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  1. I thought we could appeal a negative verdict and that process would take it past the EFL cut off ( mid august) so we will be in the Championship just whether we start on -12 or not
  2. Why the new panic, that article is a month old ffs
  3. Klopp. He is itching to manage a massive club for once. Let's face it with the knowledge, plans and finances of our Chairman, he is probably looking at properties in the area as we speak.
  4. Not a lot, giving big Dave his last moment, would have given him last 15/20. Would have preferred Windass and Wickham
  5. Interesting, and may work in our favour IF we are found guilty. Thanks for putting the link up I failed that step
  6. Just reading an article on bbc saying that it needs to be concluded by mid August due to EFL policy. Last part was interesting when talking about appeal duration etc " It means there is now no guarantee the sanction could be applied next season, even if Wednesday were deducted points. " bbc championship football
  7. If we start on -12 and end up getting relegated that's the end of it. Otherwise it is double punishment
  8. Cheers saw that, however reading it gives the impression with on going proceedings and the likelihood of appeals it would be next season as clubs need to work the transfer market etc and the league need to work out fixtures both on a tighter time scale. Or I may be clutching at straws
  9. Doesn't matter, EFL have confirmed any appeal will take punishment if any over to next season. Bottom 3 after all matches played on Wednesday night will be down
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/LiveSwfc Looks like after this Wednesdays matches Wigan will be served 12 point deduction. According to EFL any other deductions if warranted will happen next season. Relegation will be confirmed for teams in the bottom 3 after the final whistle of all matches. That's the way I read it.
  11. I've just been told it's a deduction of 84. This has been suspended until we reach 80 points In which its doubled to -112. Now it only kicks in if the the blunts beat the weeds 6 all in the European Masters Championship of Wales with extra time looming. Yep were promoted 😉
  12. And i would say sign him for that reason. his work rate is unquestionable and we will get goals from him. seems to shine with the crosses De Cruz whips in/
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