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  1. Some of this seasons performances with monk at the helm have been Some of the worst i have ever witnessed in my 40 years at hillsborough. No passion no heart no fighting spirit. The only players that deserve some credit for me were fletcher always gave 100% bannan who runs his knackers off .the rest of them are just a waste of space. Monk definitely has too go now.
  2. Shockingly bad player and should not be at our club. Can't believe we've extended his contract, who the hell is running Wednesday. Shocking decision not happy.
  3. Totally embarrassing. Yesterday and today I'm feeling really embarrassed to be a Wednesdayhite 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪
  4. Tom Lees is done, he's too slow and gets bullied too easily and gets beaten way too often in the air. He should never be picked ahead of Dominic Iorfa a far better player in the air, on the floor and is far quicker. And as for him being the captain 🙄 never been a captain.
  5. Dawson is a shockingly bad keeper, I don't know what his shot saves percentage is but it can't be very high. Goals 2 and 3 yesterday were very poor from Dawson, both from very tight angles a keeper should not be beaten from that position. Westwood has to be brought back in before it's too late. Also Dawson's kicking is terrible.
  6. We must be brilliant then only 7 teams below us. We are sinking faster than the titanic! I expect better than the rubbish we are being served up to us. Especially with the eye watering prices we have had to pay to watch inept performances week in week out.
  7. Poor player's i.e. palmer,pelupessy,Dave,fox,combined with the manager =religion!
  8. Are you blind or just in denial, we are a poor side and heading for the championship trapdoor under the leadership of Jos and the owner. Changes need to be made quickly. And yes I've only missed 2 matches this season so I think I know what I'm talking about.
  9. The problem is the constant rotation policy of the manager. Never picks a settled side, the defence is changed every game it's no great surprise we are shipping so many goals. It's no wonder Tom Lees hasn't been at is best this season he has someone different next to him every week, we need a settled defence not just a knee jerk reaction after every game from the manager. The teams that do really well are the teams that make very few changes and play a settled formation. Jos has got to go I'm afraid. League one beckons I'm afraid if he is left at the helm.
  10. Just sat and watched that garbage on ifollo what a total embarrasment . Chansiri is deluded if he thinks were going to get promoted with those bottling clowns. Only one who seems to give a poo is bannan. More likely to be relegation no chance promotion. Need new blood in and quickly.
  11. Not a lot to be cheerfull about that performance. Dawson really poor, should have saved at least 2 of their goals. Jva what a waste of 4 mill, he's like a great big powder puff fairy.. why the hell play him in the middle Tom Lees should be there. Chansiri really has dropped a ball leaving us with such a bad defence when it's been glaringly obvious that we needed to strengthen in that area .
  12. The pricing of the membership this year is an absolute joke. What the hell were they thinking when they set these prices. I feel we as fans of sheffield Wednesday we have been duped into buying season tickets because of The survey we took part in to keep prices high too keep on investing in team improvement, when there as been no investment whatsoever. Very clever By the club to bring out this survey before season tickets sales started, making us believe they would carry on improving the squad.
  13. The other players before palmer could at least make a tackle and head the ball.
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