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  1. As we all know well they are only in it for one person themselves. They will not do a thing until they realise their seat is at risk. Well done Mr. Betts
  2. Yep some pretty small minded people on here with too much time on their hands.
  3. Long shot but does anyone know a Michael Wilson who has lost something on Wordworth Avenue. It will be important to him and I would like to get it back to him quickly. To get a replacement will be a long job for him. Please be serious
  4. Sorry but for 5m just move on, money better spent in other possitions.
  5. NO NO NO I know what the fans demand": Former Sheffield Wednesday striker has applied for manager's job Former Sheffield Wednesday forward Shefki Kuqi has thrown himself forward as a left-field candidate for the club’s vacant manager’s position.
  6. You think we hate him now you want to read some of these https://www.newcastle-online.org/forum/index.php?topic=103091.3125
  7. I my new boss was a right barsteward and looking to sell the firm ! Let me think oh and the new owner wants his own people around him But I suppose it's football and he will be sacked with a multi million payoff Feck him and let him go for me, dont even want him back after talking to them.
  8. And as I said would not take him on a free out again tomorrow
  9. 2M for a well known crock on 10k a week no thanks. Would think twice on a free
  10. Hope he has ordered it now, I booked one for new years eve still not turned up
  11. I did a couple of years ago absolutely ruining the game. We should all bombard them with emails blunts as well as a Tweeted apology is not good enough. Come on go to Virgin same as I did P.S. broadband a lot better
  12. Surely this is too close to the outfield kit to be worn !!
  13. On that goal it just needed Loovens to do what he is paid for instead of turning his back like a 5 year old ffs
  14. Done that for 40 years (dicounting a few in the prem) and getting sick of it to be honest.
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