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  1. Watford at home that day, looks like he drove past sometime after kick off, lost 1 nil, checked on Adrian Bullock's Wednesday Archive Sat 28 Feb WATFORD................. 0-1 15 20,530
  2. That's exactly as I remember it too, it looked like a full block on the upper half to the right as we looked across, they used to have sections with railings between them on the Shoreham St end back then, I was on it at some testimonial game in the mid 70s when Wednesday 'took it'.
  3. Blimey I must have been walking round with my eyes closed back then, I seriously thought it had been photoshopped, I was already a regular at Hillsborough by 1975, albeit I was still in my mid teens and even went to Hillsborough that day to see the Leeds v Man Utd semi but ended up selling the ticket I had got, can I remember those towers ...... nope 😕
  4. According to one of their storytelling book writers we only had about 50 on their kop ..... bitter, bitter bunch they are the lot of em
  5. Well yes fella, sorry, but that's how some of it comes across, and yes we all do it to some degree, but everything is relative, and there are plenty of people out in the real world who give it the the 'self righteous holier than thou' stuff, but if you put them in the same situation they would be no different, how many people do you think are eager and willing to give up proportions of their salary at any level ? Yes we know top level footballers are excessively paid, we have all sat watching it happen for the past twenty years, but you watch how many folk start complaining when their taxes have to go up to cover all the govt borrowing required to get society through this virus ..... it will be the usual cry of get it off them and not us from a lot of people, when after all we are all in this together, aren't we ?
  6. Wednesday's half of the Holt End looked more packed than Evertons that day !
  7. I got engaged to my other half that day, April 5th 1980, I was stood behind the goal at the Bramall Lane End and got a great view of Currans goal, there was a block full of Wednesday fans massed together at the back of the Shoreham end, and remember the rousing rendition of 'Singing The Blues' started from on there. We were about to venture on to a good era for the club in the 80's and 90' s after the bad day's of the 70's.
  8. Another day of ifs and buts, but yes Everton were the top side back in the mid 80's and we never had a great record against them, a bit like coming up against Arsenal in two cup finals at a time when we could have probably beaten any other side in the country on our day but them.
  9. Blimey whoever attached that quote to the picture had probably witnessed very little of crowds back then, it was often commonplace to see fans perched on all variety of precarious things at big games where capacity crowds were in attendance, often youngsters unable to squeeze through packed terraces, would choose instead to try any available vantage spot regardless of potential danger just to get a glimmer of the action, any how on the subject of those floodlights, Wednesdays did have an aesthetically pleasing and distinctive square framed look about them, in my opinion.
  10. I have always been a critic of how the game has sold it's soul, and think the money at the top level of the game is too much, favours the mighty few and made it top heavy, I do however think also that football players have become an easy target in the current situation. We should all remember they are not the only big earners out there and that many of these players are generally charitable and generous, just as some people are in other walks of life, there are those who are and those who are not, but upon reflection society needs to maintain a sense of perspective, as someone above posted there does seem to be an element of sanctimonious virtue signalling that is becoming more and more prevalent.
  11. Yeah and nobody on the pitch seemed to notice ! Personally, the funniest thing I recall seeing was actually an off field incident back in the late 70's, Blackpool at home one night game and there was some heavy rain showers before the game, (which contributed partly to a low attendance I must add), I was stood sheltering just beneath the jut of the West Stand on the Leppings Lane End as a programme seller walked past the front of the terrace, Sammy (Million Miles Sammy) decided he wanted one (either that or he wanted to hit him, not sure which), he was so eager he couldn't be bothered to stumble around (like he did) one of the crush barriers on a very sparsely populated terrace, bizarrely, instead he chose to try and climb over it, well the barrier was of course wet and so nearly were my kegs due to laughing at his Laurel and Hardy style attempt at stopping his foot slipping on the barrier and keeping himself upright.
  12. Could be the Adobe powerstation,demolished after Greta complained about the cloud they created !
  13. The decision today is to suspend football indefinately .... how decisive !
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52138270 Decision made in Belgium to make Club Bruges champions, I personally think our EFL and Premier league bosses don't have the balls to do that here but in all seriousness this season is finished, playing out this seasons remaining fixtures instead of starting a new season in reasonable time will make it even more farcical in 'my' opinion, that's assuming any sort of normality has kicked in with sporting events generally by around August time.
  15. I remember Wednesday had a supporters branch which ran a coach from South Kirby back around that era, I think a few of them got nicked at the 'Oldham riot' game.
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