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  1. All the best owls come from Belfast,fact.
  2. Excellent post gypsyowl,looking forward to next season under Jos.
  3. Why not mix both shirts and have a green white and orange top?
  4. Perhaps we could go red ,white and blue stripes and really show those Celtic fans....
  5. antof

    Owl Down!

    Hope all goes well,speedy recovery.
  6. They've had their hands in our pockets most of this season.........
  7. antof


    May not be first choice when everyones fit, but credit where it's due he earned his wages today. Great squad player.
  8. antof

    From the horses mouth

    Who's the two guys with Debram??????
  9. antof

    From the horses mouth

    This should start the good news ball rolling.....
  10. I don't think the Bukta kit has ever been bettered.
  11. antof


    Footballing suicide......
  12. antof

    Feck Doom And Gloom

    Can't see into the future,don't know where we'll end up ,but one thing I do know .This time next year we will all still be Wednesdayites and the next year and the next year and the next.............ad infinitum.
  13. antof

    Who should we try to move on?

    Have a whip round and hire a hitman,problems solved....
  14. antof

    Would You Rather...

    F.A .cup.hands down.Still holds a special place even though some of the so called big teams don't show it enough respect.