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  1. Didn't he apparently half his prem wages to about 30000 to join us? Hed need to be willing to half them again to join bolton or Ipswich. Not happening.
  2. thebrap11

    Tom Lees....

    Total and utter gonads. English players get all the plaudits? Foreign players get lambasted. You've lost the plot there.
  3. It's not wrong to ask a question. The question can still be a load a nackers tho.
  4. Because once the little Hitler's make a decision they won't turn back no matter what the stubborn little perricks
  5. Release the article about united only getting 12.000 home fans in against Preston Dom.
  6. thebrap11

    Hawaii 5-5-0 formation

    More like barnsley 5 5 0
  7. thebrap11

    League 1

    Phuck it I've come to conclusion I hope we go down. 1, I think we'd take the wiss and B, it's all about the away days and league 1 away days are better than championship. And we'd never compete in prem anyway so phuck it lets have a party in league 1 for a bit. Honalulu wednesday!
  8. thebrap11

    League 1

    I admire your confidence but only 4 teams have won less games than us (by 1). And that's the bottom 4. 3 of which have gained big points on us over 10 games.
  9. thebrap11

    League 1

    Please ya sens but football for me is about having a good time on a satdy. Drawing away at barnsley, struggling at home to Brentford, getting battered at home to burton, Birmingham and playing for shittypants draws all time is getting very boring. Not to mention the lack of 3PM kick offs on a satdy. Get some fresh away days and a change of scenery then watch the sence of humour and feel good factor come back. Prems over rated anyway.
  10. thebrap11

    Violence in the Wednesday end..

    Shoutin n ballin getting nackers in a twist that's the definition of violence these days. Puffs
  11. "Wylde has to sit out this match with a cracked bone in his foot that will see him sidlined for a fortnight"
  12. thebrap11

    Is metrodome open satdi?

    Could say that about every pub in Barnsley tho
  13. thebrap11

    Is metrodome open satdi?

    I always go drinking round Barnsley before and after games with a group of mates and always been ok. Will be doing same this season starting in Wetherspoons called the silkstone.
  14. thebrap11

    The summer out list

    I think it would be a much shorter list of players to keep than get rid of.
  15. thebrap11

    Jordan Rhodes

    Like I said in another thread. Jos said in one of his earlier press conferences that from what he's seen in training he's happy to have a player of Rhodes quality in his squad. He must be doing summat reyt on training field. Just needs to get it back on pitch. Might be some point this season might be next but it'll come I'm sure of it. Created 2 fantastic chances for joao as well.
  16. Jos said in one of his earlier press conferences that he's very happy about having a player like Jordan Rhodes. He's only had one game under jos. Let's give him a chance Yeah?
  17. Alarm bells should've been ringing when the whole team went on a beano to Amsterdam for a few nights mid season.
  18. Don't forget taking payments from players so they got a game. The mans an absolute cretin, I dont get the love fest for the gret pig.
  19. thebrap11

    Joey Pelupessy

    Love how open they are with fans about transfers. I've never understood all the secrecy over here.
  20. Van aken will be our best defender when he gets back from injury I reckon
  21. thebrap11

    Tonight's matchday programme

    Why dunt tha bum him?
  22. thebrap11


    Look at me I didn't say a thing before kick off about result but since we got a nowt a piece draw in gonna try stick boot in. Phuckin Perrik
  23. thebrap11

    David Jones positive.

    Be great to see a Wednesday fan score winner. I hope you're right