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  1. Annoyed.

    With your health problems, how would you know if you could even make the derby game on the day?
  2. Would you have started this thread if last night was a league match?
  3. CC was just interviewed on sky sports news about the transfer window.
  4. Carlos clarifies Forestieri comments

    Not dealing with the problems with our back four but creating another problem with our strike force. Players like fletcher, hooper and winnall have to be thinking they'll be better off at another club. Hirst has to be thinking about his own push for first team, which looks harder everyday. The club has to cut this sqaud down to fewer numbers. Let the same starting 11 build their football together.

    Apart from Boyd, nothing has changed from last season.
  6. Can't help think we shoulda got Monk.
  7. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    I guess Sunderland fans had better things to do tonight, lots of empty seats.
  8. iFollow

    Still can't log in using the app. Put my email and password but won't let me close the keypad so I can sign in. Does anyone know if the old EFL digital app will still be active?
  9. It's going to be all white and be known as the stripes graveyard.

    No wonder we haven't signed any new players...nobody wants to wear that away kit!!! I like the home kit tho.
  11. Unless he's a united fan then he's probably laughing his ass off.
  12. We need...

    We need to go back 1 minute before I opened this thread.
  13. Steering group meeting

    I think everyone should talk about their favourite tart...mind is Kat slater. Over to you CC...
  14. Carlos out by Christmas?

    I think we can all agree we are in for a interesting week ahead of the start of the season.