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  1. Me too I got some right abuse. I think westwood will stay. Its going to be a good season with Bruce in charge he will sort the good from the bad.
  2. Looking forward to next season. I hope the pigs blow it but so what if they don't. We've got Bruce and I cant wait to see what he can do .
  3. It's so good to have Hooper back. we've missed him so much I hope we keep hold of him.
  4. No way, I never want us to move from Hillsborough.
  5. I want us to win every game we play and that will never change.
  6. So exciting. I can't bloody wait to get Hooper back. He was always my favourite. He can score goals.
  7. There's been a couple of streakers getting their arses out tonight.
  8. We need a win for the play off run to continue.
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