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  1. Does anyone know or can drum up the players that will be in contract ?
  2. Some of my best away days were in league one, love an old fashioned ground.
  3. Promotion then pitch invasion, me and my pal the first to get to llera lifting him up and just listening to him say "put me down please" then we saw Clem the TV presenter in the car park and ruined his day too ! What a day
  4. Antonio's last minute goal against Carlisle was up there for me, what a day
  5. I don't see any harm in this could he be worse than what we've already seen from our boys this season, risk worth taking if Moore can get something out of him, he obviously has talent but his career suggests that something hasn't gone right
  6. Do we think he'll bring anyone from Donny ? I don't know any of the players but surely they muat have a few ww could take if good enough ?
  7. You'd hope that the arrival of DM and his managment team would help us secure the younger players who look to have potential, from what I've seen of Big O I really like
  8. Just come across this on socials, was it Lennon who wanted Shaw ? And could this maybe give us an advantage if Chansiri offers Shaw something better ? Credible source too with 1m followers
  9. Definitely possible with the points to play for but I have no confidence at all. We're really inconsistent just as we pick up a couple of positive results, we always have a game to bring us back to reality, and it's always against a team whos forms been awful. Just fear the worse and hope for the best
  10. He's a Wednesday fan so despite him leaving, you'd think he would want us to stay up and be up for it. 'd still play him hopefully he'll leave us and we'll be safe.
  11. Probably correct but I'd take any sort of positive news at the moment
  12. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/barry-bannan-sheffield-wednesday-contract-19855217.amp?__twitter_impression=true Guessing if we stay up he'll stay.
  13. Rangers, the friendly against them. I will never forget that, the fans were amazing.
  14. Can only blame this on chansiri, it goes to show how bad things really when a boyhood fan struggles to negotiate a new deal, I know Celtic are a big club but he could have made a good go of it here and become a legend at the club, guess we'll never know. Good luck Liam lad wawaw
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