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  1. Rumours of lee and Hooper getting 45 minutes
  2. thebrap11

    Pablo Bonvin

    Always looked lively I could never understand why he never got more game time
  3. thebrap11


    Matty fryatt wa good
  4. thebrap11


    With or without ff we would've won those 3 games. We would've won them much more comfortably had he started tho.
  5. If that role was to not win one header, pass the ball to the other team or kick the ball out of play if he couldn't find an opposition player then yeah he did exactly what was asked. Well done nuhiu MOM.
  6. Well he obviously has one rule for one another rule for another cos apart from his smash n grab against Wigan nuhiu has been extremely toilet gash. Minute for minute this season nando and fletch have been way way better and looked a thousand times more dangerous.
  7. Sure Jos said he wouldn't be picking players on name or favouritism. Surely he don't think nuhiu played better than fetch or nando this season.
  8. Why, what are the facts that have happened behind the scenes? In fact why does something always have to have happened behind the scenes?
  9. Didn't he apparently half his prem wages to about 30000 to join us? Hed need to be willing to half them again to join bolton or Ipswich. Not happening.
  10. thebrap11

    Tom Lees....

    Total and utter gonads. English players get all the plaudits? Foreign players get lambasted. You've lost the plot there.
  11. It's not wrong to ask a question. The question can still be a load a nackers tho.
  12. Because once the little Hitler's make a decision they won't turn back no matter what the stubborn little perricks
  13. Release the article about united only getting 12.000 home fans in against Preston Dom.
  14. thebrap11

    Hawaii 5-5-0 formation

    More like barnsley 5 5 0