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  1. 10 minutes to go I sat back thinking of 3 points, game finishes now I have a right Monk on.
  2. We are rubbish. Players just aren’t good enough. We have been lucky, we have started the season well enough to stay up. But if we finish mid table, I’ll call it a good season.
  3. Get a few cans in and watch the game at home. That’s what I’m doing with my 6 year old son, best thing is he will be in bed by kick off.
  4. At least we will do enough to stay in the championship. We won’t go up! We are not good enough. Top 6 forget it. Mid table...maybe.
  5. Keep Bullen has a caretaker manager, you never know he might become the first caretaker manager to win the championship.
  6. If Bullen wants the job and the players want Bullen to get the job...show us in the second half and we will back you 100%
  7. Placing the biscuits next to the mic drove me nuts!!!
  8. Lucas giving us his ninja turtles impression.
  9. Let's have someone who loves the club, knows the players and knows what the fans want...Bullen!!!!
  10. I hope hutch and Lee stay fit this season. I think think when fit these are our best players.
  11. I love the start of a new season. Every year I told myself this is our season, we're going to go unbeaten. C'mon Wednesday.
  12. Sky sports predict we will finish 24th!!!!!! I know we don't have a manager at the moment, but c'mon.
  13. I think after the summer so far, we could all do with a Holloway.
  14. I wish I could be a mega rich club owner, I would love to tell a player like this 'of course you can leave, we value you at £1' then turn to his agent and say 'enjoy your 10%'.
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