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  1. Overall, I am feeling completely disinterested in it. Agree that this is the worst feeling. I have started missing games even though I have a season ticket... As for Carlos, he's obviously not going to resign. Just how crap do we have to get before DC steps in? We've been through some tough times over the past 17 years but Carlos is now arguably doing a worse job than ANY of the other managers in that time. We have an excellent squad and he simply can't get the best out of them. We're so far off the pace, I'm starting to worry that other managers wouldn't be interested. If he goes now, a new manager could have a few games before the transfer window opens...
  2. Yes. It has been so disappointing it's unreal. Made worse because the Grunters are doing so well... if we we got rid of CC, then I'd have more confidence l but I don't see that happening. Surely we can't get any worse?!
  3. Whoop whoop! I would like to use this special moment as an opportunity to thank my family, my friends and of course, my adoring fans. This is for you guys! WAWAW
  4. So I came last... Thought I'd done ok too! (1st timer). Still, great quiz!
  5. I don't want to lose any of them at the moment but I understand that players do move on, so in order of how gutted I'd be: 1. Lee 2. Lees 3. FF All players, even at the top clubs, are replaceable - but those 3 would be the hardest to replace IMO...
  6. I think we're starting to see why CC brought Jones to the club. At first, I thought he was a bit of a pointless signing - just to make up the numbers. He was brilliant yesterday - reading the game superbly, breaking up the play and distributing the ball exceptionally well. Without being a strong tackler, he's made us much stronger. Very good player...
  7. If that's how well Jimmy reads a game, he'll be out of a job very soon!
  8. We'll have to make sure we're there or thereabouts by January though, or it may not be so easy to keep them...
  9. I'd go with: ..................Westwood Palmer.....Lees....Hutch...Pudil Lee....Bannan.....Abdi......Reach .............Fletcher....Forestieri -Palmer keeps his place for me -Abdi plays in the middle or doesn't play -I like Loovens but he doesn't automatically win his place back, even if fit -Lee on the right, rather than Bannan
  10. I saw this the other day. Surely it's good news? We needed a huge overhaul last year & subsequently had a great season. At this level, I'm pretty sure that settled sides do better... We can do it!
  11. Beat me to it! Would've been a great signing at the time...
  12. Weirdly, I was wondering about this the other day... First game in '91, went to between 5 - 15 games a season for about next 5 years (approx 50). Had ST in late 90s (x19). Went away to uni so didn't get to as many between '99 - '03 (probably about 20). Had ST ever since (23 x 13 = 299) and VERY rarely missed a game. Add on the occasional cup game / friendly (not many, probably another 20 or so). I reckon that makes around 400, give or take... Here's to the next 400!
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