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  1. 21,000

    I have a three year st and never opt to miss a home game but last night a went to my sons football do and had a great night.
  2. It's Over!!!

    Sad but true. I think our main aim is to stay up this season and look forward to change and success next season hopefully.
  3. Atdhe in midfield?

    I said this ages ago to my son he just gave me a dirty look and shook his head.
  4. They have been talking sense for months.
  5. We win together, we loose together.
  6. As soon as he said on sky they hadn't won at home for three months I knew that was about to end.
  7. Mass Boycott

    I have a three year season ticket and I've decided not to attend. I hope knowone goes.
  8. Carlos blame bingo.

    Apparently we wore them tonight because they were lucky against Villa.
  9. Carlos blame bingo.

    The black shorts
  10. Come on Wednesday easy win today 0-4
  11. I'm a bit fat 0 the odd win we have is a massive bonus where as it should be quite the norm.