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  1. Would You Rather...

    F.A .cup.hands down.Still holds a special place even though some of the so called big teams don't show it enough respect.
  2. Greatest club in Yorkshire?

    Greatest club in Yorkshire,greatest club in the world!!!!!!!!
  3. Bovver??

    Everyone has a right to defend themselves,especially if you have women and kids with you Don't like trouble,don't look for trouble but sometimes its forced on you, it's either stand up to be counted or be a doormat.
  4. Nobody's bigger than the club no matter what their name is.
  5. Happy new year

    Happy new year to owls everywhere,especially all on owlstalk.....
  6. We have to give whoever comes in a fair chance,even if they're not personal favourites.
  7. Hide like a f..king rhino,have a bit of professional pride.Do the honourable thing and resign Carlos.
  8. Scabs

    Great respect for the miners and their families, even here in Belfast watching this nightly on the news there was a feeling that this was thatcher trying to beat workers into submission.In all the local working mens clubs collections for the families were taken and also door to door. Seen a lot of people most on the dole themselves give a much as they could.
  9. sorry it's early

    To Wednesdayites everywhere have a very merry christmas and a great start to the new year....
  10. Can I Mention the Kit Please?

    Spencerowl hit the nail on the head,it isnt a case of won't buy it's a case of can't buy.
  11. Answers please dc

    Chansiris q and a sessions were a sop,designed to placate angry fans. We are meant to see him as an honest and transparent chairman but he doesn't really care about the fanbase, his feelings for the club itself seem to be how much can I wring out of it. If he cared as much as he says then Carlos should be out tonight. And before someone rattles on about the money he's spent, if the player selection had been more professional he wouldn't have spent so much .
  12. SWFC Caption Competition

    No, don't be trying to win the game.....