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  1. Maxine

    Winnall to the pigs?

    He's staying and he's going to save our season. You're being a glass half empty man.
  2. About bloody time.
  3. Maxine

    Latest farce on Westwood

    Disgusting a player like Westwood had to ask to play. what's all that about?
  4. Maxine

    Jan and Feb Fixtures

    They all look difficult to win imo.
  5. Maxine

    Need your help.

    Retweeted hope he's home soon x
  6. All will be revealed at the fans forum.
  7. Maxine

    Westwood to Cardiff?

    Baby if you've got to go away Don't think I can take the pain Won't you stay another day.
  8. Maxine

    Where is winnall?

    I can't wait to see Winnall back but it seems to be taking forever.
  9. I think it could get ugly, im glad im not going. I hope to see pictures on here though.
  10. I take it you are a collector.
  11. Maxine

    Christmas Megastore Video

    The music isn't very festive.
  12. Everyone saving McDonald's toys in their packets years ago to sell and get rich in the future. Has this happened yet?
  13. Maxine

    Has there ever ?

    Yes I do, I never miss.