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  1. Im expecting good things from Rhodes next season. Just got a feeling.
  2. I hate some teams more than others but I'm not arsed about any other team doing well other than Wednesday.
  3. David Beckham wins for me. He's my idea of a perfect man. gorgeous
  4. Have we offered him two years yet?
  5. No need for it. They're only taking the p iss regarding it.
  6. Im glad this season is over. Lets hope we get rid of a few add a few and start next season off on a high. I cant wait.
  7. Sounds like he might be staying but id have thought we'd be aiming higher next season.
  8. Haha another one who pops in that chippy when passing through.
  9. They'll all come out of the wood work when we get promoted.
  10. Me too I got some right abuse. I think westwood will stay. Its going to be a good season with Bruce in charge he will sort the good from the bad.
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