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  1. Could be worse could be 6 points worse off. We are not and as a result will survive
  2. FFS stop being a Drama queen. Let January come before you right it off. I have seen more positive in the last 5 than I did from 25 and Mobk. We will survive and next season start as equals I for one am looking forward to playing the Blunts
  3. At least he can give the hand back to god now.
  4. This is a hard one. Part of me thinks it is something and nothing. My suspicious side thinks he has a buyer lined up. Devils in the detail but even in our position if the price is right we are a good buy, before we are a good bye.
  5. He's leaving on a jet plane Don't know when he'll be back again He doesn't give a throw
  6. Unbeaten till end of season or more realistic a sign he can get us to stay in this division.
  7. Mr Chansiri, please please give up. You really do not have a clue. The closest you have is we are now like fish in a barrel, just there for the taking. Sell please or at least employ people who know. You are very successful in tinning fish and as a general business man but... ..poo at football. Come on admit it, take it, win back your support or go please before it is too late. Now Monk, not as polite so go home and expire. Team, step up or fizz off, no heart,no desire, no umph Westwood stop throwing teddy out the cot and just admit you the best now breath and Delphon mukka, read again.
  8. Some actually remember those years, like me
  9. Ok so now all the Monk out posts will come, but, these players need to hang their heads in shame. Not an ounce of fight in them. We have beaten the best in the past and gift Wycome points. We are fighting for our lives and as an ex squadie wouldn't like this team anywhere near me. Sell up to anyone who will give you ten bob Chancer/siri no one wants you, give up, your team has, we have the book stops with you. Thankyou for nowt, sod everyone who thinks we owe you, owning a football club is so so different to canning fish. But we are fish in a barrel. fizz off or get people in who know the diff
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