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  1. Where has Schteve McClaren suddenly appeared from? That would be an incredibly uninspiring choice for me! If you’re going off betting odds he’s nailed on at 1/14 :( Monk also still in the frame.
  2. From what I can gather they’re some sort of shady corporation that sounds like it should be ran by a Bond villain.
  3. Like the OP nice to see some constructive opinion - agree with some aspects... however... Regarding ‘attacking football’ / goals scored - I don’t think 60 plus is enough, if anything this point underlines one of our primary issues? Over 46 games it’s not good enough. Look at the championship table over the last 3 years and look at how many the top 2 (and that should be our benchmark with the squad we have) have scored... bar M’boro (who only conceded 30 odd so all relative) its 70’s 80’s 90’s. Huddersfield were there for the taking but we don’t have the tactics to offen
  4. This is funny, I thought same (middle of the kop) I just wondered if it was me getting old thinking it's all too loud... the speakers are relics and just distort when they turn them up too much. Horrible. Whole place needs a bit of a facelift in my opinion.
  5. We take a draw where it's a good result for us - Brighton, Hull and Derby away last year? If we're at home against "fodder" we'll go for it! Love the positive mentality as draws are pretty useless in the grand scheme, and never really understood the taking a draw thing (other than scenarios above) either.
  6. Exactly. 30m tops. I'm not having Nuhiu in any list other than last regardless of distance!
  7. Exactly. Every post seems to same comments re Wolves as if they aren't subject to the same FFP rules as us. They slipped last year and we're ahead of them now... if they're willing to spend stupid money then that's a different matter!
  8. Looking at the last 5 seasons in the Championship, approx 90pts (averaged) is enough to secure 2nd. That's a win 3/5 games. Or 26/27 wins (splitting remaining with draws and defeats equally). Do we have it in us? It's obviously a tough division this year, but the points tally for automatic may be lower due to teams taking points off one another - I'm not convinced (partly due to Newcastles two defeats) any team will walk it? I was at the Villa game and as good as he is technically, not convinced Bannan is the best shield for the back 4 always. Bit of steel i
  9. Good post... I was reading an article about England and their passing issues which you can relate to your comments... it basically said that it isn't so much the players not having the ability to pass, but the lack of options to pass to that causes the more direct / long / obvious ball. It pointed at the lack of a good no. 10 creative player who can get into good spaces to receive the ball, whilst creating space for others and linking up play. Which I guess is exactly what we lack - we have pace in abundance but without the creative attracting midfielder to unlock teams we're always going to s
  10. Me? Only my 50m swimming badge, but that's going back a while!
  11. I haven't seen a thread discussing this yet, but thought it'd be interesting to gauge people's thought on whether there's any underlying theme to the way Wednesday play? By this I mean Barca traditionally play a 4-3-3 Dutch influenced short passing game, with coaches coming and going but that remain a constant. L'pool seem to prefer the short game, Spurs very attacking etc... I would say no for us? In my experience from watching us in the 90's it was very much a 4-4-2 traditional set-up from what I recall, though I'm not sure how much this applies in current football, or outside the top flight
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