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  1. To a man Excellent performance work rate commitment togetherness all there. Let’s build on this Thanks for the divine intervention big Jack
  2. Great after dinner speaker david currie storey my favourite
  3. If only is attitude was as good as his playing ability cant accuse him however of lack of commitment when he played.
  4. Only Jordan Rhodes beats Fletcher as one of the worst value for money signings the club as made. cant be arsed to do the stats but pay per goal and minutes played would make for some horrible reading
  5. All 3 took more out of the club than what they gave back not much short of 100k saved in wages can sign better but will we ?
  6. Watched Wednesday over 50 years gets no where near my top 100 Glad to see back of him. Should have binned him off after Norwich fiasco Massively under contributed because he certainly had something but rarely showed it.
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