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  1. Tuesday night dilemma

    Will do
  2. Tuesday night dilemma

    Chill out its too early for nagging.
  3. Like a cheeky striptease revealing the stripes. I like it.
  4. Tuesday night dilemma

    I always want the pigs to loose whatever.
  5. Thats when it gets expensive POTD but the early bird prices are acceptable. I'm in my last year of a three year deal roll on next season.
  6. Knowone can complain about £455 on the kop £19.78 a game.
  7. Fanastastic. Get him in for next season.
  8. Its all your fault then is it, maybe a photo of you in them will bring us some good luck for Saturday.
  9. He should come on and post his version of events. We've only heard one side the truth could be very different. i mean the chair could have been broken already he could have just been moving it so knowone got hurt and maybe just dropped it on a stewards foot or something.
  10. Late to last minute goals

    that's the spirit. I think it's possible with everyone back.
  11. 24 points

    We must be garbage in defence.