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  1. George Hirst

    People saying if he's good enough he's old enough, look at Rooney, Owen, rashford, gerrard, wallcott, bale they were all playing regular at 16/17/18. Absolute psychopaths. Do people really think Carlos wouldn't play him if he was better than say nuhiu or João? Of course he would. Also do people really think chansiri wouldn't pay him what he wants if he was that good? Of course he would. Ah but he scored 40 odd goals for under 19s and development last season. Just to put things into perspective, the likes of Chelsea and man city development teams have been getting tonked by league 1 and 2 teams in checkatrade trophy and their youth teams are lightyears ahead of ours. So what does that say for the standard Hirst has been playing at? Last 2 transfer windows he's turned down loan moves. He's lost a year of development. The sad thing is, he would probably have got valuable experience on the bench once or twice this season if he'd signed a contract. Pure greed. Would he refuse a loan to league 1 or 2 if Leicester or Everton signed him? Good riddance I say. If he's holding us to ransom now he'd be doing it every 2 or 3 years. Si thi young en all the best with ballon d'Or next year.
  2. iFollow

    just signed up for monthly subscription but no option to watch only to listen. Is there something else i need to do? cheers
  3. Rhodes to Wolves???

    Jordan Rhodes to wolves would guarantee him 20 odd goals
  4. What time is kick off? Is there an online video link like last year?
  5. We got rid of a defender who was better than lees, loovens and keogh at that. Vincent sasso
  6. This the same O'Neil that constantly kept selecting league 1 keeper david forde over westwood for 2 years? No wonder westy always got an injury before international duty.
  7. Medical Department Sacked

    All the players Carlos kept saying 'he'll be back in full training in 2 weeks' then every 2 weeks 'he had a setback in training so maybe another 2 weeks'. He must've been badly advised by his medical staff. Hooper, abdi, matias, lees I think had a spell, fletcher missed 6 week to a couple month and Buckley would come back for 1 game then miss the next 4. But all were only supposed to have had slight knocks.
  8. Hirst scores a hat-trick

    You know what George Hirst has got, or what he does that none of our 1st team strikers do? As soon as his team wether it be our u18s, u23s or England youth get the ball. He's off like a shot headed toward the box to get into a goal scoring position. Our first team lads run toward corner flag or loiter outside area.
  9. Work!

    I thought I had it bad working in Barnsley with all Man U n Liverpool part time barnsley fans. I would've deffo used some holidays if I were you.
  10. Them Clapper Things

    For the other 20 odd games at home yes but on Wednesday I couldn't give a flyin one
  11. Them Clapper Things

    We'll show them what a proper atmosphere is on Wednesday. No artificial clapping tools ballocks n nobody sat down phucking lets have it
  12. Sky Sports??

    Sorry for not been a geek. Well spotted.
  13. Sky Sports??

    When the commentator said "I think Wednesday are struggling to just hang on here" to which hinchcliffe giggled and replied "yes". I thought our defence looked very comfortable and we got exactly what we played for.
  14. Wednesday night

    Nobody sat down on Wednesday let's phucking have it