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  1. Goatboy


    More of a thunk, but still makes me smile
  2. Goatboy

    As things stand....

    If now isn't the time for mindless panicking, I don't know when is. I'm storing bottled water under the stairs just in case.
  3. Goatboy

    David Jones Signs - OFFICIAL

    All going off today. Supposed to be paining the bedroom and haven't even opened a tin yet. What next?
  4. Goatboy

    The new home shirt

    Different sponsor for the away shirt maybe?
  5. Goatboy

    F.O.A NEIL

    Fatty Owlstalk Architect?
  6. Goatboy

    Why I hate you all....

    Really enjoying this season, by far the best performances we've seen in a long time. All our expectations have been raised I guess. Just frustrating that if some (seemingly simple) issues could be worked on, we could be pushing even harder. Difference between being a moaner and exploring ideas for our team to get better. Anyway, Its all just words innit?
  7. Heard the same from a Spurs fan today so there must be a rumour in one of the papers somewhere, not that newspaper rumours mean anything.
  8. Goatboy

    "Silent few" for a "merger"

    The only thing that keeps me going to games is the history, tradition and my love of the club. I don't even live in Sheffield anymore so if you get rid of Wednesday, that would be it. Why would I support a new plastic club in a city that I dont live in? I would pick a local non-league side, just to give me something to do on Saturday afternoons, and that would be my only tie to football tbh.
  9. I'm sat here eating leftover pasta bake that my missus cooked last night. Just about does a job but not exactly a pleasurable experience. Had the same feeling 24 hrs ago.
  10. Goatboy


    Put way too much thought into that my friend
  11. Goatboy

    Braga highlights

    Can you turn the sound up please?
  12. Goatboy

    When states a signing in imminent

    Blimey, Can you remember when every thread was an attempt to make us buy an iphone? Kids today don't know they're born
  13. Why don't those who hate the kit, contact the club and say...look, before we commit to anything next season, here are a list of suggestions from the fans, the people who you are expecting to fork out for this stuff, and tell them what you want. It may fall on deaf ears, it may actually be taken into account. But for the sake of taking 10 minutes to write an e-mail, at least you have had your say
  14. It's not the best template but that's the best version I've seen of it