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  1. Unfortunately I have renewed mine on the plus side it's not a ten year one.
  2. Four of us went to all of them only three of us got into the last one at Leicester Happy days the pen was that full we had to climb on top of the snack bar
  3. Groundhog day sick of hearing it from all the players.
  4. Joes has got the face on as Cameron has took the ball off him because he doesn’t know what to do with it
  5. I noticed exactly the same maybe a mail bom from owlstalk members
  6. Plus one on this. The feckers did not ask my opinion when they spent mine and your money in the first place along with SYP Disgrace the lot of them I hope he gets thousands and donates it to a local charity like the one they have just tried to feck over. Vote them out
  7. You can neg all you like if you think Fox is ok then you need to give your heads a wobble.
  8. Reach is a better full back that's how bad Fox is. Yes he has improved from crap to bang average. He was at fault for the goal against brum and one against WBA as he very slowly tries to get back into position.
  9. Bannan might be class but not in the same class as Sheridan. That cup win at Blackburn is still the finest 20 minute spell of football we have ever produced
  10. Why ! leave them alone great partnership and to be fair Lees has not been that good over the last two seasons.
  11. SAG/SYP would have the ground shut https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-49823006
  12. As we all know well they are only in it for one person themselves. They will not do a thing until they realise their seat is at risk. Well done Mr. Betts
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