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  1. Is it that bad?

    I had 3 pints of Cornish ale, magik. Ansum.
  2. Is it that bad?

    As I said I'm not a fan of CC and the football is rubbish but I no longer think the season ended a month ago. Im the first to shout and scream at CC, in fact I wanted him gone after burton away last season. But I hadn't looked at the table for some time and really thought we were in the sh!t. Today I saw in fact that we can turn this around. Weather that's with CC or another manager, well, DC will decide that.
  3. Sat in a pub, reading the paper with a pint. Looking at the championship table for the first time in a few weeks and... Are things really as bad as myself and a few others making out? we are in touching distance of the top six and we have lost 5 games but so have united! Looking at the table everyone is losing a game or 2. I'm no fan of CC and still think he's not getting the best from this squad but seeing the table today has given me a eye opener. We are still up there! I feel wolves will win the league but second spot is up for grabs with about 6 teams fighting for it and I feel that now includes us. Going to the pub cos my wife has friends around with their kids was the best thing I've done to change my mood about Wednesday. C'mon Wednesday. WAWAW
  4. I feel this is a good 3 points for us today. Reach MOTM. C'mon Wednesday.
  5. United

    Whatever happened to 'united will find this league hard and probably have to fight to stay up' and 'wolves will take time to gel'?
  6. Ryan Giggs

    Worked so well for Ince, Neville, Bruce, Hughes etc... It's a long list of players who played under Sir AF and no one has really made it.
  7. Serfs

    We wouldn't be talking about the chairman if CC could get the team winning.
  8. Scrubbers at it again

    That's not fair, they haven't seen a car before and stoned it believing it's powered by witchcraft.
  9. Hahahaha... Serious Carlos, I love you.
  10. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

    Problem is we look too much like prey at the moment. It's time for Wednesday to show some teeth. Hunted become the hunter.

    CC needs to go. If we want to save our season, he should get fired tonight.
  12. Rubbish, just rubbish.
  13. I guess it makes them feel well hard. Smashing up someone's car gives them something to talk about through the night.