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  1. Brilliant we will hammer Sunderland I love a good cup run.
  2. Maxine

    Owls in the Park

    Brilliant day if the weathers good.
  3. Maxine


    Frizzy hair, he needs a good conditioning treatment.
  4. I think we were all glad to see the back of last season. I hope he bounces back too.
  5. Maxine

    I'm ready

    I'd never be ready to watch it again, once was enough.
  6. I want us to do the double and get promoted.
  7. Maxine

    Creating new fans...

    Every time Im at Karioke and had a few too many I belt out Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday and usualy get a good response.
  8. Maxine

    Creating new fans...

    Sheffield Wednesday community programme do football sessions in loads of schools in Sheffield on a weekly basis, also sports centres.
  9. Maxine

    On Debut

    My favourite stand.
  10. I can't wait for the new season, playing in stripes back to how we should be.
  11. Maxine

    Have a look at this..

    I'll check it out
  12. I really am bored without the buzz of going to Hillsborough even though we played mostly rubbish last season, I'm missing it quite bad roll on next season I think it will be a good one.
  13. Hillsborough or Wednesday ground and I'm missing it.
  14. I caught a balloon at the last home game.
  15. Happy Birthday to you and Chansiri.