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  1. He wanted promotion in 2 years, his choice of manager failed.
  2. This coming from a bloke into dogging. When you crawl from out the sewer, then comment.
  3. So Friday comes and I'm still not over it. I'm angry, pissed off and just generally disillusioned. To lose in such a way particular against the club situated where you used to live hurts like a ***** and I'm actually avoiding friends and ex friends on social media purely because I can't be doing with the smart mouth bullshit. I AM a bad loser. If it doesn't hurt, you don't care, I'd give my right arm to a) be younger b) to be physically fit enough to play for Wednesday and c) just able to be in their positions. I literally cannot face smug opposition, both from Huddersfield and also those
  4. Told ya, job done. Why I'm even bothered I don't know. Always like this. So far then fizzle out. See you in August.
  5. Can we just play now? I'm buzzed to chuff on that!
  6. Have shared a link to the post on Twitter and tagged the lads in it.
  7. Totally agree! You and your lad should be proud of yourselves. Hell I'm not even playing and I want us to win for him!
  8. Get this shared all over facebook and twitter....if that's not motivation to win I don't know what is!
  9. wwdlwlldwl - Huddersfield last 10 away W4 D2 L4 wwlwdlwwwl - SWFC last 10 home W6 D1 L3 Its going to be squeaky bum time.
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