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  1. I wouldn't say he's the worst player maybe in the top ten but not the worst.
  2. Stop slagging him off Reyt player, Reyt laugh good for the dressing room. I for one hope he stays.
  3. Since June bloody hell, well I'm guessing you don't get paid highly as a professional footballer but still you could do with shifting your holiday bulge too by sound of it.
  4. As if anyone hates him. He played brilliant yesterday he's also played s hite at times. Hope he looses the belly and keeps up the good work.
  5. I was up for the cup pity the manager and team weren't.
  6. No way should he have a dad bod like that money he's on. Reyt joke.
  7. Poor lad? He looks like he doesn't give a s h I t e.
  8. If I'd have known how garbage it was going to be I wouldn't have bothered either.
  9. So what sky don't like us calendar don't either not many ref do. Keeps it exciting.
  10. It just means loosers aiming it at Huddersfield players
  11. So glad Winnall scored, I've always had faith in him I'm sure they'll be many more I hope he gets a good crack at it.
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