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  1. 2018/19 home kit - You decide

    Strangely, not once this season whilst at a game have I thought about the strip the team are playing in, I’ve simply focused on how well (or otherwise) we’re playing - we could be wearing training bibs and I wouldn’t notice. That said, I do believe ‘our strip’ is blue and white stripes - it’s as synonymous with The Owls as black and white stripes are with Newcastle. From a commercial point of view it’s a no brainer - bring back the stripes, sell more strips. I guess I could’ve just said ‘Optipn A’!
  2. Swfc first overseas player

    Dave Clements, Northern Ireland.
  3. Villa gonna be tough

    This is the perfect opportunity for Wednesday to step up, perform and lay down a marker to the rest of the Championship. Remember the two games against ‘mighty’ Newcastle last season? That’s what is required - if we beat Villa it could be a season defining moment. If we lose? Not thinking about that.
  4. Don’t Forget

    Never said situation was fine or acceptable, simply trying to bring some perspective. But for the grace of god, or Mandaric as he’s otherwise known, we’d have no club to support!
  5. Don’t Forget

    Enough with the ‘happy clapper’ bullshit. I support Wednesday, always have and always will - I moan when things go wrong and cheer when we’re winning - I just think a little perspective is sometimes needed.
  6. Don’t Forget

    Clocks go back tonight, some people need to turn them back a few years to a time when the club really was in crisis.
  7. Pulis is ante-Football. People on here moan about the ‘dross’ that’s currently served up- Pulis woukd take dross to a new level. No thank you!
  8. Why? It’s not on SKY, Piggies are at Leeds on Friday night - Makes no sense.
  9. Team For Barnsley

    It was a throw up between an unfit Abdi - and David Jones!
  10. Team For Barnsley

    three at the back for me; Westwood Van Aken Lees Hutch Palmer Abdi Lee Bannan Reach Hooper Joao