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  1. Until we come up with something better that everyone can join in with i can't see the problem, it's the least of our concerns, and when you compare other supporters around the country and some of our other songs (honolulu Wednesday for example), we hardly produce raucous, loud, intimidating chants in England generally, unlike on the continent, blimey even the French and the Spanish laugh at us now, and as for the 'pashun' of that Greasy Chip Butty at S2 they harp on about, well that's quite comical too !
  2. I have to agree 100% with what he says about the game, all this sudden criticism of Monk on here seems very short sighted and a lacking perspective, players giving the ball away cheaply tonight in midfield, no need to mention names, coupled with not taking chances when in on goal and poor delivery/decision making when putting the ball into dangerous areas again. How many corners have we had in recent games and threatened nothing ? No new striker will change that unless he's a 6'9" centre forward ! Tonight's stats show we had 24 shots and 12 corners, so the comparison to Jos on another thread is bizarre at the very least, when we start playing badly then criticism is fair enough, but we aren't, we are just not getting the results our dominance is deserving of, and apart from QPR at home earlier this season we should arguably have had more points from every drawn or lost game, a bit of luck would not go amiss !
  3. He plays up to his piggy mates from Greenhill Bradway etc ….. likes to be thought of as one of the lads, dem Blades eh, laughable. BTW is it spelt Wildboar or Wildbore I can't remember ?
  4. Bramall Lane was a cricket ground, United were formed to give the place some rental income in the winter months, they have always been an afterthought. Wednesday on the other hand had their own ground built having played on various pitches in the Highfields area including of course Bramall Lane ….. had Wednesday chosen to play at Bramall Lane instead of building their own ground at Olive Grove, United would probably never been formed ….. just a thought !
  5. What is anyone expecting from this, the man bought the club and had a 3 year plan (if I'm not mistaken), the plan has not worked, close in season 1, close in season 2 now the reality has sunk in, it's time a few supporters accepted the fact that the gamble has not worked. He may want out and is looking for another buyer/investor but again the club is only really going to attract another chancer with hopes of a swift premier league return, more hope than promise though, there are no guarantees in football just as in life, you do understand, right ?
  6. The commentary is generally not good, can't stand listening to it personally, no big deal for me, I pity the few , generally older people (and it will be a few) who used the service to follow Wednesday. For those of us with online access there are plenty of text update alternatives, or as some have suggested subscribe to the iFollow service and stop bloody whining. How do some of these fans/people follow home matches that are not covered by live radio commentary ? I'm interested to know.
  7. I thought the guy was shouting 'get im wi't grey hair, ageist tvvat, I'm 58 next birthday, but seriously …. Who is minimising homophobia ? Surely it's being minimised or rather trivialised by getting oversensitive about a silly comment, but wanting someone banned for saying 'gay hair' undermines genuine homophobia surely, I think we are all in danger of becoming offended by everything we take a dislike to, and if we are going to start wanting people banned from the stadiums for everything we take a dislike to the place will eventually be empty, or at the very least sterile. Had it been a more 'aggressive' homophobic term or behaviour I would be agreeing BTW !
  8. Looked to me like Van Aken was just finding his feet a bit just before his injury, he certainly has potential, got thrown in at the deep end a bit this season, the centre half situation needed sorting before last season started, how the hell Carlos failed to address it I will never know. The centre half situation has arguably been our biggest problem this season in my opinion, poor old Loovens should have been nowhere near the first team this season, now many fans will be glad to see the back of him despite his good service prior to this shambolic campaign.
  9. I believe that was one of the matches the kop was closed after the Oldham incident.
  10. There is a good statistical website here where our arguments over attendance averages can be put to bed, they are comfortably the number two in this city despite a bit of a resurgence in recent years by their standards. Follow the links for each club on this site: European Football Statistics
  11. For those who miss the trips to the dark side:
  12. Revenue from season tickets will probably drop, numbers will be down due to the way things have gone this season, I took up the early bird offer for me, my son and grandson, at 355 quid the price works out at £15.43 per game .... that's pretty good value I reckon. If the club puts that offer on again, I will consider it for next season.
  13. He plays it up for his piggy mates, he will end up worse than Colin one day, I'm just praying he ain't on that pitch after the match tomorrow night punching the air in front of 30,000 of em !
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