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  1. Surely clubs will jump at the chance to sign him every commentator I’ve heard mention his name recently speak about how good he his. I can’t deny some of the wonder strikes he’s produced but I struggle to see what’s good about him anymore I’d take the cash and reinvest
  2. Reach off please, kachunga too for hagan. What have we got to lose
  3. Be good to see how certain players look against some decent Fulham players, looking forward to seeing Dele the tank bishiru. Reminds me of a young semedo
  4. Would love something like this would be great, looks like you’ll have enough time to set it up too with COVID-19 situation.
  5. I agree although I would like him back, and rather us spend less on him if it was possible
  6. Well this is what monk had to say to Dom Howson in this mornings interview “It is still ongoing. Nothing imminent on that. We are in daily communication with the recruitment team. There is nothing imminent as we speak.” seems like that’s all that’s been said lately. I just want ya to be linked with someone ... anyone
  7. Brilliant result, I was dreading today and watching that gave me some confidence. Few more signings and hopefully long may it continue ! What did everyone think to Van Aken ?
  8. This.. I remember him being decent going forward but don’t Remember much about his defensive side, deffo needs a run of games
  9. It would be great if Beattie could get Rhodes back firing. As much as I want that unfortunately I don’t see it myself. We can live in hope well we don’t have much of a choice as he’s all we’ve got
  10. Exactly how I’d like to see us
  11. So according to sites I’ve visited, which I haven’t.. I’m looking to buy a kitchen or a new Skoda
  12. We’ve got off lightly if this was the case, horrible if true though.
  13. Who would everyone want ? Who’s actually available ? We definitely need a proven goal scorer maybe even two.
  14. Couldn’t agree more, hopefully be a statement of intent
  15. Is it just me who’s not all that worried ? I look forward to the challenge, we’ll see what players really want to play for the club now.
  16. Can just see it now “The Carlos Carvalhal Kop”
  17. Are we able to make signings that are eligible to play in the remainder of the games that are left ? So confused by it all.
  18. Wouldn’t you have him on the bench ? Surely offers something different than most of our players ?
  19. Would be very happy with Adams, but would also be very happy with Andre gray
  20. Never thought I’d say it but I believe nuhiu offers more than Rhodes
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