri, Hutchinson, Hooper & Fletcher. The only ones we’ve heard about are Bannan & Westwood & the news about them isn’t good. I would also like an opinion on the reasons for these injuries. No one is that unlucky
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