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  1. Doubt we will see him in a Wednesday shirt again removal vans will be in chap this week end and he will be back in Argentina next week dont blame him now he as the finger being pointed he’s a racist not nice especially when there appears to be no evidence to uphold these allegations not always been a big fan of his but feel sorry for the guy on this occasion and feel he has been hung out to dry to appease the liberals of this country
  2. Not quite sure whats going through Chansiris mind right now If he thought Bullen was the man for the job them why not appoint him? My theory is he is not convinced but neither is he convinced (other than probably Hughton) that any of the out of work managers linked with the job are what he is looking for. Nothing it appears floats his boat from left field so where does that exactly leave him. The only thing i can assume is he is waiting for the first batch of managerial sackings to see if anyone suitable crops up but what sort of strategy is that? I really hope the situation is resolved soon. Bullen for all his loyalty will become pissed off if he continues to deliver and is not given the opportunity. Likewise the natives will get restless if we lose a couple and Mr Chansiri will come under criticism once again for not having filled the managerial position
  3. See this being a very busy day for championship clubs with quite a few still looking to add numbers to their squads. can see us missing out on a couple of our targets as others are probably in a better financial position than us. need to move Rhodes on but only if we can get another striker in because Fletch as his injury problems FF is I’m sure going to serve 6 match ban and Wiinnall and Nuhiu won’t get the goals we need to be serious contenders Happy with business we have done so far
  4. Read Liverpools Firmino case on internet Smacks of exact same situation in FF case yet The FA added: “We took statements from a total of 12 players and officials from both teams, the match referee and the fourth official. None of these individuals directly heard the words alleged to have been said by Firmino. Firmino was formally interviewed by the FA and provided an alternative account to the words alleged by Holgate. Firmino stated that he had insulted the defender in Portuguese, but denied categorically using any discriminatory language towards him. “As part of the investigation, the FA sought the assistance of a Brazilian/Portuguese linguistic specialist on the words alleged. In addition to this, we also obtained multiple angles of video footage, including broadcast and unseen footage showing the incident, which was assessed by two independent Portuguese-speaking lip‑reading experts. The evidence obtained from the experts did not support the allegation.”
  5. Big saving on wages though circa £4-5 million
  6. Should hang is head in shame i get all the arguments about looking after number one boyhood club etc etc. However he as recently made decisions on existing players futures (first team and academy) either to let go or offer new contracts. Resigning players may have done so because they wanted to play for Bruce. New players are they going to be the type of player our new manager would have signed. What’s the future on some of the non coaching backroom staff he appointed. He’s left a mess behind him and in my opinion more about the money than anything else.
  7. Wonder if son Alex will turn to twitter to defend his fathers actions in deserting us as he did when he got stick over going to the cricket. Shown total lack of respect towards my football club
  8. Got some season tkts from 1920’s and an original shareholders medal
  9. Hutch and fletcher possibly not playing is based on fact they have not had a lot of game time recently and there is another game coming quickly after the Albion one
  10. Looks like we are going to be short on numbers after today Jao Onomah unlikely to be fit Hutch short of match fitness most likely to be on bench Fletcher struggles to do 2 matches in a week most likely to be on bench How do you see us lining up
  11. Looks like we are going to be short on numbers after today Jao Onomah unlikely to be fit Hutch short of match fitness most likely to be on bench Fletcher struggles to do 2 matches in a week most likely to be on bench How do you see us lining up
  12. Heard 2 senior pros ( bannan)was one of them) told Chansiri a few weeks ago they were unhappy with Jos which most likely led to his meeting with the players i believe Jos days were numbered from then despite a veiled attempt to support him at fans forum
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