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  1. Nah I live in Whakatane, so about 3/4 hrs from Auckalnd!
  2. Safe trip and enjoy! Can you squeeze me in your case? I'm not heading back from Nz until July so won't get any league football...maybe a friendly! Get your case packed with hendo's for the return trip :-)
  3. Excellent Chris! Made me a bit goose pimply reading the bit about the late goal against Barnsley. To say I miss moments like that is an understatement. Would give and thing to be able to nip back from Nz on a Saturday!
  4. Yeah I was thinking that myself! Need to big game first....fa cup could have been perfect! Bloody wednesday!
  5. Yeah no too far, although I havent been to the coromandel yet! Only got here in September. I have been upto the Bay of Islands though, beautiful up there.
  6. We are past tauranga in the Bay of Plenty. About three hours from Auckland. Whakatane is a tough on to pronounce, its focka tar nay phonetically......
  7. I live in Whakatane, North Island New Zealand. Moved here last September. Gave up my season ticket, which I had for 15years. Only managed to catch a couple of games. Was hoping we'd beat Charlton as the quarters are on the tv here....obviously everyone hoped we'd win but I was super gutted when we didn't! Seems there are a few Auckland owls according to this thread!
  8. My car got vandalised by sheff utd fans cos it had Wednesday stickers in. It's wasn't an expensive car, so I didn't get to upset by it but I would think twice if I bought a car worth more. Oh, and this happened out in the peaks not near bramhall lane on a Saturday home game.
  9. If Forrest arent keen on handing them out on the turnstile then maybe head to hooters before the game as that will be pretty much all Wednesday. I would be very much up for helping hand them out if you need me? I ll be heading to hooters for 11.30 so could pick them up from you.
  10. Completely agreed with all of this. JJ is in the form of his career. Unbelievable Jeff!
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