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  1. Marcus Tudgay goal against the piggies

    Love the piggy behind the goal to the left who stands up, arms outstretched, expecting it to go wide!
  2. Sheffield Wednesday vs Sheffield United

    I hope it's a good, open game, I hope fans from both clubs behave themselves, and I hope we properly put them in their place. I'll take any kind of victory, but would settle for 5-0!
  3. Gary Bannister fans need to see this one

    Bannister, Bannister, Gary Bannister...
  4. Winnall

    Hope he doesn't starts Tuesday, he'll be knackered by the time we kick off - on Wednesday!
  5. Season Ticket

    Got mine last week - delivered safely to Newcastle so you should have yours by now.
  6. Sunderland Home

    Wednesday 16th, Sunderland game at Norwich was put back to this Sunday so our game was bumped back a day as a result.
  7. Transfer Windows under Chansiri

    There's an assumption being made that because Pudil has played CB in a few meaningless friendlies he will start at CB in league games. This won't happen, we have Lees, Loovens and Hutch plus at least one more who will be brought in. Carlos has used these friendlies to look at his options, like all managers do.
  8. If it were me!

    Forgot Hooper, unforgivable mistake but at the same time a little reassurance about squad strength.
  9. If it were me!

    I know Carlos won't, and I love the man and respect his judgement, but I'd go 3 at the back. Back three would free up those positions that seem to cause us the most problems such as RB, CB, CM - and allows the coach to pick his best players. Westy Lees Loovens Hutch Boyd Lee Abdi/Jones Bannan Reach Rhodes. Fessi
  10. johan djourou

    Sadly, we could sign David Luis and Gary Cahill and still some of our fans would be dissatisfied!
  11. Carlos out by Christmas?

    Oh no, same old problems, are these the problems that have seen us finish 6th and 4th in the last two seasons? Get a grip for God's sake.
  12. Our Next Player of The Season

    Boyd - hard working, flamboyant and has the ability to wind up opposition fans - Wednesdayites are gonna love him.
  13. 2 points per game start

    I agree S6 should be rocking v Sunderland, but don't go on the Tuesday because it's been rescheduled for the Wednesday night!
  14. Alan Hutton

    If he signs for Wednesday we should welcome him, then get behind him. Sadly, half our fans will slag him off before he even kicks a ball!
  15. Liam Cooper

    Just don't think we should be settling for 'could do worse'.