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  1. NOT me, I canned sky years ago for this reason they are the fuel for everything that is wrong in the game today will not spend a penny on sport packages.
  2. Every time someone sat behind me keeps putting their knees or feet constantly in the back of my seat
  3. From what i can remember a certain number of games had to be played before the season could be ended and the league positions would stand. Can't remember how many that was but we can't be anywhere near that yet
  4. I wasn't too keen when they appointed him but he is slowly winning me over. Everything he says makes sense.
  5. Finally got chance to watch it on Monday night, brilliant and sad. Even the wife enjoyed it and she is not bothered about football.
  6. You would have to pick him up and put him there because he could not jump and reach it
  7. Legend should be reserved for the likes of Waddle and Nilsson
  8. No what is the fascination with him ordinary at his best.
  9. I can just imagine what would happen to 99.9% of people in other jobs. But that is what he wanted he should have been made to rot in the under 16's As for people chanting his name
  10. Being on the cop aged about 7 crying because it was absolutely Baltic and my brother having to take me home. He wasn't happy. Late 60's it still wasn't much fun then either.
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