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  1. I'm absolutely buzzing for this season. loved Saturday roll on k.o. tonight.
  2. I can't wait for the match 5 nil my prediction. Come on
  3. Not a bad price, I'll be buying but I hope I get money off because I haven't had my refund.
  4. Missed the fans, he ought to be glad they weren't allowed in.
  5. Don't football clubs get valued properly like houses do when selling.
  6. But what a fabulous 14 seconds it was
  7. No idea but who cares as for the hate on twitter just laugh hateful comments off it's what some people are on there to do.
  8. RiP Mick. A big personality so passionate about football massive Wednesday fan and a great snooker player. Top bloke
  9. Roxy's or cairos was my dilemma, loved them both.
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