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  1. I think after the summer so far, we could all do with a Holloway.
  2. I wish I could be a mega rich club owner, I would love to tell a player like this 'of course you can leave, we value you at £1' then turn to his agent and say 'enjoy your 10%'.
  3. Boyhood club...you weren't thinking of your hometown and boyhood club when you were the manager of Sunderland. C!nt!!!
  4. I'm just disappointed. We finally get a good manager. It's nice that when football fans ask me 'who's Wednesday's manager ATM?' We can name our manager without hearing 'who?'
  5. Wish people would stop saying 'we would all change jobs for more money'. He's on 2m a year, he's not working for 30k a year where another 10k can change your way of life. There are some people who don't put money first.
  6. Show him the door, he wants to go. We were the greatest thing in the world when he was jobless. Go to Newcastle and in 3 months SB will be back to the beginning...jobless.
  7. Well happy with this. Another season like last season and this time next year there will be a few clubs looking at him. 3 year deal is great business.
  8. Well I for one would be gutted if he was to leave. We finally have a manager that knows this league, isn't a no name guy from league 2 in another country and when appointed I really wanted as our manager. I can't wait for the new season to start but now this...
  9. Have you been in a sports direct? It looks like someone beat you to it.
  10. Who remembers a few years ago where Wednesday fans from around the world watched the grass grow as the new pitch was being installed....now that was a good off season!!!!
  11. Anyone else heard of a Wildsmith to Plymouth? A few Plymouth fans talking at work today. They think it could be a loan deal.
  12. I don't know if it's the same for anyone else but my bin collection is on Fridays. Just put all the rubbish into a black bag, put it outside your house and go back inside for a cup of tea. Next time you leave the house the rubbish shoulda disappeared.
  13. Did I change the channel from babestation before leaving the house????
  14. In work this evening going through old tooling and came across this...could be a sign.
  15. C'mon we've all known throughout the summer that this season was gonna be a hard season, no point losing our sh!t about it.
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