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  1. thebrap11

    Hooper / Sharp

    Hoopers scored goals at the very highest level. Billy blunts done it in league 1/championship. Freak season he's shyte.
  2. Someone got knocked back last night
  3. thebrap11

    150 - Well done Westy

    Wonder how many more points we'd have if he'd been in net for all those games we drew or lost by one goal.
  4. thebrap11

    Chairman’s statement

    If we need 15 mil to avoid an embargo. And we sell bannan, reach and Fernando for say 18 mil. Does that mean we've shown we can make money so they'll legt us spend like crazy again for 3 years? Or does it mean we've got 3 mil to spend in the summer? I think we might be best just keeping all our best players and taking the embargo up the bum. Feck em. What would be the point in selling but still not been able to buy anyway? We'd be in a worse position than what we are in now.
  5. thebrap11

    luton game

    Is it on telly or owt?
  6. thebrap11

    Every player today

    Big difference in a side that plays not to lose and a team that wants to win.
  7. thebrap11

    Player Of The Month?

    Should all vote Westwood or hutch
  8. thebrap11

    Can we afford to sack jos??

    Clubs in a lot worse position that we find ourselves in sacked managers off. Stop talking nackers course we can sack him n get someone else in. Biggest load of rubbish I've ever heard nobody is unsackable.
  9. thebrap11

    Pablo Bonvin

    Always looked lively I could never understand why he never got more game time
  10. thebrap11


    Matty fryatt wa good
  11. thebrap11


    With or without ff we would've won those 3 games. We would've won them much more comfortably had he started tho.
  12. If that role was to not win one header, pass the ball to the other team or kick the ball out of play if he couldn't find an opposition player then yeah he did exactly what was asked. Well done nuhiu MOM.
  13. Well he obviously has one rule for one another rule for another cos apart from his smash n grab against Wigan nuhiu has been extremely toilet gash. Minute for minute this season nando and fletch have been way way better and looked a thousand times more dangerous.