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  1. but thats not football is it ? Id like to win obviously but if we lose a few end up near playoffs 3 games togo still a chance of getting in thats exciting too as I said so many different scenarios can happen I wanna do well an win things again im just saying some fans expect us to be winning every game if we lose its dj out time
  2. Some owlstalkers believe £8mill is the answer I for one don't think this. Anyone at this stage could be playoff contenders. On the madine front wich I have followed closely he is young a jack the lad is hearts not a 100% in it id like him to reconstruct his league 1 ability in this league if IF he knuckles down give him some good game time full 90mins but I must say I am loosing patience with the guy as in wether or not he wants to be here an do well.
  3. I was just sat here thinking as the wife watches soaps! So thought id post mi thoughts in a thread :D
  4. As a passionate Wednesday fan I'm not going to start suggesting the manager needs to go or Milan please dip your hands in your pocket we need £8mill on spending on players to complete. The fact of the matter is like majority of teams in this league ( and other leagues ) we all struggle or have bad patches financially etc... Getting a squad to play as a team to gel well takes time, things wont just happen over night, lets just say Wednesday had an immense team an won more or less every match would we really want that ? you win some you lose some you even draw from time to time its what
  5. All poo poo ? Thats rounduns kirkland top player for wednesday antonio did ok the rest well poo poo... we did however have a good spell of passing first half thats pretty much it...
  6. Just get someone from family to purchase ticket sign on database if need be go in home end theres loads done it simples.. ive had offers of 60 on mine just cant sell it
  7. The offers, I will have to decline guys I'm still bouncing from Saturday's atmosphere an wouldn't miss this game for the world....
  8. I have a ticket serious offers only! Form an ordely que with your offers......
  9. Nuhiu nuhiu nuhiu feeling hot hot hot
  10. I have seen a dj an mm out thread ? or was it just Dj OUT ? as stated player ratings ? 4. We are going backwards we are going down ? Stop flippingpoo poo stirrin
  11. lol First game in an scores 45 or more games togo
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