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  1. Before weatherspoons, there’s the walkabout, which away fans use.
  2. Being Cornish, I have a lot of friends who are Plymouth fans and we are planning on going to the game so I’ll be in the home end. Easier to get tickets as you can always buy at the gate at plymouth.
  3. I’m buying both. The club have done well this season.
  4. Not another summer of watching the grass grow
  5. Now that I’ve calmed down, stopped being angry and gave it some thought. I’m not bothered about league 1. In fact I’m now looking forwards to players being shipped out and new players coming in. We have need a big change for awhile now so maybe dropping down will force the issue and we can move on from the same old players and build for the future.
  6. How long does it take to destroy a football club...4 seasons. DC can f**k off.
  7. That’s me done. See you next season in league 1. Rubbish.
  8. Knowing DC he probably thinks we can still make top 6.
  9. As a fan I have to watch the game but I’ve promised myself that if we are 2-0 down within the first 15 minutes then I’ll turn it off and help my wife with the gardening.
  10. Can’t remember these threads last season. If there were it was to laugh at Reading for paying 7m. Even if he was here in this team, he wouldn’t be scoring.
  11. I’ve said for over a week now, we will give Wycombe their first win.
  12. Get rid of Monk. Keep Monk. Makes no difference, we are playing in league one next season!!!!
  13. I can see us getting 4 from the next 3 games. Wouldn’t surprise me if we give Wycombe their first win.
  14. I hate sky and sky sports, every month I told my wife I’m gonna cancel sky sports but never do. I probably only watch two games of football a year on sky. Feels like a pay an extra £25 to watch sky sports news. I watched championship highlights on Quest!!!!
  15. How many more seasons do we have to keep doing this sh!t, drawing or losing in the final minutes!!!!
  16. We were paid 7m for a underperforming striker, forget him. Move on.
  17. Do you think they practiced this to make it look like a heart?
  18. Last seasons problem of going 1-0 up then spending the game in panic before losing in the 10 minutes. I’m hoping we have lost that fear with new players.
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