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  1. Maxine

    Rub It In, Jos!

    Haha a name and shame thread
  2. Bring him on from the bench and he'll be phenomenal.
  3. I hope so and we could be in with a chance. Fingers crossed. Come on Wednesday.
  4. I'm not feeling very confident today ill take a draw but fear we will loose. 1-1
  5. We are in this mess because we didn't turn up at Wembley one more game to win and it could have been so different
  6. I miss Ross fantastic player and personality Good Luck.
  7. Maxine


    Oh no, we really need Hooper back.
  8. Maxine

    Sky Sports Red Button

    Haha no laws were broken just a bar job.
  9. Maxine

    Time wasting...

    I agree it was so noticeable tonight.
  10. Maxine

    Hayley - Update

    Ah so sad RIP Hayley.
  11. I too thought Fox had a descent game let's hope it continues.
  12. Maxine

    A dose of reality

    We didn't expect anything more before the season started.
  13. Maxine

    Sky Sports Red Button

    Mines a perfect picture watching with half a lager and getting paid as im work.
  14. Ill be watching at work tonight Come on Wednesday a good away win 2 1 and 3 points. WAWAW UTO