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  1. Answers please dc

    Chansiris q and a sessions were a sop,designed to placate angry fans. We are meant to see him as an honest and transparent chairman but he doesn't really care about the fanbase, his feelings for the club itself seem to be how much can I wring out of it. If he cared as much as he says then Carlos should be out tonight. And before someone rattles on about the money he's spent, if the player selection had been more professional he wouldn't have spent so much .
  2. SWFC Caption Competition

    No, don't be trying to win the game.....
  3. U23s are they that bad ???

    Give one or two youth team players a go from the bench,seriously what have we got to lose at this point.
  4. King Carlos

    The king is dead,long live the king.
  5. Just send the team out with a rabbits foot each,and maybe some four leaf clovers.
  6. Drugs and prostitutes,in that order....
  7. Can he do a job for us ?

    After the derby what we really needed was an exorcist.....
  8. Club before country for me!
  9. What mood are you in?

  10. In the words of Ron Burgundy "stay classy Wilder, you c++t"....
  11. Giddings should have said"is it your p45?"
  12. Never been so embarrassed

    A group of men have been arrested today in Sheffield,they have been charged with impersonating professional footballers between the hours of 1to 3.30pm Sunday 24 September. South Yorkshire police have asked for any witnesses to come forward