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  1. hirstysboots

    Left Back

    Phil King, I’m afraid we need to go that far back.
  2. hirstysboots

    As supporters .....

    Thought we were poor, but results are all.
  3. hirstysboots


    Depends if Bannan, Hutch and Hunt recover from knocks. Might have Jones and Buttercup centre mid. - in which case I’ll take 0-0 now!
  4. Why is it a poor attitude? I couldn’t give a throw what the national team does, so what?
  5. It is, but I lost interest when Hoddle stepped down (the last really exciting England team we had - excluding the freak result in Germany - in my opinion) i haven't watched a qualifier or a friendly since the Germany game and only watch them in major tournaments because I watch all the games in major tournaments. Truth is, I’d rather watch Wednesday in League Two than see England win the World Cup, such is my apathy towards our national team.
  6. There’s a reason Nuhiu wasn’t getting in the team when we had a fully fit squad, he’s simply not good enough. I love him for his attitude, his spirit and his passion, but if we aspire to being a true contender for promotion he just doesn’t cut it.
  7. I’d rather watch the grass grow than watch an England game, friendly or otherwise - and I won’t be supporting them in the World Cup.
  8. hirstysboots

    John Pearson

    He played for Leeds but was always a Wednesdayite. Top man Bambi.
  9. hirstysboots

    9 games left

    Forget: Wolves, Fulham, Preston - they’re zero points. Sunderland, Leeds, QPR, Hull are all away so it’s anyone’s guess. If Sunderland still haven’t won a home game by the time we go there they’ll beat us convincingly. That leaves Reading and Norwich at home, both winnable, but equally they’re games we could lose. My heart says 12 points, my head is saying we might scrape 3. It depends greatly on who is going to be fit, especially as Leeds precedes a two week break. Bannan, Van Aken, Hutch, Fessi fit for Easter weekend, we might just get out of this mess.
  10. hirstysboots

    When did it start to go wrong?

    We probably never will - most of those players will be gone in the summer.
  11. hirstysboots

    Unashamed rant

    The frustrating thing is we beat Derby playing well. We were excellent and unlucky in equal measures against Villa, so there has to be something there, it just seems to disappear far too frequently. I think Jos deserves time, we’ll see more of what he’s all about in the first three months of next season- hopefully playing in the Championship!
  12. hirstysboots

    Strange but true...

    Emanuel ‘Wednesday’ Tap
  13. hirstysboots

    Caption Competition

    I always knew you’d make it Joe.
  14. hirstysboots

    Parking Tomorrow

    I always park on Halifax road - 10 minute walk to the ground but gets me clear away heading back to J36 of M1 northbound.
  15. hirstysboots


    Chelsea in the league cup semi second leg was the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced at S6. When Wilson’s goal went in the whole place shook.