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  1. Kop not sold out shocker

    Omg as if anyone would sit there.
  2. Your thread is not ok though it matters loads.
  3. You cant block.Wednesdayok hes ok.
  4. Spot the ball

    I found it quite easy.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday Badges

    Can't tell if you're buying or selling, not very clear.
  6. Spot the ball

  7. Which areas are Wednesday

    Lovin all the contradictions in this thread.
  8. My life must be dull then.
  9. Thank you I can't wait, pity you couldn't get but at least it's on TV. Enjoy.
  10. I thanked the wrong person then.
  11. I have a season ticket on the kop. I've been going since 2012 my son asked me to take him and apart from the very odd game we havnt missed any since I was hooked straight away.
  12. I'm enjoying the ride, it's my first Derby.