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  1. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    Chill out everyone it's one of the crappiest teams we've got all season.
  2. Road Closures Sunday

    I've sponsored someone today to run the 10K rather him than me.
  3. Flares on Sunday

    Haha oh yeh
  4. Are the rumours true?

    Haha ive never been called that before.
  5. Are the rumours true?

    No there not true, go.back.to sleep
  6. Flares on Sunday

    What with your dimples im sure I will
  7. Flares on Sunday

    Hope you post a pic.
  8. Flares on Sunday

    Do you mean Geeves.
  9. Our current form and Gary Hooper

  10. Flares on Sunday

    Had to google what a decoke was
  11. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    I had five blades at work last night telling me to book next monday off work. They are so cocky and so sure they will win.
  12. Flares on Sunday

    Sticky Vicky wouldn't have a problem smuggling a few in.
  13. Extra trams have been allocated for Sheff Utd.
  14. We will hammer United

    Work will be horrible monday if we don't, we just have to knock them off their cocky high horse with a bang a win would be good but I hope you're right only a hammering will shut them up.
  15. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Why do hospital gowns have a big gap at the back right where your arse is.
  16. Makes me feel sick when I hear their stupid song.
  17. I know the chorus, we need song sheets.
  18. Brilliant, wish it was like that at home.
  19. I always do it women get away with it