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  1. info for those interested on the hull site using etickets and generally less complicated structure for tickets http://www.hullcitytigers.com/news/article/sky-bet-championship-play-off-final-ticket-details-3117196.aspx
  2. i assume it will be about 10k of general sale, judging by the strict criteria of the initial lot. They should have allowed the foundation entrants to take place as they would have made more money. I assume the tickets left for general sale will be the cheap and the really expensive. Thats usually the way it goes
  3. no idea i thought that myself about how will they actually tell. I mean in theory a database would work but its very quick notice
  4. well i hope all of those that want to go will get tickets, and for the arm chair fans that live miles away that can't afford to go a lot also get a ticket! :P
  5. its a legit site, i assume its season ticket holders on their selling theres. It says that its guaranteed anyone with a season ticket will get a ticket for the final.
  6. I thought it said one ticket per ID, so i would assume if you have multiple ID's as in you all need to register with SWFC then you will be able to get tickets, but only in the criteria area.
  7. Hi guys and girls. I was a member here a long long time ago. Changed email address and what not so i am now back. Excited no doubt... Anyways ive been working on some backgrounds for the OWLs, past and present. Ive attached one but the rest are housed www.nuzikmedia.co.uk under portfolio. They are all full sized images on there. I am happy to do requests if people have them and ideally if you have a decent resolution picture add it to the post and i will use that. Finding them on Google is proving hard.
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