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  1. Offers something different to what we have really as a front man, someone to get in behind with a bit of pace, hopefully Moore will get the best put of him and this will resurrect his career.
  2. Captained west brom when they lost 6-0 to arsenal
  3. Sounds like we've got a gem on our hands if Darren Moore's words are anything to go by, said he's excited for the fans to see him or something along those lines. I am definitely excited to see him play but what's everyone's thoughts on him ?
  4. This is what I'd like to see it hutch is out,
  5. It's hard not to be happy looking at all the negatives to come out of the club after last season. Onwards and upwards hopefully
  6. The season starts Saturday, I for one am feeling more confident especially now we've brought in new blood and Moore recognising which areas needed strengthening ( awaiting no9 ) but I just wanted to see how everyone is feeling going into the new campaign ? Hopefully it's a great season UTO
  7. Love this, hope his mum gets better and also hope Patterson has a great season
  8. Blue and white stripes can't ask for more and don't mind the pink kit my little girl already loves it.
  9. Mini bus once dropped us off outside a pub near the king power, not knowing we walked towards it and to our suprise a while heap of there lads came piling out and started scrapping with us. A couple of ours and thiers got dropped but it wasn't pleasant. My old man was well up for it though
  10. Doesn't change the fact he was talented and exciting to watch and your saying that as though he's genuinely coming back
  11. Loved him and would love him back, not had a player since that gets you excited as a fan.
  12. No I don't but I wouldn't as I dont work in the recruitment team, I take it you wanna keep him rather than try and find new blood ?
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