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  1. Got these too Going back to 1924-25 season
  2. Got something similar handed down from my great grandfather
  3. I personally don’t think we will get a points deduction applied this season but one that will start from beginning of next. To be honest I would prefer we got kicked into L1 no points deduction regroup and start again
  4. Is he fully behind Monk or in the Hutch Westwood camp? History shows he supported the 2 of them immediately recalling them after Jos left. Suprised Monk not been allowed to bring in his own back room staff. If he stays needs own people around him
  5. Like to know Bullens view on Hutch and Westwood right now Obviously didn’t agree with Jos as he brought the two back after Josh was sacked in his caretaker role. Feel Monk needs some support from within which looked imminent with Beattie at one time. At the moment he must feel isolated with possibly no ally to turn too
  6. Simple. Let’s not carried away kid still got a lot to do before I would consider him a regular first teamer.
  7. Some right fannys on here if we had lost game would have been screams of bad substitution when fox went off should have brought Moses on and kept Dominic at CB guy is doing great job but will always be up against those armchair supporters
  8. His stock is high right now out of contract this year not going to get mega deal off us so will obviously be looking to secure a decent contract going forward in our current financial climate do we have an option but to selll
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