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  1. I know Mark and his brother well. Lovely man lovely smile and a big Wednesday fan. He went to all away games. Thinking of all the family. RIP Mark 💙
  2. Been shopping today and I didn't buy anything extra than I always do but I couldn't find any toilet rolls as pathetic weirdos have bought them all up.
  3. Look monies still going in the bank even though we're s h I te.
  4. Man City only got one past us Brentford will be a doddle.
  5. No I'm more on about the fans who were miserable and laughing at fans looking forward to the match, and who all day yesterday were slagging their performance off. Have a day off ffs.
  6. Everyone there last night were right behind the team. I read loads yesterday from people who just didn't care less about the match that night. You only sing when you're winning sums it up.
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