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  1. The Derby game result won’t mean feck all to the powers that be at SWFC.... So long as we still create plenty of revenue..
  2. The only thing the club has got right this year

    You are so right, although I slightly corrected it for you to bring it into the “now” context...
  3. Fickle Fans

    Chansiri is wanting to build an empire here on sports wear, energy drinks (energ8) and WEDNESDAY... If you wer writing his school report how would you report him? 4/10 - must try harder to get a grasp on reallity maybe?
  4. Record everything under Mr Chansiri

    And yet we really haven’t achieved anything much better than Laws did with the possible exeption of a Wembley humiliation..
  5. Put down the Kool-aid, please.

    FFS WAWAW Aren’t we? Born feckin’ moaners cos we always want the “good” old days to come back... Feck me, I’m starting to sound like a Corbynista !! I don’t feel well...
  6. Yup, just try pronouncing that in Thai and it might start to make more sense than anything we’re hearing from the club.. I’m not sure Thai’s do vowels...
  7. Erm , hasn’t he aledgedly got one? What’s Palmers official title? Ooh, that may be COO but what’s the difference really?
  8. He just simply has to go if we lose tomorrow

    I used to be very much in the camp believing that Carlos aint up to us getting promotion and maybe I still am... But I’m now more of the opinion that DC really isn’t an easy person to work with and is starting to look like the muppet that used to be at Leeds in terms of lack of leadership.. Mr C just seems to want yes men around him and so long as they tell him what he wants to hear they’l be fine... C’mon Redgate, man up!
  9. Record everything under Mr Chansiri

    He ain’t here for WEDNESDAY, he’s totally here for himself let’s not forget that and get carried away... Any debt he’s amassing is still against the club, isn’t it?
  10. Record everything under Mr Chansiri

    Money out of our fans ! C’mon Neil, is that really where you want to go ?
  11. Record everything under Mr Chansiri

    Seem to remember much bigger crowds in the 90’s, but then I’m equally sure theywould have been even bigger in the 30’s
  12. Record everything under Mr Chansiri

    Ah yes, and those figures are all from where? let me guess...
  13. Fickle Fans

    Hi Mr Redgate!
  14. Aledgedly he spends 6 months a year here, I wish he did it during the football season and not in all the closed bit.. He might be able to see the “cats at play” then..