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  1. No, sorry. Does that mean Kane isn't signing now either, me bad
  2. Swear filter really does spoil fun
  3. Now if I do that I will be told I'm a glory hunter and follow the blunts in the Prem, oh wait, they're shut aswell
  4. How very dare you, a tad miffed yes but..............
  5. I know, should say what I mean sometimes.
  6. Nice first day speech. Nice pitch, once. Pretty tele and modern advertising hoardings. So thank you. F00kin hate your name everywhere and your nellyfunts suck. Now get the hell out of our club, either at a loss, one p profit whatever sell because we are not a canned tin company (which allegedly you know sommat about) we were and will be when you f00k off be a Sheffield Football Club. You are not wanted, desired, forgiven or excused so take stuffing balls with you as he, like you, is an oxygen thief. Get the message you are hated and not wanted. Go now.
  7. OK so today not the best BUT if results don't go our way and there is a choice. Will you shout for Rovrum and hope it takes Derby down with us. Second if relegation makes Chansiri sell will you feel better. Third first player to rid is Reach what a liability. Fourth I will still be a Wednesdayite long after Elephant man f00ks off and hopefully that is soon. HE is responsible for this.
  8. But......... we played a very strong Watford side who have ripped better teams a new one. Lost to an own goal. Still a chance, outside one yes, but a chance. As for Reach, yep drop him, but who the hell have we got to replace him. They are still playing for a contract somewhere, they need to show desire and spirit.
  9. Mine won't even let me listen thankfully
  10. And he will still be Chairman and still won't give a poo
  11. It would be better to wait until fans are allowed back and either boycott attending or a protest from within. However Chansiri doesn't give a poo so what will it achieve
  12. Palmer and Widnass, be a reyt confusion if they get on the pitch when Palmer and Windass are on.
  13. Only option is to watch even though subscribed to annual audio
  14. Stupid is what stupid does. Like saying it's a stuppid post. And that's all I've got to say about that.
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