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  1. Best sequel since terminator 2 and fievel goes west.
  2. Born and raised in Cornwall and still live in Cornwall surrounded by man Utd, arsenal, Liverpool and Leeds fans. For sports relief my 4 year old son proudly went to school wearing his SWFC kit. We quickly noticed all the other kids were wearing man Utd kits.
  3. KernowOwl

    Ever get the feeling

    We won't go down. I can't see us winning many games from here till the end of season but we will win enough to stay up. It has to be a big summer for us, some players moved on and good players brought in. Then start the season hard and quickly forget about CC!!!
  4. KernowOwl

    Floodlights on at Hillsborough

    DC wants to leave the next owner a huge electric bill.
  5. KernowOwl

    Jos Luhukay Caption Competition

    Does this look like a face that cares?!
  6. KernowOwl

    What sort of loser asks for a refund?

    By asking for a refund are we just digging our own graves because of FFP? And what if DC sees the number of fans asking for a refund and thinks 'if you can pull the plug, then I can!'? Its a bad season, take a deep breath and let's build for next season.
  7. CC did say he would be in the PL at the end of the season. Sacked from the championship, 4 days later hired in the PL. well done Carlos.
  8. KernowOwl

    Rumours of unrest

    We have been putting out the same team for nearly 3 seasons now. Maybe it's a good time to change things up. And if there are players who want to leave then cheers and gone.
  9. I've been in a bad mood all morning after finding the local recycling centre is closed on Boxing Day! Three points and a different playing Wednesday would put a smile back on my face...and a nice drop of ale. C'mon Wednesday.
  10. Sad???? If what we read on here is true then CC has just walked with 2m in his back pocket. If I was CC I would be the one screaming 'GET IN!'
  11. As well as a Wednesday fan I also follow the NFL and a tempa bay buc fan. The buccs' season isn't going well and every game the coaches also blame the refs. I saw this comment on the buccs forum and thought it fits well with us at the moment.
  12. Is this a bad time to ask DC about our stripes?
  13. KernowOwl

    It's Over!!!

    Interesting to see how DC handles this situation. He has to be thinking about his investment and I'm sure he was thinking after 3 seasons we would be in the PL. I can't see that happening this season. Time to get a new manager and let it be known that manager is here to rebuild for a push next season. Some players need to be moved on.
  14. KernowOwl

    Caption Competition

    So what did everyone think of my impersonation of a manager...c'mon I had you fooled for a season.
  15. Give CC till the end of the season. We are 10 points off sixth place, we will need to go on a good winning run and for the teams above us to lose. Which I can't see us doing. So leave CC to lie in the bed he has made, let him see and hear how p!ssed off we are with him at every game till the end of the season and then sack him. Any manager we bring in now will only get the blame if we don't make the playoffs. New manager in the summer and start again next season.