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  1. Millwall away, 1979. It was a midweek game at the old Den, I have never been so frightened in my life. They were trying to get into the away end all game. We were absolutely barraged with bricks after the game and we travelled back up the M1 with barely a window in the coach. I vowed I’d never go to Millwall again, and so far I’ve stuck to it!
  2. Basic problem was that he didn’t want to be at the club, thus he under-performed. He is undoubtedly a player of talent, it just didn’t work out at Hillsborough. I don’t expect him to feature in too many Premier league games next season - just not quite up to it.
  3. My musings about a Wednesday legend: Growing up in the seventies, supporting Wednesday was quite an experience. The club was going through possibly its darkest period, relegation from the top flight was followed by a further drop to the third tier. There was an expectation, going to games, that we wouldn’t win. There was hope of course, the kind of hope that is based on a football supporter’s blind faith that something, somehow was going to change. But hope can be a terrible thing, especially when the situation you find yourself in is actually hopeless. An acceptance of mediocrity ran through the club; we were poor, we were on the brink and this was just how things were for the club and its fans. In 1977, Jack Charlton changed all that - and pretty much overnight. His appointment was the biggest turning point in our history so far. He was approached by the club, but he asked for a little time to consider the offer. He attended a home game, not at the invitation of the Chairman of the club, or the board of directors- he bought a ticket and sat with the fans in the North Stand. It needs pointing out here that despite the awfulness of the team, its results (we only avoided the drop to the fourth division by the skin of our teeth, beating Southend 2-1 at Hillsborough at the end of the 1975/76 season), and the terrible state the club was in, the supporters remained loyal, taking astonishing numbers of supporters to far flung away games such as Shrewsbury, Plymouth and Exeter. What Jack saw that day, as he watched the team defeat Chesterfield, was passion and loyalty from a fan base desperate for even the tiniest glimpse of positivity and change. They had convinced him that this was a job worth taking. Our fortunes took an upturn. The place was suddenly buzzing. We took Arsenal to three replays in the FA cup third round in 1979, the same Arsenal team that went on to win the Cup that year in a classic final against Man United. Jack signed good players - Terry Curran, Gary Bannister, Mick Lyons, Gary Shelton to name a few. He masterminded the Boxing Day Massacre in 1979 and our subsequent promotion back to Division 2. In 1983 he took us to an FA Cup semi-final. These were all things that, for years, Wednesday fans could only have ever dreamed of. He actually made our dreams come true. But I think it goes beyond what he did during his time at the club. He provided the foundations for our further rise and our ultimate return to the top flight. Wilkinson took us back to Division One, but I don’t believe he would have accomplished this, certainly not as quickly as he did, without the solid base that Jack had provided for him. For me, Jack Charlton is our best manager of all time. He breathed new life into a stagnant, lifeless football club, he gave fans new optimism and he produced a football team that we were rightly proud of. Ironically, a Big Jack is just what we need right now, but sadly his like are quite probably gone for ever. Thanks for the memories, RIP Big Jack, Wednesday legend.
  4. Grant Holt, I got dog’s abuse from everyone around me on the Kop when I said I really liked him. He turned out being just the player Wednesdayites would have worshipped.
  5. That’s ok mate, circumstances have conspired against me that’s all - will be renewing next season whatever!
  6. I know this is the wrong place, but in case anyone’s interested, or knows someone who might be: Kop ST available for £300, works out just over £14 per game (I’m using it on Wednesday night then it’s available). You get the ticket but it stays in my name and I keep the account, TPPs etc. You won’t be able to get away /Cup tickets on it, it’s purely for use at home league games. Genuine reasons for doing this, if anyone’s interested.
  7. I’ll be there, but am in the process of trying to ‘sell’ my ST for £300. Genuine reasons why I won’t be able to attend many more games this season, but will renew next year no matter what happens.
  8. Kop ST available for £300, works out just over £14 per game (I’m using it on Wednesday night then it’s available). You get the ticket but it stays in my name and I keep the account, TPPs etc. You won’t be able to get away /Cup tickets on it, it’s purely for use at home league games. Genuine offer for anyone who’s interested.
  9. Westwood will go as soon as Courtois to Real Madrid is sorted (Butland to Chelsea), I think Fletcher will also go.
  10. MY team: Wildsmith Hutch Lees Van Aken Baker Pelupessy Bannan Reach Boyd ForestierI Joao
  11. My boy’s been in Benidorm this week - a newcastle fan on a lads weeks away- HiHo Silver lining came on in a bar and about thirty blokes jumped up singing HiHo Sheffield Wednesday.
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