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  1. southstand

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    Going to be in Clearwater Florida Can you get ifollow in States
  2. Add fox and Hutchinson to that list
  3. southstand

    Liam palmer

    Missing last 2 squads says to me it’s not rest related. Could possibly be injured but not mentioned in pre match interviews with jos. be interesting to see if he makes fridays squad but on yesterday’s performance coupled with return of ff whom I assume will be in the 18 I doubt he will be included again
  4. southstand

    Liam palmer

    Heard yesterday he was dropped from squad for disciplinary reasons source would not divulge anymore info anyone else heard anything
  5. southstand

    10 changes

    My mistake make that 11 changes
  6. southstand

    10 changes

  7. southstand

    10 changes

    To be honest think your right. However don’t think you had to be Einstein not to think there would be wholesale changes
  8. southstand

    10 changes

    If only
  9. southstand

    10 changes

    Thanks means a lot
  10. southstand

    10 changes

    You’re right
  11. southstand

    10 changes

    7 off 1867 heaven start
  12. southstand

    10 changes

    Told you FF wasn’t starting wednesday (check my post) look forward to your apologises for doubting info at 6.45 tomoz
  13. southstand

    10 changes

  14. southstand

    10 changes

    As title 10 changes from Saturdays starting line up for tomoz
  15. southstand


    ball???? Suppose if you want to be nit picking I should have said not starting rather than playing. If you check back on my posts I was the first to report he had not travelled to Norwich last year.